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  1. ....either a remake or sequel to Arcanum:OSAMO? I mean, you've got Tim Cain I'll kickstarter the hell out of it Come on Obsidian. Lets *do* this
  2. lol, poor Atton sounds good though, I was getting anxiety about "having" to have him in a party. My favorite group is my Sith Lord, Visas as melee, and HK47 for ranged I think what ruined me was before I bought the game for myself I played it at a friend's house for like 2 days and took a gander at his strategy guide. Ofcourse, those things have no idea what they're tlaking about but one thing still has me confused do you put any of your melee Jedi (your own guardian, Handmaiden, Visas, Atton maybe) in heavy armor? Would you spend Feats in Medium/Heavy Armor wearing?
  3. If I'm reading the Feat table correctly, Atton gets about 7-8 feats at level 20 where/how would you allocate them? I'm thinking: - 2 for Sniper Shot (he comes with rank 1) - 2 for Toughness (rank 3 is kinda moot, mostly for the damage reduction at rank2) - Some combination of Dueling and Conditioning I think it's not real effective to spend those points to make him dual-pistol wielding. He just has so few Feats to spend and so many options what's yours?
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