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  1. A Real Life example of late medieval music. The one that was dominating during 14th century (so around the same time when first muskets started to appear) - so around the time of the In Game setting as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72382CEwDoM You might get some idea of the music themes dominating in music back then to get some of that imported to for example tavern music or court music.
  2. I think that this is one of these areas where things start to get too complex just for the sake of complexity... More complexity does not equal a better game... If you will put too much complexity it will start to take away from the "game" aspect... We are talking about an RPG game, not a simulator of a medieval influenced fantasy world... The best example of a great franchise that was killed by too much complexity is Master of Orion... 1st game was great, 2nd was awesome, but 3rd decided to go a few steps too far and by this date is evaluated as the worst of the MoO series...
  3. I am not sure if any of you knows this TV series, but I loved music theme from this UK series of "Robin of Sherwood". They do not make TV series of this greatness anymore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB-40e_So7c&feature=related
  4. Note: I do not have much experience in software design but in other fields, so if some of my reasoning is faulty, please do point that out, BUT in a CONSTRUCTIVE way (i.e. don’t just criticize, but provide a solution as well) As we know, the development of this product is scheduled for approx. 18 months. 1) The current development phase is dedicated to measure a scope of work that will define team composition and workload for the whole 18 months. In this phase the dev team is probably making an assessment for their budged for the “big picture”. That’s why we see stretch goals containin
  5. I wouldn't reall ysay that. i always found them unbearably ugly even when they were brand new, let alone now that obsolescence comes into play. Actually Wasteland 2 is going for full 3D. Not a particularly pretty one, either, from what they've shown so far. But, oh, well, I can live with that, Full 3D... hmm not sure if it is best design, because you can't have large world which will not feel uniform in 3D in a low budget game... Although The Witcher 2 had amazing 3D for around 10mln USD, but we are not talking about a CEE country here that is housing the developer and the staff.
  6. it just felt different and IMO spells and combat looked better The environment not so much, but it still wasn't that bad :D
  7. TBH, I would be pleased with more 3d environment, but isometric view. The graphic style of NWN (not NWN 2) was really good and it could be something to be used, but... there is the matter of funds here... The 2D environments can also be great, but I'd be more inclined to 2,5D sort of like Wasteland 2 seems to have in design (which is also the Unity engine and is also a kickstarter project).
  8. That's not how game engines work. Do you really think that with a 2d environment, you will have a lot of zoom options... not to mention that the camera will be fixed? Seriously.. there are more important things to discuss than a shape of someones underwear... Certainly at the moment when stretch goals and the "global" design is still not set in stone. That's what will drive resource (i.e.) cash and time consumption throughout the whole development cycle... I'm done with this topic...
  9. I see more and more topics going about looks, etc... that's not what made old games great, in fact you had no choice on the look of those items at all... and they are still best games made up to this date. Such things just would eat up _VERY LIMITED_ resources on something useless from the game play and narrative perspective... Leave such things in modders' hands or for after the release DLC packs. It's not a game budget of 10-15 mln, but around 3 to 5, depending how much reserve Obs is willing to put into it if they will meet some development/technical difficulties. This game
  10. I am not sure how to treat this idea, so... So let me phrase it this way... You want to have developers use their time, to give us hand crafted items, custom portraits for them along with some lore background on how they were forged, and then you want to throw it into some dump, and get your generic look? What's the point of custom hand crafted items if everyone will just customize their looks? Geez... Well I will say it clearly... NO! Live with the choices. If the look of the item does not fit you, then don't use it... It's a waste of resources... either for the dev te
  11. Cinematic and story driven can go in pair, but one does not equal the other ME3 was cinematic, but not story driven. It was a shooter with some choices. It is a bit other form of Deus Ex. While those games have stories, they are not story driven, because all the choices are illusion and at the end you get 3 choices for ending, which were never even hinted at... I can admit that from cinematic perspective ME3 is a nicely made interactive movie.
