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  1. I am running the most recent steam patch as of 25 Jun 2018, with scalawag, critical role, rum runners pack and Gaun's pledge installed. I noticed that rewards for ship combat in terms of magical items have been nerfed so was looking to avoid it, however I got chased down by a galleon and couldnt escape so I decided to go down in a blaze of glory. I am using the base defiant ship with no upgrades and 4 iron thunderers. I figured I would be dead in 2 rounds easy. HOWEVER My first shot sent one of their men overboard and that was the end of the fight. The enemy ship just stood still and did
  2. Don't see any reason why Obsidian couldn't make a game that takes place prior to kotor I or during/right after the current events in SW:TOR, and if they offered disney a percentage of whatever profits are made after release (all money kickstarted goes to fund project only) just for the right to make something with 'star wars' in the title, don't see why this couldn't happen. Disney is making Canon for post episode VI, they have said nothing about rewritting IV through VI for 'new' cannon or anything before that. And with what a critically acclaimed game KotOR 1 and 2 were , along with Obsidia
  3. Title says it all. Great job on PoE, universally acclaimed, kickstarted project by 77k people. Now, drop a kickstart for KotOR III and, wait, hold on the force is telling me something.... Money, Power, Respect, The Jedi craves not these things, But give us KotOR III and you shall have them (and a wee bit more than 77k backers I think..)
  4. does anyone have a workaround for either of these? started a new hard mode game and running paladin tank main character with 2hand fighter, pistol/blunder chanter, war bow priest, and two arb/arq rangers. I gave both my fighter and paladin hold the line to help keep mobs off the ranger pets but that fatigue still makes them rather useless.
  5. Detecting hidden objects relies on Mechanics, not Perception. o...m....g.... thanks lol I had no clue! So all perception is really for is conversational bits then? all thats needed for traps/hidden treasure is high mechanics not high perception? IM DOING IT WRONG!!!
  6. Two bugs I have noticed that irk me are the ranger companion fatigue bug (all ranger companions have 0 athletics score and fatigue VERY quickly regardless of the owner's athletic skill) and the fact that the chanter phrase that is supposed to give burning damage to weapons (had it as the only chant active, repeating over and over, tested over multiple ranged and melee weapons against different types of enemies, 0 difference in damage done on any players weapons). With the recent nerf to the reload speed bonus I planned to change my continued chant to the fire damage one and move my chanter mi
  7. Was trying to find this weapon, all the 'list' sites say that its buried in a hidden container within the sea cave at anslog's compass, however even with a perception 19 character in sneak mode still cant find it. Anyone able to confirm the location or requirements to get it? Thanks in advance!
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