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  1. i haven't seen the update yet, unless i missed it, i had a half dozen other games to update. What version is yours now?
  2. that could be fun, and we'd have uses for fly parts also, like the fuzz, and the wings could be gliders, the multifaceted eyes would make a cool kaleidoscope type mask
  3. my son did his 4 year high school project on Tarantulas, i learned a lot with him in those 4 years we raised and studied them.
  4. If you haven't already, you should put this in the PTS forum so it gets the proper views from Obsidian. Only thing in the game i don't have respawning now (i'm not in the public test btw) is clay. everything else is respawning fine. the patch tomorrow fixes clay.
  5. this could be possible, if they used the right type of fly. Just saying fly i'm sure we all think of house flies right off, and they're not aggressive, they have no offensive capabilities, they're scavengers and prey for other insects. This could be a dagger fly, much different from a house fly. Dagger flies get the name from their dagger like mouth parts, that could add to their attack.
  6. agree with this all except the heartless comment. that's incorrect. they have hearts, typically just a dorsal heart, it doesn't work like ours but it's there and definitely needed. It's not a circulatory system where it has to return to the heart like ours is. Spiders are different than most other arthropods. they have different, and typically more, valves in their heart, and their hemolymph (blood) is also used similar to hydraulic fluid. it's used to move their legs, and also helps to add pressure when molting. I guess you could say in a way it just sloshes around inside of them, they
  7. i think you have max and willow backwards. might just be me but it seems like whenever i play willow, i finish fights faster, and take less damage than with Max, and i die more with Max. I've rarely played Pete so not sure about him, and i haven't ever played Hoops. I'd like to see some variance between the characters though, not this extreme where people would drop out if they were stuck with Hoops or even Pete. I think each character should have something that can benefit the group, and also have a weakness for each character. maybe something like this. Hoops More health
  8. nobody called you lazy. the suggestions would make for lazy gamers. Personally i'd hate to see these as i always forget to change my mutations, i'd run across the map and get frustrated my backpack is stuffed full of fiber and sprigs cause i forgot to change it. My vote is the same, yes for 1-3, no for the rest. And your addition for the zipline i'd like to see, i've suggested similar sleds in other posts that you can drag behind you. Pull sleds like that have been used for hundreds of years. There's a ghost town about 90 minutes from here with a pull sled in the museum. A min
  9. Tarantulas could be done, i could see those being a 4 player boss type. they'd be roughly 8 to 10 times the size of the orbs and wolf spiders, Aphonopelma chalcodes or maybe A. anax would be the most common to put in the game. Fangs would be bigger than us, then the venom, and the urticulating hairs we'd have to worry about when battling them. The rest I'd rather not see. we don't want this turned into an arcade, it's a sim.
  10. agreed, also the clover leaves wouldn't work, they'd burn and you'd lose the soup before it was warm. Clay would be the best option. we need a pottery wheel and kiln.
  11. with ladybugs, i've seen one get stuck on the mint container, it charged an aphid and glitched on a piece of grass then walked off the grass onto the container. I'm thinking that's how they get in other weird spots. Ants could be from lunging at weevils maybe.
  12. there's a number of games that i play that do it. this one and all of the 2k sports games. The few times i've forgot on Grounded and the quick launch worked, i had messed up sound, so i've just made it a habit to save and fully close the game like with the others.
  13. make the game online and people can help depopulate the ants also.
  14. that explains it. i stopped using the ground exploits so that's why they never run from me. plus they're easy to kill now once you figure out their attack patterns.
  15. You're in the wrong forum my friend that happens with lots of games. Best practice is to always quit the game using the xbox button for any of the cloud based games.
  16. those are the 'fresh' dandelions so to speak, the ones in the game have all gone to seed. but that's an idea. we'd need a way to dig up the roots, as that's the most beneficial part for tea. roast the roots to golden brown then soak and strain them, supposed to help your liver and other stuff, if the rumors are true. I had the same thought, but most aren't edible then. they'd need to be shrunken like us i think.
  17. the game is still in testing, it's not uncommon for bugs to exist for a bit while they figure them out. be patient, we should be getting a patch in the next couple weeks hopefully.
  18. that's a new one, never had spiders run away, they're always eager to attack.
  19. It's a known issue they're working on. The workbench and items are still there, just invisible. If you go to where they were you'll see the tooltip popup to press the button to open the chest or use the workbench, just like when you can see it.
  20. These 2 i don't get. why would a gnat mask make bugs track you? they don't track now, except for the wolf spider for a short distance. Spider grips on the chest? shouldn't that be gloves/feet? what gives the spider it's climbing ability is the tiny claws at the end of it's legs. this being a chest piece just confuses me. The other armor sets are a bit wild and crazy for the game in my opinion, except the thornberry armor, that's been mentioned (but not named that i recall) before, the idea then was it works like thorn armor in other games, damaging the attacker. I
  21. yeah, that'd severely limit where you could go though being that wide, unless they put in the animation to turn sideways through all the grass stalks, which to me would just be too cumbersome and awkward. You could put on the ant armor and carry the 8 (or 10 with the buff) probably twice as fast if not more.
  22. they all do that, each one has dialogue similar. i thought they wer entertaining, at least the first few times.
  23. checkpoint could work. I get no spiders in my hedge i killed them all and they stayed away from fear i guess. I was hoping we'd get a raft to craft once they make the stems float, then we could transport a pallet of stems easily across the flooded area to the hedge. the backpack idea is interesting, not sure how that'd work with stems since they're about twice our length maybe, planks i can imagine it with.
  24. There's a fan kit on their website, might be somewhat what you're looking for. https://d1079ywfijtdjs.cloudfront.net/grounded/fanKit-08112020.zip
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