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  1. erhmm... I do not even know where to start... Do you really think that a celebrity can do better than a pro-orchestra musician? Well, maybe you want people like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPrQndK-h2g&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stGtcuojkx4&feature=related TBH, Youtube is ok, but I have yet to see something, THAT IS NOT a cover of already a grand track, and what would blow my mind off... Also, celebrities tend to take a more money than their work is worth, just because they ARE... Among the celebrities there are not many that actu
  2. Well, you surely know the music of the games, that were loved by people who backed this project. I'd rarely go into the direction of guiding the artist what he has to do. I'd show him a picture and ask him to create the music, then evaluate the result... Unfortunately I am away on the road, so I do not have an access to my bookmarks with some great pics. You will have to do with your creative mind and surprise us
  3. There is a difference between going to a publisher, with OWN well established franchise and requiring funding, and going to a publisher for a pitch meeting with an idea for a game... The point is, that they could go to a publisher, which would be willing to deal with PC exclusive... Few publishers are willing for such an exercise, although this could be considered highly profitable franchise in terms of % return, but certainly not a huge budget game... For that, too many compromises would have to be made... You cannot expect Mass Effect graphic / voice over style and BG2/Fallout/Tormen
  4. Ok here it is. Some points, which one should take into consideration. 1) The biggest flaw of the industry, is that they drive into the direction of interactive, immersive movies... That's why they spend a LOT on graphics and physics, a LOT on full voice overs with talented voice actors, a LOT on high quality music. Now, where the cost cutting can go without hurting the "immersive" First Person experience in a very detailed graphical environment? Story and plot length... The less dialog, the less lines of text and the less environments and places to visit -> the less costly the game be,
  5. The IDEAL FPS games of the 90s: Duke Nukem 3D - you just cannot not love it... especially the special edition... that was very climatic. Doom series. I am not sure if I will not harm this game by calling it an FPS but here it is - System Shock - no contest...
  6. Pray tell, what exactly are the differences between a nineties shooter like Quake or Half-Life and today's shooters that aren't among the differences between nineties space games and Star Citizen? Cut content for later DLC sales
  7. $3-4 million is a drop in the bucket for these people. Banner Saga got $700k? That's nothing. You're not competing with the people who spend $100 million to make GTA IV, $55 million for Halo 3, $22 million on Crysis, etc. Budget-wise they are, at best, five times smaller than the smallest AAA game. If you're a 6 foot tall man, it's like standing next to a 30 foot tall giant. Hell, ti's like standing next to a machine that can churn out 10 30 foot tall giants every year. We really need that kind of machine in the actual game j/k 4 mln USD is a good budget to make a very good
  8. I'd love to see two big cities... One which is on the surface, and the other, which is in equivalent of Underdark, if there is such a place in this realm. The BIG dungeon, could be on of the routes, that connects two "worlds", but not the only one.
  9. Yeah, I would think that marketing is taken out of the global marketing pool of operating expenses. Production budget is just that, production budget... (salaries being the main factor here) Allocation of marketing budget to a title is a whole different story (and then profitability of the project as a whole). You need to remember that the current triple A titles tend to hire HUNDREDS of people (code, graphics, etc), plus usually expensive voice actors. Add to that any outsourced services (for example music) and you get bloated production costs... The team at Obsidian will be what, 20
  10. I want to see an updated graphics of the 15 levels dungeon :D and there is always a chance for the 16th level as well, from the Facebook likes...
  11. If it wasn't the time, where I am in a empty void between resigning from my previous position to finding a new contract, I would definitely pledged more. I am satisfied with my Boxed copy + expansion, but I would certainly love to get at least the collectors edition... First time in my life I was willing to pay for collectors edition :D
  12. I was here mostly for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign to make sure that the overall shape is well known to me. Now I will be staying away from the forum and wait for my boxed copy to appear somewhere in 2014. I want to be SURPRISED by the game :D
  13. Maybe.... 5h is not that much, but if Paypal accounts too, we should be near the 4mln... around 3,9 I would guess, but today's spike is unpredictable where it will end I just hope that if we will miss it by a relatively small margin we will still get those enhancements
  14. I hope they will add some bonus on top, with all the pledges and amount of extra cash - I estimate the total cash at around 3,7-3,8 by the end of the day with all paypal funding added.
  15. great update.. as for a pet, put in some morphling that can shift into a pet from a predefined list (cat, dog, whatever seems fancy enough). If it has no combat influence, you can go crazy with little animals and creatures
  16. Thanks for the update... I have all the trust that the music will be grand
  17. It's because people mostly assume the worst case scenarios of said mechanics. For example "partial level scaling" - it can be done right - via clever placing of monsters etc. (very rare solution), and it can be done bad (Elder Scrolls) - Since the bad examples of level scaling are more imprinted in memories - they automatically get called up. Same goes with crafting and other mechanics *shrugs*.
  18. TBH... I'd rather see the system where you have mixed difficulty levels based on localizations.. I do not see a reason why one hub would suddenly have thieves with better weapons and HP than others... I'd rather have a system where hubs are fairly similar, but different quest areas have different monster types, traps, etc. I would rather avoid a situation where you travel to a one of 3-4 main hubs, do all the quests there and you are never interested in going back there. This was what KotOR had. I'd rather see it more Fallout and BG style. No scaling whatsoever, but a smart placing of NPCs
  19. NWN (1 I mean) was very, very different in regards to how companions worked. but the combat mechanics is the same - RTWP on isometric view. We already know that we will have controllable companions (in NWN2 you had full control of companions)... they all used DnD rules... and they all had same spell mechanics and feat usage mechanics... I do not see any difference here in terms of combat mechanics. BTW fallout combat mechanics is missing here.
  20. I'd be inclined not to see level scaling. Scaling via some mob replacement and adding a more tougher monster type or two... but not artificial increase of power of the same goons...
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