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  1. I just in my head think this would give more incentive to group up and play as a group ewch having our own said directives(quests) and we carry our own RS with us it would want pple grouping more and longer amounts of time just seems that groups work better when its not just benefiting one person but the group as a whole whether individually or as a whole just my thoughts on it
  2. Why doesnt your personal quests carry with you when you join a friend? Like you have your dailies on your screen showing and the host has theirs so you both benefit from working as a team to take care of all said quests on both sides
  3. How about a set of binoculars say out of sap and either clovers or plant fiber (sap to hold it together)and to get the lens pieces maybe like harvest with a hammer or similiar on the mag lens and get very small pieces that break off allowing you to use in the make shift frame but it doesnt damage the mag lens per say because the chipping done is on such small scale?
  4. Same thing started with mine this morning did fine all day yesterday and now no matter an auto save or a manual save and no matter how far back gets to black screen loading and then crashes to desktop on xbox one x
  5. When i wipe the hill of soldiers and kill some if the workers that are stuck the soldiers just respawn in the hill have stood inside waited and confirmed this this was all done on a patched save a fresh run of the game havent tried it yet but still have the swarming of workers in areas or on weevils or spoiled meats or aphids out in the game world still have to take thrm down with gas arrows also slows down framerate acting as if there is no multiplier limit on ants spawning all on xbox one x also
  6. Yes for the auto close maybe use bug rubber or such to make it like its sprung or pulled closed by the rubber
  7. I had exact problem for weeks figured it out today made a bunch of gas arrows since they are dble damage now and dealt with the serious video lag issue and harshly made my way to the egg laying rooms which are full of soldier antsboth rooms one room at a time i stepped out away had a clean view into room and switched to bow and gas arrows aimed at ceiling in room or floor just make sure not to hit an ant and fired 2-3 arrows back to back and just waited popped up torch and axe|| and watched just in case then went in and cleaned up after doing this i waited a bit then workers started coming in and laying eggs finally! Lol hope it helps on xbox one x
  8. Have same problem so many entities spawning in ant hil and staying cant get in ant hill without framerates dropping to a literal pause in game as if it was crashing but wouldnt have to sit and wait and then continue on also bugs spawning literally inside your base cant secure a base if they allowed to random spawn including in your base happens constantly especially with the stink bugs and yes i have traps set up all around base its lifted and fenced but they seem to spawn inside the fence and inside your base (like inside as if visiting) and traos dont affect them at all and this all on my xbox one
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