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  1. random places yes. i've found 2 feathers now, 2 different times, in the larvae cave.
  2. just for fun try a new game, see how they respawn. usually i get 2 dandelions close by each other at hte machine, leave one without the stump and one with.
  3. good idea to delete old saves. never a good idea to delete them all but current, just for this reason. You say you play on gamepass, is that for PC or console? I've also seen my building work revert back on saves, like it was loading the previous save to the one i chose. No idea whether you can get them back or not. there's a few apps out there that claim to be able to recover deleted files on console, but i'd be quite wary of those.
  4. German ****roaches yeah, they still creep me out, but the other types we use as feeders for exotic pets are kinda cool. Maybe they could put a Dubia roach in the game, it would just be a garbage disposal, eating up whatever planks and such are laying around the yard. Problem with roaches in the game is they'd be impossible to kill. Shoot em with a poison arrow would just get them high, acid attack would shine their shell, gas arrow would be perfume/cologne.
  5. i see no problem with this. You die, your backpack falls, messing your stuff up. Also if you have food items then the ants will root through it too, further messing up your stuff. I don't think this needs changed, it's more immersive as it is now.
  6. Also, Also, It's in the game now. If you bust a chest that has items you get a loot sack, same as the bird feather drop, with all the items that were in the chest. That is unless patch 3 or 3.1 changed this.
  7. I like where you're going, grass and dandelions already respawn over night, or a couple nights, whatever it is, and changing bug locations as they move about during night would be cool
  8. I like it. Maybe later in the game we'll get night vision, take the parts of one of the robots we fight to make them, then torches won't matter except for new players/new games while they work up to get the night vision.
  9. I have, but we don't have cats in the game to cause it reducing feathers and increasing the drops from them could work.
  10. same, now i'm waiting for the next patch and new content, not much left to build at this point and filling the bug chests is starting to wear.
  11. i read your OP to mean in the tunnel under the rock, if it was in the rock then no, that shouldn't happen. I still like the random spawn idea though, as long as they spawn correctly and not in the terrain and such like @RazielDERF said.
  12. Disagree, they're super easy to find, so taking the best part and only getting 1 piece is fine. They drop the little loot bag, like all bugs if your inventory is full, i don't see a need to change that. They need to change the graphics so it's different than busting an acorn shell though.
  13. There shouldn't be any micro transactions in this game, there's nothing to "win" so no need. They should make a store in one of the labs later in the game so we can spend raw science on new gear and outfits.
  14. must be your settings, i can see well enough in the tunnels swimming to find my way around.
  15. No, we don't want this to be Ark: Shrunken Kids. Taming doesn't belong in this game. my thoughts exactly.
  16. How? They could just add a gallery in his menu. I'd rather not see this for the main base, i prefer building my own designs. But maybe they could have some smaller outpost type models in a Burg.l gallery you could buy. toss up a quick small outpost base in the farming spots, like the hedge, or near the oak tree.
  17. if they leave combat mode, no. i can't think of any game i have that the animal/enemy stays hurt once you or they leave combat unless it's a boss type. they need to fix the terrain bugs that make them leave combat so frequently since the 3.0 patch. then this won't be much of an issue.
  18. I'm seeing the same thing. If you save around the machine you get grasslands, anywhere else, like the hedge, the rake handle, the flooded area, are all now unknown.
  19. seen this also, and the stuck bugs are spawned in stuck again. makes filling up my bug chests quite easy though. so that's a plus?
  20. saves are working just fine in my xbox, maybe you have to many saves? I do get the long loading time to see my save list, but that's usually when i have a lot of saves in the list. They also changed the save storage a few patches back and that requires a game uninstall and reinstall (don't remove the saves), have you tried that yet? And make sure you fully quit the game when you're done, the xbox quick resume feature seems to have some issues with grounded.
  21. plays just fine for me since the last patch on my xbox one x. my only pause like that is the 2 or 3 seconds when auto-saving.
  22. Thanks for another update! My one complaint now is the long long wait to load the saved game list before choosing one to play on Xbox.
  23. i've seen the same thing, made a short vid here with one stuck in the ground/root by the oak lab.
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