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  1. I have very good news. The dialogue debugging tool in this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/2?tab=description) fixes the issue. You'll need to be careful what you're picking, but it should get your playthrough back on the rails.
  2. Yeah, I've also ended up starting a new game. I feel like I've seen so many posts regarding the quest to ally with the Wahaki being broken, either in terms of how you progress the Huana quest line, or how it impacts Aloth's quest. Crookspur specifically seems to be causing a lot of weirdness. I wish as soon as you got your first quest sending you there all the faction leaders sent you letters. A little immersion breaking, sure, but better than having to abandon a save 50 hours in. The Huana quest line in general seems a little off. The prince never gave me that first quest, skipping st
  3. I'm having several major progression issues related to the Wahaki tribe. Queen Onekaza won't give me the quest. Even if I go to the Wahaki Ranga and inform her that I've dealt with the Crookspur slavers (which registers the quest 'Cruel Cargo' as complete in my journal) I still have no option to follow up with Onekaza. This effectively locks me out of completing the main quest with the Huana. In addition to this, Aloth's personal quest is broken. In the first conversation with Ruasare I have no option to read her soul and all she wants to talk about is the slavers. As soon as I inform her
  4. I'd like to respond to your bullet points here, since I like talking about class balance and you've raised some interesting points. So, here it goes: The wizard would need to stop actively wielding the weapon in combat. If this were some kind of maul they would need to rest it on the floor, or a lighter two-handed weapon (like a longsword) they'd need to hold with one hand whilst they cast with the other and so on with all the various weapon types. Whatever weapon they're using I think that there should be a uniform penalty to defensive abilities (to represent that the wizard is focusing o
  5. Stop judging posters morality and look up the name of this thread already. Nobody's judging anybody's morality, and the name of the thread was rendered obsolete on the first page when somebody pointed out that wizards with weapons and armour are confirmed to be in the game. If the title of the thread was the only thing we were allowed to talk about we should have abandoned it after post #6. Considering this, Lephys' statement was entirely valid. But this is just bickering over the purpose of the thread now, which indicates to me that discussion here is basically exhausted, so we shoul
  6. I think this is my fault. I started the thread as a discussion of whether it should be included, unaware that it had already confirmed to be in the game. I wish that I'd scoured the updates for information again before creating this thread. That way discussion could have started on the right foot. I absolutely agree with you though. Since it was pointed out that they will be in the game I think that discussion should have shifted towards how to balance it. Although, to be fair, there have been some interesting, well thought out posts about balance. We're bringing up D&D becaus
  7. More specifically, armour makes everything take longer to do. That's the basic tradeoff for survivability. That's the best way to implement that, I think. Dragon Age tried to base it around how much spells cost whilst wearing armour and it ended up being easily ignorable. I think it will also add variation within the play style as it will mean a choice between how much casting you want to sacrifice for survivability.
  8. I like the sound of that. Especially the no spell failure thing. I've always hated that. In some editions of D&D it felt like even bulky clothes would make you fail every spell.
  9. I disagree with the idea that you cannot "go beyond mid level spells in either". That sucks. How I would like it work is like this.... You have 10 abilities available to you. If you are a pure wizard than you will simply choose a different set of abilities than if you were a melee wizard. They should be equivalent in power. I think you've misunderstood me. I'm not saying that Melee-Mages should be limited to mid-level spells, I agree, that would absolutely suck. I'm saying you could have either high level spells in combat oriented magic, or utility magic, but not both (where as
  10. That's the kind of thing thinking of Failion. Learning skills outside the general scope of their class should be a major investment for any character. Sticking with a Wizard, if they learned to fight in melee they might have to sacrifice their utility or offensive capability, or retain both but not be able to access much beyond mid level spells in either. These limits should be imposed by the significant amount of investment it would take to become competent in melee whilst levelling. It's also important that you don't end up having melee-mages supersede warriors. I thought Dragon Age: Or
  11. The whole idea of class system is to exchange flexibility for strategic and tactical clarity (pawn - moves forward, captures diagonally; mage - wears only robes, throws fireballs) and also teach dumb players to play coherent characters (not Elder Scroll like wielders of destruction magics in heavy plate who can sneak-kill a fly by prowling behind it and hitting with two-handed hammer). Yeah, I don't like mages with swords. There's nothing wrong with flexibility within the classes. That's the whole point of building a character as you play through the game after - to tailor your
  12. Oh yeah, WAY to go... Look what you did! You spilled discussion ALL over this perfectly good forum. Welp, we'll have to throw it out now, and get a new one, I guess. u_u . If you hadn't made the post, I wouldn't have had such cool, mental images from Moridin's response, and then described them in a manner that was much less cool and interesting than the images in my head. But still (and I don't care if Guild Wars 2 already did it)... LIGHTNING WHIP! I would love to see literally magic weapons ("purchased" with the same currency as "regular" spells.) Really, they already have Blasts
  13. It was in Update #15. You don't have to name your first born after me, here to help. I can't believe I never saw that! Thanks so much for providing the link! Now I feel silly for making a whole topic like this over already confirmed information. Still, I'm glad to see this has created discussion.
  14. @Osvir: I'm talking wizard with fighter perks here. The base class is the wizard and the class is still based primarily on casting spells. I don't think the wizard should ever gain the full melee capabilities of a fighter either as it's not their main focus. But if you invest in the perks you should be competent by the end of the game. Although, the idea of a fighter slowly learning some magic over the course of the game is interesting, it's not really what I was getting at. @Alexjh: If it has and you can find me a link I will name my first born son after you.
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