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  1. or single player. placing a blueprint from the base building menu freezes the game so you have to kill it. all you can do now is place utility and food items, decorations, craft weapons, armor, and tools, and kill bugs.
  2. that's exactly why, it was too EASY to kill one with the circle system. you now have to include blocks and time your circle dodging with specific attacks. More fun this way.
  3. i don't see the game allowing us to grow weeds anywhere we want. My nerves will never run out if i had a sled or cart to help carry items, it'd be easier on my nerves than running back and forth with a stack on my shoulder. the travois wouldn't have to be much wider than the character, so it could easily be drug across the yard, cart would be an upgrade of that adding wheels. That would be more feasible than a zipline platform to go up the line.
  4. easily small enough we can carry it for a torch For size reference. the wolf spiders in the game grow to a max of about 35mm or roughly an inch and 1/8, just the body abdomen, thorax and head. The common kitchen strike anywhere match is just over 2.5 inches, so twice the body length of a wolf spider. So 1.5 maybe 2 weed stems long.
  5. good idea, like your inventory is full type indicator. I don't think it should stop you from placing them on top though, i tend to drop the extra on top of a full pallet and let them sit while i gather the components to build a new pallet.
  6. yep i harvest the new webs in the hedge, pretty sure i got more than 1 per web. the egg sacks give you 3 or 4, plus a sling or 2 to kill and get another 1 or 2. lots of ways to get webs without having to fight spiders now. if you're on xbox you have to hold the A button down to remove the crafted item. took me a while to figure that out, as there's no tool tip to show you what to do. Well said, agreed, this is just part of testing. keep having fun as you can with what works and wait for the fix.
  7. hopefully we'll have a hotfix next week. building is my favorite part of the game. It'll get boring very quickly just running around killing bugs. Although i guess i could make a chest for each bug and fill it up for future use Should take too long since most are frozen in place.
  8. also note, this happens in new games. I saw the Trello board post about it freezing due to amount of structures in the game, so i made a new game with no structures, and i can't place anything from the building menu in that new game either. My xbox froze and stayed frozen, i waited 15 minutes for it to unfreeze in the new game (the time it takes my controller to power off from inactivity) and it never unfroze so i could play.
  9. Phone won't let me edit my previous post. I was able to finish the construction of my outpost last night, but now playing during my lunch break, I can't place any building blueprint, game locks up and you have kill it.
  10. From what i saw playing last night, also on the xbox one x using my save file from before this patch - Kill them, when they respawn they're back to normal. In my game it's not all bugs, just a few here and there. All the mites around the oak branch were stuck, but around the rake rock they were fine, 1 wolf spider was stuck in the bottom of the oak tree, the other one there was roaming like normal, even killed me. Building works fine for me. I finished building my outpost base just outside the hedge maze, right by the trowel, no issues placing and building scaffoldin
  11. never seen a ladybug in the oak lab, i see one outside in the tunnels sometimes.
  12. i loaded up 5 racks in 2 different bases last night, they're all fine in my game.
  13. i've see the lawn mites stuck, you can build up your Lil Fists mutation quite easily on them. I think it's a problem with the terrain. I see Aphids running along the ground and then hit a little pile of dirt like it's a wall and get stuck. I'm guessing that's what is making spiders and other bugs run from you when you attack. I had a wolf spider at the oak tree run from me and do the stuck animation (where it just starts circling in place) until i walked up and stood right by it. I tried fighting him between 2 roots, both of us on the ground. I wasn't cheesing him from a root o
  14. ant armor already does this, soldier ants don't attack you unless you attack first. It would be cool though to have other camo type options so different bugs would be less likely to see you if you're crouched and sneaky.
  15. I like them but the ant, i'd rather have a sled or something to carry that many items, looks kinda silly to have 10 weed stems on your shoulder running through the grass forest.
  16. not sure about those, i haven't looked. i did check all my key bindings i set after the patch. The entries are all blank but the bindings i had previous to the update are still working. just hope that continues as it wouldn't let me bind anything to those slots when i tried.
  17. the sound issue happens to me also. seems this game doesn't yet support the quick resume feature in Xbox. never had the game freeze issue, i built a whole new base last night just fine.
  18. it's what the forums are here for. question is, are mods supported/allowed by Obsidian? if not, it's cheating, which PC players are infamous for, modding games when it's not allowed. Guess we'd need a dev to clarify, if mods are accepted then go for it, if not then this shouldn't be allowed.
  19. Been playing the new patch about 90 minutes now on Xbox One X. My likes The new fighting changes. It's now a mix of circling and blocking. It was getting almost to easy to kill everything in the game, I've does a few times tonight from wolf spiders and bomb bugs. Everything else so far but what's listed below. My gripes 1. Berry chunks don't go straight to inventory anymore. I get that it's now in line with pebbles and quartzite and such, but they used to go in your pack and now it seems broken. 2. Lawn mites are stuck in place, I ran down the oak bra
  20. Your backwards, it's fine the way it is I think. Most games I've played have it switching main tabs with LB/RB and sub tabs with LT/RT. I wouldn't like to see this changed so it's backwards.
  21. it's in the patch notes for the update released today. It will now grow back from the stump, you have to cut it down totally to remove it permanently.
  22. i don't think they need to make that available. there's no point, you can have everything you want in creative mode without needing to kill bugs to obtain it. No need for god mode.
  23. that's how it's always been for me, except during whatever that one update was that made extra spawn, so i had 2 orbs (or 4) in places only 1 or 2 usually were. No change at all to wolf spiders that i've seen. Always had 2 under the oak tree. They're fairly easy to kill. shoot one with a bow and run back a ways so the 2nd one doesn't detect your fight. bandage up and go in and kill the 2nd.
  24. dang i'm still on 2.2.3 guess i'll keep waiting and see if i have building issues when it updates.
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