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  1. I'm having the same problem especially annoying since its my triple crown solo run =x.
  2. A godlike cipher who uses rapier/shield and dual pistols offset. i also i want to make a party of 6 wizards just to see them all cast magic missile equiv simultaneously.
  3. In the update Chris Avellone wrote about companions he mentioned that characters of the same class could some how synergize their abilities are you able to elaborate on this @ all?
  4. I really like the death godlike and i think having an affinity to darkness or shadows is a cool thematic thing for a char to have.
  5. Ummn the email i used to pledge isn't the same as this account's email so i linked it to this account is there something else i'm supposed to do? Edit: nvm figured it out
  6. I think a more modern timed rpg something akin to Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere or American gods would be cool.
  7. I'm a bit worried about the synergy between their abilities. I mean it's cool that i am draining their int and lowering their psyche defense but what use is that when my other abilities are targeting other defenses? Also I'm a bit confused about how recall agony works is it damage taken in a certain amount of time or is it just the last hit they took? I would be pretty pissed if I'm trying to recall some meaty wizard spell and some dinky sword swing gets in the way.
  8. Edit: basically asked what osvir did without reading the whole thread delete plz
  9. Does soul whip work with ranged weapons as well? i wanna shoot some soul bullets. Maybe with a feat/talent choice perhaps?
  10. Im not worried about stress, Im worried about fun. I want to play the game and enjoy the story, not wrestle with mechanics designed to inconvenience me. But in the interests of being productive maybe I can offer a solution instead of a criticism. Im willing to toss an extra $20 into the kitty if one of the devs could code in a console command that provides party wide resting at any location, and I'll also need a way to map it to the "R" key. By this I mean the Health globe, not the Stamina globe, just so theres no further confusion. Just play on a low difficulty then?
  11. The sword of gith you reform @ the end of nwn2 is kinda like that as well.
  12. Just wanted to add that if importing your char into project eternity 2 or dlc whatever is still a thing then having a bunch of extra gold @ the end of the game might not be such a bad thing.
  13. How will unlimited stash space affect the game's economy? won't the fact that u can stash every short sword and black opal gem you find affect it?
  14. Thanks for the update. As for a feature id like to see a future update on it'd have to be more on the class progression spell/abilities/skills of the classes. Oh and feats too i believe you're calling them talents?
  15. I like playing swordmage hybrids my favorite build in nwn2 was an aasimar pala/sorc/rdd/ek could disable enemies and buff myself with sorc spells then used epic divine might and divine shield too boost damage and ac. i found it extremely satisfying.
  16. Something like dakkon or the nwn2 protagonist's silver sword would be cool. A weapon you bond with while it gains power and can change/grow along with you although it presents a problem of you not wanting to change weapons ever
  17. I have a strange suspicion that the catastrophic event the PC is witness to is actually the after affects of a mortal's soul ascending to god status. Also i think its kinda silly praying to the god of battle while being invaded aren't the invaders doing the same thing?
  18. Wounds is part of the whole self flagellation thing i guess?
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