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  1. I don't think you understand what I mean. by making armor have a str requirement doesn't fix anything or help anything. I'm not asking to take a "mage" and put him in armor. I'm asking for a melee based fighter that uses magic, has skills buitl around this (rather then mage skills that are usually range based). Make the class use str as their mage abilities also instead of the normal "wis/int" that mages use so he isn't penalized for having to get both str + wis/int." I disagree with a concept of a fighter, who casts spells on equal level as a mage, but is more combat/buff ori
  2. if you have it under steam or with any other cloud service that's a backup, that should safeguard you against crashes or corruption. Test of Iron is different than forcing oneself to one save only: 1) because even though you try to keep yourself to one save, there are always temptation to reload if something goes wrong. 2) If you get wiped, that's it, game over, bye bye, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, addio, etc... No starting from a pre wipe situation. Go back to the beginning... Some people like the challenge and do not fear of being punished by the game.. That's why people like "Ironma
  3. This is what I would approve... if there are ever some cinematic expositions and narrative, those should be voiced as well
  4. @Stiller Add minimum str requirements for armor and we are good to go.. you can dress up all the classes as you see fit, as long as they have enough str to actually be able to wear the thing.
  5. in 3,5 ed you had a guy called Eldrich Knight, and you could have also used still spell feat. There has to be a trade-off... you cannot be good at fighting in full armor and casting magic... A good thing here would be simply str restrictions on armors... if you want to wear it, you need to have high enough str... if you commit str to your wizard, then go ahead and wear that full plate armor.
  6. I would say that robes are ok, if you are going to stay within the halls of mage guild... There might be some versions of traveling robes, but for adventuring, dungeon crawling and combat, such designs are simply not practical... imagine, if you need to climb, jump, etc. in such an outfit... unless you know the flight spell, such an outfit is very impractical For combat they would probably wear some very light chainshirts, some steel cap, all that made lightweight by magic, to enable them freedom of movement. Traveling stuff and scholary stuff are very different thing
  7. I'm always in favor of realism in RPGs, so a definite yest from me. The weather on Jupiter is so different from what we have on Earth not because Jupiter is distant and exotic, but because of the composition of the planet and it's atmosphere, the size and distance from the Sun and many other factors. If the charcters of Project Eternity breathe the same air as we do and life over there is based on the same chemicals as on Earth, it's safe to assume that the surface gravity, atmospheric pressure and atmosphere composition will have to be pretty similar. Therefore, I wouldn't expect any
  8. Well there could be two viable mechanics IMO, without need of the senseless chase across the map. One which makes them panic and run for a distance (equivalent of 2 rounds) and then vanish, but you get XP for them or the text displays they surrender (falls on knees, etc.) and it lasts until the end of battle, after which you can decide their fate...
  9. @Justin, So when can we expect another sample of your talent? Perhaps a challenge? (30 sec piece?) What would you have in mind for a moment of tragedy and loss? Note: I am not a sound designer or musician or composer so I can't say how long the process would take. If it would take you for more than you have time available, just refer to some other piece that is close to your image of that part.
  10. Definitely no to seasons... unless for some reason the game time would span for 4-5 years, where investment in seasons would make sense. Otherwise it's a waste of resources. Yes to different weather types.
  11. In PnP I fully agree with this approach to encounters.. It's rather hard to design encounters in a cRPG where AI and environment features are a bit limited. The cRPG is usually also aimed at a bit broader audience than the hardcore PnP DMs/Players I'll leave the encounter designs in hands of the Obsidian team. (Unless of course I would fork out 5-10k USD, which is not going to happen )
  12. This... I do not want to chase fleeing enemies in RLWP combat system...
  13. Well this is also a good idea, but I really do not want to see mass crafting of items for all my party members with items that can rival ultra rare legendary items... Medium power of the craft should be pinnacle... If you want to get something extra good, go and explore the world for pieces of legendary artifacts to be reforged, or for the whole artifacts.
  14. To be honest I like the idea of crafted items, but only to a medium range of power... If you want to get item of artifact or legendary level, which in many cases exist like one in the world (gods' craft), you should go out and find them... I do not want to see crafted items being a complete substitute for "collected" items. They should have like 1-2 properties, maybe 3 if it is some super extra master craft with unique recipe (where the said recipe is consumed). Legendary and artifact level loot should be unique in power and probably posses abilities not found on any lower tier ite
  15. If it would have a Turn based combat, I would definitely like to see different combat animations, sparring animations and finishing moves. As it is a RTWP, sync kills would have to be really short if done at all, like in Dawn of Wars. I'd prefer though to have smooth combat animations and not spend too much time on getting resources into combat for eye candy. Resources placed here are not spend elsewhere, like map design, etc.
  16. I'm all for exotic swords and armor. Japanese, Chinese, and Middle Eastern swords come to mind. And a barbarian might as well rush into combat with a couple of animal hides stitched together, foregoing protection in favor of mobility. But Conan is a little much. As much as I've loved the movies when I was a kid, I don't think it prudent to go into a swordfight in your underwear. I could go with a class or kit that is specially trained to fight very effectively with no armor, but would still suffer heavy penalties. Well then you certainly should check out some older cultures
  17. Not exactly a music for the in game elements - more of a trailer type, but still some elements, themes and tunes from these pieces could be inspirational. And besides this type of music is just great, because so much different from what we hear on daily basis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liEnxzM4fvs&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-jrFcobLQM&feature=related
  18. bring back cursed items... if only for some funny stories on them :D
  19. on the magic items... you should have added some middle option, cause this one is a bit biased...
  20. Yeah absolutely. One of the great things about Kickstarter is that we get to be more open and forthcoming about whatever we want. It'll take some getting used to though! When working on games, especially when a publisher is involved, you have to be pretty careful about what you say because publishers typically like to control how and when information is disseminated. Honestly though, it's their prerogative to expect that. I am quite sure that it will be difficult to work again on a publisher funded project after the Kickstarter experience
  21. And you know this how? I believe it, based on the costs of game development. Take a look at: http://www.notenough...fall-of-gaming/ P:E isn't Max Payne 3, but neither is it a little Indie game being coded by one guy ... it's very serious money. The Kickstarter money is really what they thought they could get to kick-start development; by the time you factor in marketing, this is going to be an expensive game to develop, so don't think that the guys are Obsidian are thinking that it's game over and they've already won. To be honest the financial drive in the gaming industry i
  22. I think you misunderstand the concept... They will not share with the gathered money, but once the game is produced and in distribution - somewhere in 2014 - then they will share with a percentage (5%) of their profits (revenues minus production costs and direct overhead expenses) from the game. Don't need to be worry about the current kickstarter funds.
  23. I suspect that Justin Bell will be working on music and ambients other than that.. I do not know Obsidian staff that well
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