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  1. Clearly it was a typo, clearly you meant spray. You used the right term.
  2. Only thing that needs goop is the smoothie station and the grub vest, the smoothies themselves dont require goop. So the droprate is a bit too high. I'd have the goop drop rate lowered in favor of the hide. Its the same with acorn shells and tops, where the drop ratio makes no sense. Or ladybugs that dont drop heads...
  3. It's like 10 arrows to kill a wolf spider and 7 a orb weaver with everything upgraded.
  4. The thing about digging underground is that its really hard to implement, since the game isnt a voxel based game. Everything in the game world you see is hollow and dimensionally one sided and hand crafted, not randomly generated. I dont see how digging underground could be implemented into this game, I imagine a colossal reworking of the code would be needed, but then again I'm no game developer. I agree on the cave lightning though, cool that you even had a solution to propose!
  5. If you build abit higher the trees hitbox stops entirely and you can walk trough it. But yes, the trees hitbox is very janky.
  6. The savegames made in the public test branch might not work back on a non test version. There is not that much to do in the current test branch progress wise though.
  7. Okay so I have come up with yet more suggestions regarding the game. *More bug vs bug action. You do see some ant vs weevil, ladybug vs aphid and even spider vs stinkbug. But I find it odd that a roaming wolf spider ignores orb weavers, ladybugs and bombardiers. No orb vs bombardier seems odd. I think orb weavers should run away from active wolfs. And bombardiers should also avoid orbs. *Ability to upgrade existing structures would be nice, such as upgrade a grass wall to a stem wall without the need to delete the existing construction. *Door memory. The game seems to remember
  8. Use the Fresh Defence mutation, helps quite alot. Another thing that will help you is the smoothie Green Machine (1 x Sprig, 1 x Raw fibre, 1 x Clover leaf), heals quite alot and instantly. Some of the bombardiers seem to have aimbot on and they will hit with the first shot no matter what, dont think its intended though.
  9. It is a clear pathing issue, but I'd rather have the bug scurry away when attacked and unable to retaliate, than just stand there. I mean it does make sense, fight or flight and all that.
  10. If you change the view back to 3rd person while ziplining you can look around again. But yes, the view gets stuck now and then on the zipline. clear bug.
  11. This sounds like a great idea. Specially for building trampoline elevators, they are such a pain atm.
  12. I guess buyable cosmetic stuff is okay. Anything beyond that is a slippery slope to pay to win (or play) style of garbage. Heres your roadmap to Russian localisation:
  13. So you want to add the most cancerous things plaguing current games into a already perfectly good game concept? Making Grounded an another crappy Rust ripoff with microtransactions just sounds like a all around crappy idea. Honestly not every game needs to be a MMO style sandbox game. I dont think the current co-op setting will even translate into a +10 player kind of game. This thread really made me retch.
  14. Huh, no edit option on this forum? Nonetheless I'm happy that the 0.3.0 patch fixed a handful of my gripes. For instance bugs dont get trapped under the terrain anymore, so my old savegame feels alot more alive again! And the ladybugs are back! Yay! And I saw spiderlings hang from the roof of a base of mine, all upside down, that was awesome, more of that please! Ziplines. THEY ARE AWESOME! Seemingly no upper limit for lenght! AWESOME! And steeper lines have increased speed. AWESOME! With skill you can jump from a upper line to a line underneath you. MAGNIFICIENT! Havent even experi
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