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  1. Hey guys, Can someone do a watercolour portrait of this pale elf? Super appreciated if someone can do it!
  2. Here's another one if someone is up to the task. Appreciate all the work!
  3. Hey, can I get someone to create the watercolor versions of this portrait?
  4. "But"? The Grieving Mother agreed with me that returning the souls to broken bodies wouldn't be a good decision. I released them back into the Wheel. My next playthrough will be Galawain, I like the idea of strengthening the living with that which was lost. Grieving Mother's reply is dependent on how you deal with her subquest.
  5. Consuming souls in this franchise doesn't make you all powerful however using soul-infused adra will.
  6. I noticed not many refer to the most wonderfully designed Stronghold system in a cRPG which was created none other than Obsidian themselves: Neverwinter Nights 2 Original Campaign's Crossroad Keep. If any of you have played that campaign then you would know that CK blows PoE's stronghold out of the water. The stronghold in PoE feels poorly tacked on and is absolutely not integral to the plot. There aren't any special sequences (special visitors or dealing with land tax), stronghold improvement quests (such as finding special captains) or extensive stronghold management (assigning captains to certain tasks). If there's one thing Obsidian needs to do for the expansion, a patch or a sequel, it's that they need to improve the stronghold.
  7. If you're having so much problems finding a custom portrait for THREE DAYS then the issue comes down more with you as opposed to the portrait selection. Don't get me wrong, it does need more variations but struggling to play the game because you can't find your own portrait of your liking (of which there is plenty on the web) is an issue of your own.
  8. Gamebreaking bug. I can't get past the door requires the password so now I can't complete Od Nua until a patch is put out. Edit: I forgot to mention that this is on the 13th level of Od Nua.
  9. You could hit the cap for BG1 pretty easily hours ahead of the final boss as well so its not like this hasn't been done before in other games. I do think the cap for this game should have been at least two levels lower though. Everything has become trivial now.
  10. Then set it on Easy mode and get a full party. Your whole opening post is contradictory to what you believe.
  11. Yeah. It's nuts and absolutely fun once you get the gear and necessary spells. If I min maxed my mage she'd probably do a lot more with a two hander. Citzal's Martial Power + Alacrity is easily one of the most funnest combinations you can do. You hit like a goddamn truck on steroids.
  12. Yeah this makes Wizards suck pretty bad early on. Their power creep is marginally larger than every other class though still from my experience; especially considering the other classes took some nerfs. Druid is already much better and took no nerfs. With Wizards t1/2 spells being so bad after 1.3, they should be encounter based at the very start. Druids' late game spells are nothing compared to what a late game Wizard can put out. Let me put it this way. Remember how much you loved the first level spell Sleep from Baldur's Gate except that it only worked on Kobolds? PoE's equivalent of Sleep works on the PoE equivalent of Mind Flayers. Compare the 5th level Wizard spell Blast of Frost to any of the Druid's strongest spells. Nothing comes close damage-wise. 6th level spell Minoletta's Piercing Burst ignores DR and does a lot more damage than it lets on.
  13. Yeah this makes Wizards suck pretty bad early on. Their power creep is marginally larger than every other class though still from my experience; especially considering the other classes took some nerfs.
  14. They become absolutely filthy at late game as soon as they hit 4th level spells which is about 8th character level. Hands down my favourite class late game. They start off much like BG1 mages do; spam Chilling Fog (Sleep in BG1) until they get some levels then blast everything once they get get several levels in. My Battlemage/Spellsword Wizard outdamages everything and hits harder than any of my melee characters. A shame their Battlemage/Spellsword potential is realised so late in the game but it makes me look forward to the expansion(s). I've been playing on Hard and I roleplayed my stats so I didn't min max stats.
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