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  1. how many save files do you have? i play on xbox one also, if i have more than 10 save files in the list it takes a long time to load since the last patch. sometimes the manual save will be there but the game is back at the auto save prior to that. I built a 2nd floor and a rooftop crafting area in my new base at the rake handle, manually saved and then logged out. The log out save and manual save were at the same point as the auto save, i had a few walls left to build and the floor/ceiling on the 2nd floor. Seems like there's something wrong with the manual save files and it's takin
  2. you do realize the game is still in testing? bugs are to be expected, we're here playing the preview to find and report them. pretty childish to write a bad review because a game in testing has bugs... 2-3 in game days is the timer on my dandelion and weed stem respawns, they'll spawn back if you cut the stump down or not, doesn't seem to matter with them. Grass is not growing back for me in some areas leaving the stumps. I'm building a base by the rake handle, there's a small puddle to the west of that, and about 150cm south of the west ant hill, on the edge of the cracked eart
  3. i actually like the idea of the building parts decomposing, give the game a bit more reality. The sap sealant is a great idea, give the buildings an extra month if they're sealed, and a real reason to use the sap collectors. An alternative to the sap is the paint can that fell off the porch. Make it a weatherproofing stain, we can add different items to it to change the color. That could be a tier 2 type sealant that would give the weed stem walls 6 months, grass planks 3 months. The grass would get brittle then anway, even sealed, so i think after that 3 month mark it would ju
  4. there's a marker mission there. plus once you get up there there's numerous berries. It's where i go now after building the stairs to get all my berries, much easier than in the hedge.
  5. yes, and aphids running into the small dirt piles and stopping like it's a wall. and bugs you're fighting running away if you step to the side and it raises or lowers your elevation to their ground level, if that makes sense.
  6. mine regrow on day 3 i think it is. i cut the stumps down also, haven't had any issues with them growing back after 3.1 patch.
  7. once you harvest enough grass also chopping stumps of dandelions and weeds gives you fiber, and they grow back unlike grass.
  8. strawberries or cheese? You could spend an hour or so and make a stairway up to the birdbath, it's quite simple, just involves a lot of running to get stems and planks since there's none close by.
  9. the mosquito arrow wouldn't suck anything, the mosquito isn't attached to it. It's a hollow arrow, like a syringe needle without the syringe, so when it hits a bug it leaves the hole open so it will 'bleed' rather than plugging the hole like a normal arrow's shaft. I like @YaBoyJenkins idea, put venom or acid in the shaft with a sliding plug, so it doesn't come out the back, and when it hits the plug becomes a plunger and injects that into the bug.
  10. a previous patch increased the save game limit from 256mb to 1 gb (if my memory is right). You have to uninstall the game and reinstall for that change. Did you do that yet?
  11. I was able to catch a few of the terrain glitches with various bugs. The one i forgot to capture was hte wolf spider running away unless your on even ground.
  12. Thank you! i feel a building spree coming on. "sorry boss, i don't feel so good i need the afternoon off"
  13. I haven't seen any performance issues on the Xbox, game play is just like before, other than i can't build anything on my bases but utilities and such, and i have to fight bugs in really crazy locations.
  14. I agree, but it's also how people post about it. Some of the posts and comments about the new patch are quite childish and, not sure how obsidian handles these, but from other game testing experiences, the devs tend to ignore them. We're all frustrated with these recent bugs, i get that, but if people want their posts taken seriously they should step back a few calm down and then post about the bugs. Also send them an email with the info they request, the more data they can get from us the faster their investigation may go and the faster we may see a patch.
  15. Insect Hammer = stink bug & bombardier Insect Axe = Ladybug & Bombardier (and spider web if you count that as bug part) Ant club is just ants, so i was wrong there.
  16. just my 2ยข They're looking into a dedicated server, not sure how many people but 40 seems a bit much, at least for the near future. This makes no sense to me, outside the map is "under construction", so how would we have missions there? There's nothing there yet. bad bad idea, We need a choice of PVE or PVP. Today i might want to play PVE and just build and have fun, tomorrow i might want to mop the floor with you and feed your remains to a stink bug. If they do dedicated servers they should have 3 modes, PVE, PVP, and PVE/PVP to bring in all types of play
  17. RS is painfully easy to collect. gather what's around the map and do your daily missions every day, and not all missions are worth 100, they vary in the reward amount. A harder mission like you say, maybe a weekly mission, for extra RS would be cool though.
  18. Hmmm, why not grab materials for a new torch then light it again when you get out of the water on your way to get your backpack? You can starve to death, when your food hits 0 your health slowly drops, unless that was also changed in the last patch.
  19. ant club, and insect axe are made up of different bug parts already. I like the claw idea though, that could be a cool weapon.
  20. it's been posted in the forums here once or twice, but i don't see anything on the Trello issue board. You should report it.
  21. yep you're the only one in the world that has ever seen that movie, and had that idea here in the forums already. You can't befriend insects, they have such a simple brain it's not possible. Best you could do is lead it around with food on stick (like riding the pig in minecraft) but if something else came along that was more interesting, or a danger, the food on the stick would be ignored.
  22. i haven't played MP yet since patch, just waht others have reported. I can't build anything in solo play, either on a new game file or my previous save file, so i don't think it has anything to do with structures as the Trello notes say.
  23. people lay down plank floors as a so called highway across the map already, could just run the cart on that. Or add weed stems to the top of the plank floor to have a rail system.
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