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  1. see these sometimes too with some friends and not others also I get kicked from game after a min all the time in one friends game. we stop doing MP cause of this. kind a makes me sad friends are moving on to other games .
  2. also see this wolf is inside the tree bugs on top of rocks and grass
  3. I agree with you, but I cant stop myself from building !
  4. No I havent checked the ants but i said lag spikes are gone now works great on that part still kinda slow by large bases but way better, But I am getting Placement lag when you place a new object down to completion
  5. yea was walking around alread checking it out real fast didnt get to look under tree yet. but no big lag spikes anymore thats good
  6. So after update building a wall or anything the lag is still there. everything just stops when placing the object for a couple of seconds . I have a I7 and 1080ti with 3t g of ram its itx board so just 2 sticks to make up the 32. it also happens on my laptop that has a 1070 16 g of ram
  7. Im the only person getting kicked from my wives game over and over some times I lose all my stuff when I join Back. Im told it maybe happening when game is saving and a giant lag happens.
  8. so game is getting really laggy now starting to get unplayable in some spots but when I walk past those points and speed up. Just an update
  9. So I haven't seen wolf spider and lady bugs in over a week. Also half of my clay isn't spawning in my game. Don't know if it has to do with my any hill being slow laggy and ants spawning out of control. I have killed them all was so crowed in here couldn't move. that's when My orb weavers came back but no other big bugs still
  10. So I been getting bad lag when building any thing. Every time I build a object to completion I get a long pause. I have 3 kind of big bases on map and I was thinking it had something to do with that but I Hope it could be fix cause I wanted to build more in the same world. Or is there a fix/work around already for this? not my video at 11:15 in video is example. MY 3 buildings are nothing this big
  11. wasn't sure if this was the same cause you can still use theses objects ,but with de sync when you try to build or use them you cant. Add Multi quote
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