  12. As long as he is strong enough to wear it If made right it wouldn't be too heavy to wear at all. Contrary to popular belief, plate is quite light and has better weight distribution than most other armours (for instance that cuirass' weight would be held by the hips more than the shoulders), and so I can see a mage quite happily wearing light breastplates. if the dude would have muscle mass of a mosquito (I've seen some "men" barely able to make a few arm curls with 10kg in one hand....) then I can tell you that he would have problems taking a breath in such an outfit
  13. TBH it's pointless to discuss a mechanic that's hardly beneficial to a game play and may require a use of resources better spent elsewhere... Whenever you suggest something, ask yourself a question. Will it really enhance the gaming experience in comparison to already established mechanics, that it's worth spending additional (VERY LIMITED) resources... If it was a game with a developed MP and DM client like the NWN was, then the answer would be "yes, for the on-line MP gameplay". As it is, it's pointless to discuss a feature that adds little and consumes limited resources... T
  14. Roleplaying was always about adventure. So giving this RP part of RPG more attention for once is just what made Torment so unique and awesome. Apart from the interface - kinda early iteration of NWN wheel - Torment combat system was exaclty the same as it were in previous (BG) and later (IWD, BG2) titles. The differences are not on part of the combat system but game design overall - there were noticeably less encounters and your characters were relatively stronger, so that combat was less tedious and didn't get in way of the story. And rightly so, the more storytelling the better RPG
  15. Planescape wasn't combat oriented, but still had tons of it. You won't tell me that there was no combat, because the first thing you do in the game is killing a zombie. Now we also need to remember that PC couldn't die (aside of a few specific places) and your NPC allies had more passive benefits than most of the monsters that you encountered as foes in BG series... Seriously. have you ever seen a better tank than Morte? A caster with a ton of immunities? A gith with the best sword in the game? Should I comment more? You could have skipped big confrontations with dialog, but still
  16. I wish to raise a substantive point. If the developers do include a difficulty mode that is indeed derived in spirit from Icewind Dale's Heart of Fury, then the player ought to be allowed to assemble a squad of crack commando teammates who would be up to the challenge. I don't want to be saddled with "Optional Male Romance Guy" or "Comic Relief Witty Bard" as companions for such encounters. Harumph! That would take away story elements but in all seriousness... you wold have to get the best out of the companions (and your tactics) in order to get through the challenges... Wh
  17. kevlar vests, cause they need to be bulletproof a cuirass seems to be ok, or some other forms of breastplates - something that will be able to safeguard the torso, while still giving a lot of freedom for hand movements, etc. some enhanced versions of leathers might be good too There is not much that can save you from a bullet shot to the head, even a musket bulletshot, so I see helmets redundant in the case of mages. Think of the armor as light as possible but at the same time giving enough stopping power to protect from a musket shot. For other things they have magic.
  18. Well if you do not want much combat, turn on easy mode, and have a walkthrough with a PC that has high charisma/diplomacy/speech skills. Do not go to dangerous dungeons, where combat is inevitable, but possibly not all of that will have to be explored and perhaps even optional. If you pick a fighter and expect to have 'no combat' playhtrhough, then there is something wrong with the logic here...
  19. Try to wear a full plate and move your arms, palms, fingers at max speed in all possible directions... now repeat the exercise with no armor on you at all... see the difference? you won't tumble or make a salto/flip in a full plate armor.. that's just not really possible, is it? Depends how you build the mechanics around the "to-hit". For weapons it is more difficult to make a good "trade-off" mechanism with str/dex limitation only, because there is more technique involved in combat styles. I'd say that 2ed AD&D had a good solution to weapons, if there were no class restrictions...
  20. Just a STR requirement? To use effectively, armor would require training (skill/feat). After all, it takes traingin to learn how to most efficiently move in armor, how to position yourslf for best protection/deflection. Also to build up stamina and get accustomed to wearing it. Of course, anyone can equip armor if strong enough, but wihout proper training, it's not as effective. Without training you'd get less protection, bigger armor check penalty and bigger fatigue drain. if it's a point buy system the str requirements and weight limits with encumbrance will be enough, given tha
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