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  1. thanks Iantzk... yeah i was just running through bronze beneath the lake hoping that if i attacked the dozens group there, the dozens would hate me... no such luck. man, for such an important decision to be made in the game without knowing it will have consequences, i.e. i took bronze beneath the lake just because i take every quest in defiance bay because i cant stand the load times there, and even though i thought "gee i like the crucible knights, will they frown on this?", i decided there's NO WAY Obsidian would not somehow allow getting locked out of quests based on accepting a seemingly benign quest from these ****, since i had already finished the 1st one they gave me?!?!?! ok, guess i'll just deal with it... pretty lame tho. cheers.
  2. i notice all the posts are old, but i finally made it to this point in the game and have had the SAME EXACT ISSUE!!! it's kind of a poor design choice. i mean, up until Defiance Bay, the world map almost worked in a semi-linear fashion. quest "a" leads to "b" and then "c" and so on... but then u get to DB, and there's 5 pretty large areas full of quests, i mean you go from having 5 to 10 total quests before u get here, to now receiving like 20, and we're supposed to know how detrimental accepting a quest from the dozens could be?? i wanted to back the crucible knights, and now they wont allow me. what makes it worse, i came to talk to clyver once i realized i had to ally myself w/ on of the three groups and since i had their support the highest rating "hero" i think i thought NO PROBLEM. i go there, he turns me down saying i am too friendly w/ the dozens, then i talk to him again and he says, "i wont help you until you talk to "Aranroed"???? i was like WHO TEH FOOK IS ARANROED!?!?! i look it up and realize hes part of the "WINDS OF STEEL" quests that i DONT HAVE, NOR CAN I GET BECUASE it seems my save is all buggerred up!?!?!? man it's a mess. its kinda ruined the possibility to enjoy the game now 50+ hours in.....
  3. so IDK what to do at this point.... you know its funny too, because i was just gathering all the quests throughout defiance bay when i first made it there, then started questing somewhat backwards to copperlane, because it seems liek the game was designed for you to make it to the bay, do most of your copperlane quests then move to another portion of the city. anyway, i wanted to help the crucible knights because i liked their MO. and as i was being ADD accepting quests and working on them, i finally finished a dozens quest from long before i even met the crucible knights, so i could buy some goods from their merchant. little did i know that this could throw off your relationship with the knights!?!?!? so now i'm stuck, and as far as i know my save game is flushings for the great ether toilet in the afterlife... why wouldn't obsidian design the game to at least let you know, or force you to only be able to work w/ one of the three factions if this is the kind of mess that can happen while generally questing???!!! i have spent 50+ hours working on this game, and i just bought the white marches and was rolling through, looking forward to playing, i can't imagine starting another game at this point.... is there no work around???
  4. how good is the game's music? i kept having "false starts", playing Pillars for some reason. i would play just 5 to 10 hours, it wouldnt hook me (somehow) and i would stop until a new patch came out. one day, while PoE wasn't on my radar AT ALL, i stumbled on a post on Gamebanshee.com showing video of the orchestra playing/recording the songs for PoE, i already knew i liked the music, and man just seeing those songs played did something to me... that was about 2 weeks ago, i am now currently on a streak with PoE, that i haven't been on with any other game since Dragon Age: Origins, Phantasy Star Online and Baldur's Gate, which is, I MUST play at least a few hours a day!!! I don't know why it took so long to hook me, I have always been a fan of Obsidian, Bioware, Black Isle etc. I was looking forward to PoE since it's 1st announcement... But now I'm here, and the music really helped bring me home, so to speak. cheers to Obsidian, music designers/writers/musicians!!!! Pillars of Eternity has really shot into my top 5 all time faves, and I just can't get enough of it now...
  5. this sounds awesome, and please tell me someone at obsidian was thinking of an oft forgotten lil gem called "Earthdawn" when this feature was dreamt up?!?!?! either way, i'm super stoked!!!!! haven't even finished the video yet, just saw that news and poo'd a lil.... hugs n bunnies @ obsidian!!!!!!!!
  6. WOO!!! thanks a bunch "J"!!!!! thats looks cool man. gustafson has such a great look for a fantasy warrior!!!!
  7. BADASSS!!!!!!! saw someone talking about MMA and was like, "huh, whats this?" and saw ur custom portraits. awesome!!!! i was just about to ask about a rousey portrait and then i saw it, its beautiful man!!! shes my fave fighter. also a fan of cain and condit. alexander gustasson would be a PERFECT fit when he had his beard too... swedish warrior!!!! cheers.
  8. so, was just recently watching the Planescape video and yeah, it looks awesome. i'm so happy that we are FINALLY getting to play these classic D&D like RPGs again!!! it was a golden age from 1998 to 2004, and then, nothing. atari dropped the ball SO MANY times... think of all the games they bailed on that needed more work...? i feel like Pillars of Eternity is like a cross between Temple of Elemental Evil and Pools of Radiance from 2001... i was SO excited for those games. i think atari/wizards of the coast even decided to change the games rules system from D&D 2.0 to 3.0 MID DEVELOPMENT!!! while i prefer 3.0 to 2.0, they just never gave Stormfront enough time to maek this game what it SHOULD have been!!! anyways, lets wash that horrible taste out of our mouths. Obsidian is here to deliver the type of games I would like to design if i had the abilities to do so. and while i LOVE PoE completely, i wonder if i would enjoy it even more if it were turn based. only because the rules system is so well designed that there's so much flying over my head in combat, the kind of stuff that i really enjoy about games like D&D... the numbers side of the game!!! lately i have been playing with combat set to slow again, and i try to follow who's doing what kind of damage etc. what do you guys think about your personal tastes and games like these. anyways, its my first post here since PoE launched, i would like to say CHEERS to OBSIDIAN, one of my fave developers, and thanks for creating games that NEVER go out of style!!!
  9. so, it seems like a foregone conclusion that shadowrun is a great modern//urban RPG that many devs draw inspiratu from. i also really dig shadowrun. but i have to ask Feargus as well as the whole team @ obsidian and any fellow forumites reading this, does anyone have ANY love for Earthdawn?!?!? i guess it goes without saying i'm a HUGE fan of ED. it was also a FASA tabeltop RPG. before D&D came out with 3.0 and 3.5 i had many different issues with the 2nd ed rulesets. so when i spotted the Earthdawn campaign setting hardback in my local Walden's (lol, remember that old place fellow 70's/80's kids) i was instantly in love. the little intro had a lot of heart explaining the melancholy troll named Lorm, a sort of introduction to the game setting. and once I saw the art of Jeff Laubenstien it completely captivated me. they found a way to explain everything about the game world. there was such a deep reason for everything in the game. magic was explained in such a deep, philosophical way, and the sentient beings of Barsaive had such a spiritual outlook on art because it showed they weren't affected by the beasts known as Horrors, who were born from another dimension and stole the sanity of the citizens as well as terrorized the world for many years. and this leads into another really interesting aspect of Earthdawn. the setting takes place after a huge extra-planar attack of these Horrors known as the scourge, basically making it a high fantasy post apocalyptic world!!! i could go on and on, but i will stop here and hope that maybe those of you who also have a love of this world will share in some stories and those who have not, might decide to look it up and find something new and beautiful. cheers- the robut who loves flowers.
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