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  1. What can we expect in terms of raising the difficulty of the game? And will those changes affect current games? Im in 20h already, playing on veteran with no level scalling, and combat is so easy I dont even use my main character skills, just let the AI do the job. But Im sure I will not start another game just for the difficulty...
  2. There's some kind of reputation penalty for attacking merchant ships? Or maybe some negative effect with my companions? I just did an attack and didnt notice any penalties, but before I start doing it more frequently, I want know if there's some kind of problem in being an "evil pirate".
  3. Maybe Im unlucky, but I always hear the same companions. Kana and Eder are the most vocal, Grieving, hiravias and Aloth never talk. What is kind of weird, specially for Aloth who looks like a very flamboyant character.
  4. I think that Obsidian did an awosome job writing the companions. But I would love to hear more random phrases from them. Kana's "I shall be calm as a quiet sea" has already become unbeareble to me.
  5. I only agree with the view problem. Sometimes the fight is happening beneath doors or trees and its very hard to see. Also, I think that even kwoning that fighters and other classes can engage more than one enemy, some kind of aggro skill would be welcome. Enemies usually keep attacking the char they attacked first until one of them died, we should have a way to change this.
  6. This is probably a silly question, but how to equip my fist? When I place an offhand wepon my fist disappear and, in combat, my character only attacks with the offhand weapon never punching. I want to use an offhand weapon with draining life.
  7. Thats pretty confusing...theres an explanation somewhere of why they decide to implement such weird system?
  8. I dont get the time displayed showing the time my companion will be away...1 round = 1 day? I dont think so, because I already slept twice and the 8 rounds need for my first Major Adventure didnt go down. can someone please clarify this for me?
  9. Well, first off, if you want to be tankish, you have to take tankish stats - preception and resolve. And yes, inteligence is least usefull talent on monk But, from what I understood high Per and Res increases deflection, and you, as a monk, want to get hit. So, its not better have high Con and be a meat shield?
  10. Im playing on hard as a Cypher right now, but Im already planing play a Monk in PoTD. So, probably I want a tank'sh build, can someone help me? Im trying to figure out if I dump Int or not. Also, Im trying to convince myself of just forget the "dialogue attributes" and max Mig, Con and dex. Something like Might 18, Con 18, Dex 18, Per 10 Int 6, Resolve 8. Will this work?
  11. I dont think this is true. The way I see it, if your Int is 10 and a skill does 10 damage over 10s, with lower Int, your time will be shorter and the damage smaller, lets say 5 damage in 5s.
  12. The Ogre Druids on the lvl 3 of the Endless Paths can cast a spell called Insect Infestation (or something like that) that creates a cloud of insects around the party that does damage over time. This cloud never dissipates! Even after killing the druid, resting or changing the map...
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