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  1. i don't think the challenge of getting into the branches over to the bird bath and broodmother should be changed, to give you more climbing points to make it easier. It's supposed to be a challenge and if you fall you should have to run back to the start. It makes you pay attention and be more aware. That said, maybe they could make it so once you get to the birdbath or broodmother that first time, that unlocks the option to create ladders at various points to aid getting there again. i do agree that once you've made the run and know the way, it is tedious to get back there if you do h
  2. Grapes and olives grow on vines, but they'd be bigger than the small berries we get now. I'd love to have some kinda vine to grow on our bases, that would look cool, give us a way to climb up maybe, so we could grow them on other things as well. Any veg we'd get would have to be shrunken by the scientist for us to use, there's no fruit or veg now that's small enough that i know of.
  3. Shrunken veggies, i like it. the edible plants and flowers could be added anytime as they grow naturally. maybe some mint in the flooded area.
  4. yep same thing, you can still use them after the desync and they're moved, if you can remember where they were before, it's just the image that has moved, if that makes sense. you'll get the tooltip popup to hit the button to open the chest or use the bed or whatever.
  5. you didn't post that so i asked, no need to get upset and yell. All any of us can do, since we're not dev's nor have insight into the game functions, is post what works for us in hope it helps others.
  6. I'm sure that will be helpful, you can email them to the devs at support@obsidian.net
  7. i'll 2nd this, or maybe 3rd it, i think someone else (or maybe more) have asked to have this also. I'm guessing we might see them in the game in the future
  8. have you looked around the yard to see if they're all in a group fighting over a piece of spoiled meat? i've seen groups of 20+ doing that, i shoot a gas arrow at the meat and follow it with a few egg bombs for fun I've only seen the Gnats gather around the yard light just south of the oak tree and to the east of the oak tree. after killing all those in my game i only have a handful or so around the east yard light now.
  9. agreed, plus mantids are one of the apex predators in the bug world, not many other insects can best them. I always liked watching the Bug Wars shows when they had mantids.
  10. I want the hammer axe there berry issue is the desync issue, i've seen that happen with plant fiber and sprigs also. My son had it happen last night with pebblets.
  11. that really sucks, i'd have probably been one of those that quit after that long of working on the town. This isn't shadowbane though, and it doesn't take months to build a nice base, my current base i spent 4 or 5 hours on, it's 2 levels with a few branching off peices going to the a 3rd level to keep ants from stealing from my chests. not very elaborate but i tend to build for function rather than leisure. I think the yard having normal sized activity would be cool, not sure how they'd implement it, or whether it should be a dog. it's a messy whacked out scientist house, proba
  12. good idea, also contact their support. support@obsidian.net
  13. If you've read the other threads you've also seen the reasons why. i summed it up in those couple sentences rather than a long drawn out post. Nobody knows how it will be implemented. I don't want to see it so i post that, just like others that want post they want it. you don't see the ones for taming always giving reasons why, but yet I have to explain in detail why i don't want taming for every post??
  14. the discussion about patch 0.3 and the public beta test. From @Shyla in her Welcome thread in the public test forum - maybe it's not such a big deal about the grass stumps, i figured better safe than sorry.
  15. you do realize this game is still in testing right? bugs like this will happen and we're playing it to find and report them and get them fixed. It sounds like this is what you're describing. I would suggest reaching out them as noted here.
  16. @NG75 please use spoilers as instructed by the mods when discussing the public beta test items. they're not available to anyone but Steam players yet. not yet. until the next patch the grass still regrows regardless of whether you cut the stump down or not. used to be leaving the stump would stop it from regrowing, but the last 2.0 or 2.1 patch changed that.
  17. there's kinda one already in the game, the broodmother, at least when i fought her she had an orb weaver with her, i guess you could call that a mini-boss maybe. And possibly the queen ant when she's added. That's an awesome idea. They're eventually going to add nocturnal insects, maybe one of those could hunt us The alarm you mentioned could come from the SCA.B wrist unit, maybe have it flash when it's dark enough the "hunters" come out. And the dedicated servers they're thinking about.
  18. they could, but is it really worth it? i don't think it would add much to the game to see the tactile hairs on a spider.
  19. voicing our opinions of topics here isn't selfish at all, it's called having a discussion which is what these forums were created for. calling it so it s a bit closed minded. Sad people can't disagree without getting called out here anymore. Most of us that don't want taming don't want this to end up as Ark: Shrunken Kids and have 100 bugs following us around like mindless minions. I think that was one of ARK's (many) downfalls. #NoTaming
  20. If they did it like Ark, and if my memory is working (it's been a couple years since i played it) you had to have the upgrade materials in your inventory, then when you'd upgrade from a wood to stone floor, you'd get the wood floor materials back in your inventory. I'm thinking you did the upgrade like building a new piece, just put the blueprint over the existing, but i might be wrong there.
  21. Yes those are known issue they're investigating https://trello.com/c/OCh4Nty5 https://trello.com/c/WO7xMmR9 You should email their support support@obsidian.net hopefully you can help fix these
  22. they're not broken for everyone. seems just people that have longer/older game files. you might be right. I haven't gotten the kill ants mission in a long time, could be why ants in my game are behaving normally.
  23. disagree. players should be paying attention, if you're just whacking away it's on the player.
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