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  1. That was quite the session, i really liked the ending and the way it is open to other adventures in the end.
  2. Well, nothing's keeping me from keeping all of my guys alive, right? Frankly I want Guy to live through it no matter what. Seeing the courier and the halfling taking adventurer classes would just be extra hilarity. Also, a drink to Dan, the beertender who hated wine. And to Finn, the Vintner who hated beer.
  3. Yeah.. **** that! If it wasn't for Charleene team creepy could have been the only survivors.... Or you know... nobody would have died... Take your pick xD
  4. That was a lot of fun! Might have been one of our funniest sessions yet!
  5. That was quite the session, i do remember the Vycarion/Joxnir conversation slighty differently... When Vycarion found Joxnir on the floor and threw water on him, that only made him turn into his wareshark form, and didn't wake him. And after he fell asleep again during their conversation. I like to think that Fubsy was motivated primarily out of guilt.
  6. It's not on the bard spell list. Tears were shed as I glanced through the Bard cantrip list. Tears were shed to a rather specific, soothing, love song on the flute..
  7. Fubsy's gonna ROLL IT! And for my cantrip i'll take Prestidigitation.
  8. Who needs a gambling skills when you got slight of hand? Fighting pits, betting, blood sport, throw in some natives into the mix, a curse that causes storms(possibly artifact related), and of course factions, lots and lots of factions!
  9. How about an archipelago where all the pirate factions and their "political" agendas are resolved through gambling, bounty or blood? Neutral ground, honor amongst thieves. Shanty towns built around ancient ruins, campfires, stories and legends.
  10. Well, i guess it's me skipping out today as well, I don't have anything prepared, and to be honest not really feeling it.
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