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  1. found an old tumbler post of josh with some portraits that look like the watercolor ones they look sweet, link down here https://www.instagram.com/p/BNhoM7ug7Kd/
  2. Who knows what the future will bring? BTW, completely off topic (sorry) but I've put more hours into Destiny than any other game I've ever played in 30 years of gaming... Something like 350 hours? Love that game, hate it's RNG and grindy end game. This song gets lots of flack but I think it's pretty good! Ok back to the topic at hand. To be frank, I have lots of regrets about the way combat music was handled. But we did the best we could in the amount of time we had. If I ever get the chance for a do-over, you can bet there will be a fresh approach. am i the only one that sees this open position on obsidian page as a sign that they are working on the next game ? Or do you guys think it is for patches for the current game http://www.obsidian.net/jobs/open-positions/programming/849-gameplay-programmer-poe
  3. I just have to log in and praise the game music! There are afternoons i have to study for school and i just log in the game walk with my crew to anslog's compass and let them chill on the beach while i listen to the track and the waves in the background. not many games that achieve that, just bought white march pt2 cant wait for the new tracks <3<3 regards, Marinus
  4. I understand that this is a american company , still would love if the voice overs didn't have this thick american accent. i can't help but cringe every time they speak . other then that i am extremely pleased with the game sofar. Oh and in poe i want more music from justin, its so good.
  5. Ugh, yes it does. That was an old version that sneaked into the build, it's fixed now. No problem experimenting a little wile it is still in beta, good to hear this particular song didnt make it into final game
  6. Guys, I have been following this game for over a year now and finally it is time to buy (no creditcard so could not join kickstarter)!! Hype Hype. My question to you is, what channel gives the most money to obsidian; steam or GoG. Or do they both take the same cut ? Thanks in advance ! Marinus
  7. maybe with the new timeline they have time to crank out those hand drawn sketches for items (screw combat feedback, i want eye candy)
  8. Maybe they could open up the pre-orders option now to fund the gap until release.
  9. swordofthesith thank you for posting these video's. As someone who is not in the beta himself, it is nice to see some video's of every patch to get an insight of the progress being made. Keep it up! regards Marinus
  10. I would love to see a movie or at least some screenshots with the improvements in this new beta update, could one of you gents be suaded to post some. pretty pretty please.
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