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  1. I play on a PC. There are two ways to listen to the game, sadly in 19 of 20 cases, one isn´t possible. I´ve got a Bluetooth dongle, which works with an JBL Flip 4 speaker. I had no problems with them, not with other games, YouTube, ... whatever... Sadly always when I create a Lobby to play Grounded, the Speaker turns Silent and there isn´t any beep from the game and it isn´t possible to get one. I tried disconnecting, conecting again... The only time when this doesn´t happen is when I turn the speaker on, then turn my PC on and start Grounded in a very short time frame. Then it works in 1
  2. I have a problem building. I´m playing on PC Testbranch. "Cntr" for stacking didn´t work right. Althoug currently some things are shown in the right place to build, but when you click to place them they change their position. For example, I tried to build an diagonal Palisade and an Elevator. Before clicking, both glowing pieced had a different position.
  3. Sorry, I´m no natural speaker. I might have used the wron term. I mean their acid attack.
  4. Played some more. Two later used the attack. Sorry for disturbing.
  5. It would be good, if you are playing Multi, and another player is in the room, when you talk to, both (all) should see what is going on.
  6. Right. But the full inventory, when you need to have minimum 80 arrows to get down a spider, is really annoying.
  7. I´ve fought 2 Bombadier Beetles since the Pond Update and encountered several more. But none of them sprayed their acid.
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