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  1. Platform: Xbox One X (GamePass). I was hosting. My friends were on Xbox One S and Xbox One. We created very long zip lines. After using zip lines, my friends could hear the zip line sounds VERY loud and it would not go away. They both could also see their own character and my character (any character who had just used the long zip line) jumping uncontrollably and constantly. It was very funny but is game breaking as they can’t move around fast anymore as their character is constantly jumping (like mini jumps and very fast) and they have a deafening zip line sound playing constantly. As I was the host, I experienced NONE of these issues, so looks like an issue on the client side. Please add to list of issue and investigate - thank you. BY THE WAY - we found a WORKAROUND for now: Players who are affected, go to pause menu and “GIVE UP”, when you respawn and collect your items from your fallen backpack, the loud zip line sound glitch goes away and so does the constant jumping. The only bad thing is that your inventory will be messed up so you’ll have to reorganise and you will respawn at your lean-to so be sure not to “give up” too far away. This happened on the LATEST patch (3.2 whatever it was that fixed long zip lines).
  2. Yeah I get that and understand. It’s just that such a big issue that affects an entire platform is just... well it just sucks lol. I’m just annoyed as I love the game and really want to play lol. I appreciate everything the team is doing. I think they should see it as a positive that people actually care and want fixes fast; it shows that the game is in demand and people are excited to play it.
  3. As much as I love this game and the team, I must agree with this.
  4. I don’t see why they don’t push out the fix already... it’s game breaking. Astonishing tbh. The trello board says they fixed it.... so why don’t we have it? In a game about building, having building crash the game is kinda a big deal?!
  5. Yep same issue. Waited so long for this and this bug has totally ruined it all.
  6. Yep same. Waited so long for this and this happens. Super disappointing.
  7. Xbox One X and Xbox One S - GAME CRASHING when trying to build anything at all. Crashes every time. Waited 3 weeks for this update as we couldn’t play due to ant over population.... and now can’t build. Very disappointing.
  8. Still no fix for soldier ants overspawning............. I just can’t take it anymore *cries like a child* lol
  9. This ant overspawning bug is literally stopping us from playing. Please delete these damn soldier ants so I can continue with my palace!!!! LOL
  10. Ah hello fellow gamer who is also in pain due to this bug lol. Man it suuuuuucks I hope they fix it soon! Please nuke the Soldier ant population Obsidian!!! Lol
  11. I still cant get in the ant hill due to major lag and soldier ants / game crashing. This is so messed up
  12. Oh god I hope this isn’t true! I’ll check when I play next. Dammit!!!
  13. Cheers for the heads up. Soldier ants showing up when you kill a worker though - thats just going to escalate back in to the same issue isn’t it? I don’t think they have fixed it else they would have mentioned it on the patch notes
  14. Sorry to say this guys and I know you’re likely working very hard, but the main issue with the game for a lot of people right now is not a broken bed. The main issue is the Ant hills crashing the game, with hundreds of Soldier ants spawning. My game is still dropping to 1 frame every 45 seconds, thats if it doesn’t hard crash. My teammates also get booted when this happens. This is the worst state the game has been in since launching early access day one, and this bug is by worst so far (worse than the Larva overspawning!). I have played this game every day since day one. When I saw there was an update, I was so happy, thinking “YESSSS they fixed the ant bug we can finally play properly”, but sadly this isn’t the case. We LOVE this game, and I understand early access means early access. But please, for the sake of my sanity, fix the Ant overpopulation bug. Pretty please. Lol Thank you for all you do and for bringing this amazing game in to our lives. p.s. I know people will say “go kill the ants”, I would love to but I can’t even get in to the ant hill let alone kill anything near it. One time I did get in I took this screenshot before it crashed, as you can see there are literally hundreds of soldier ants. Platform: Xbox One X - GamePass, I am the host for our multiplayer games. Friends are on Xbox One S and Xbox One.
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