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  1. It is a haunting tune, you're right. I feel so enchanted when I enter Caed Nua, after days in the wilderness, exhausted by the fantastical adventures my party has been in, I feel so soothed by it as I'm taking a well deserved rest in homely Brighthollow
  2. I also want to give you my thanks obsidian for bringing us this amazing game. I've been having a blast with it - can't remember enjoying a game so much since my childhood.
  3. I was trying to report some crashes I've been experiencing but for some reason I couldn't upload a file into the forum post - I would select the file but when I pressed "attach file" I got a red error message saying "Error: no file selected". Is this on my end? I know this is a bit ridiculous but I want to report bugs in the correct format and I can't without being able to upload. I'm using a Macbook Air" 2014 with the latest version of Yosemite
  4. I can confirm that. I'm playing the game on a 2014 Macbook Air 11".
  5. I agree- maybe not a front liner, but someone who's not afraid to hold his own in the fray
  6. Thanks for responding - it would have been really difficult to have to wait to get a better machine to play POE! Pretty darn excited
  7. Yep, only 4GB RAM. Do you think that will be insufficient for the actual game?
  8. Yes I imagine that your memory is large enough to withstand whatever has been causing difficulty to our little MacBook Airs Glad to hear it has been dealt with. Keep up the good work!
  9. I did revalidate the game cache but I still got a crash as soon as I tried going to stonewall gorge. Here is the problem report I get POE Problem Report.txt Maybe you're using another Mac? Admittedly, the MacBook Air 11" is not a good gaming rig but I'd be disappointed if I couldn't play the game on it, albeit at lower graphic settings or some such.
  10. Crushing Disappointment? DOS is not my favourite game ever made but it's a pretty well-made rpg imo. Also, judging from the current state of the Backer Beta and the potential that POE seems to have at this point yes, I would pledge Hardcore
  11. I did a bit of research on my own as well and I found out a large variety of music which seems great! Thanks for your responses
  12. I've been playing 480 on my mac and I've found the music a little lacklustre. In the actual game, will there only be that one track for combat or will there be more variation? While exploring also, will there be more variety to music? That slow, melancholic track that we hear mostly in the Backer Beta is not bad, but I could see myself getting tired of it if it accompanied a whole game.
  13. I'm attaching the same crash report but as a plain text file, to be readable by windows POE Crash.txt
  14. This is the problem report I get. Hope it helps. POE Crash.txt
  15. I have the same problem. It doesn't happen 100% of the time but it does happen enough that it becomes nearly unplayable, even though this update is by far the most playable of the backer betas I've played. I'm also playing on a 2014 Macbook Air. It sometimes also happens when I try to save the game. I'm attaching the Crash Report I get. POE problem report crash.rtf
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