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  1. i get that, i agree it shouldn't be a sim type enviro, but i don't want it to be Ark Survival: Grounded either. What drew me to the game is the shrunken aspect, i've wanted a game like this for decdes since the movie came out and the kids had to survive in the yard. That and the minimalistic basics we have. I don't want to see it get to techie like ark, building machine guns and bug based turrets. I'd rather see a carrot on a stick type concept like riding pigs in minecraft. Pigs can't be tamed, but they can be used to ride. If Obsidian could do this concept for pack muling also t
  2. so where do we get the pump and mechanical items for these? we're working with basic materials here remember, grass, twigs,pebblets, etc. not to far of a stretch to build the things we have, but a turbine pump and chemical filter? i think that's a bit out of it. that's going into the Ark tech style with machine guns and junk. that stuff i don't think should ever be in Grounded. We're not the scientists, we're the kids they kidnapped or whatever and shrunk for their experiment.
  3. definitely not a spider. that'd be like using cheats to tame the alpha's in Ark. bugs in life and in the game aren't animals with a memory and person/object acknowledgement. they have no mental capacity. they run totally off instinct passed on by previous generations, that's how they know aphids are food and spiders are enemies and whatnot. You put a new creature they've never seen before in their environment and instinct takes over, fight or flight if they're threatened, ignorance if not. They're not like dogs or cats, etc. that can remember you by your smell and looks.
  4. happens already, if you attack a worker ant and it runs it brings back more workers and a soldier or 3.
  5. you can move them yourself. make them chase you and lead them away. they'll wander the area where you lose them. It's also very easy to run past them and go in the lab doors, they're too big to fit through. Orb spiders can make it inside, i've had to kill 2 so far in the tunnel after the first working door, but i've always had the wolf spiders stop at the first broken door, then if you have 50ish tier 1 bow and arrows you can kill it.
  6. If they can split the taming between having a mount and using one as a pack mule i'd be for it. we don't need mounts, i'd hate to see this turn into ARK. but if we could do something like a carrot on a stick (or in this case hotdog piece on a stick) for the worker ants to help haul things for us, that would be cool I don't see any need for flying, the dandelion fluff is fine for slowing falling Agree with @01d Guy they want us to build traps and such. I'd rather see ropes included and a hanging net to keep the ants out. no need for high tech, a
  7. Few ideas i've had while playing these last few weeks. Rope -made from combining woven fibers for longer and stronger items Rope ladder Tier 1 - rope and twigs Tier 2 - rope and grass planks Tier 3 - rope and weed stems Each tier degrades with use, tier 3 lasting longest. grappling hook - can be used to climb, or pull down weeks or grass for spring trap below Tier 1 - rope and pebblet Tier 2 - rope, pebblet, and bug parts net - Hangab
  8. what are you going to fish? there's no fish that small, unless this is based in Indonesia.
  9. you mean Goggles Love the backpack ideas, agree the armor when equipped should not count as space in the backpack, since you're wearing it then, not carrying it. unequipped should count as backpack space. Same with your tools, whatever you have in hand shouldn't count against your inventory space in the backpack. Also if your backpack is full and you pick up a grass plank or weed stem, etc., whatever was in your hand should be dropped. That might happen already? i've always kept an empty slot just in case.
  10. i found 3 floating in the air where they're usually on the ground. had to hop off a tree root and hit the button at the right time to collect them. The rest were where they always have been.
  11. the wolf spiders are boss for me lol they smoke me every time.
  12. i like that. good idea. I'd like to have a shield, start out with Tier 1 clover leaf shield, then acorn shell, then lady bug, or stink bug as the stinkers in the game are also called shield bugs. We need ropes, a rope net to suspend items from grass to keep the ant thieves away. a rope ladder, you can you attach to the environment, like to climb in the abandoned ant hill to get to the lab. Rope could be made from combing woven fibers. a sled to increase your carry capacity. like on those treks to the berry bushes, i often find myself throwing stuff away that i wanted but n
  13. taming isn't needed. the map isn't big enough to warrant a mount. you can run dang near half way across the map with your base stamina meter and no armor or food/drink bonus.
  14. some of these i like, would love to see a rope ladder, or fixed size mounted ladder on your base. Weather could be fun. rain drops half the size of your character. could kill if out in the open, sweep you away if they combine and your in a trench. A sled (using your board idea) would be awesome for extra carry capacity, or even a small wheeled cart. I'd like to see shelves in your base you can put container or chest on, rather than having them just laying around on your floor. Rope net to hang stuff in, keep it away from those thieving ants. Pitfall trap with spikes
  15. +1 And why only crits on larger bugs? almost every bug in the game is larger. if they're going to implement crits it should be on all, with a bonus to smaller bugs and a penalty to larger bugs if you want a real crit system. Penalty may not be the right term, but attacking a lady bug that's 4 or 5 times your size with a spear shouldn't get you the same crit damage as an aphid.
  16. never had that happen, i play on xbox, when the markers vanish i toggle them off and back on again. seems to bring them back for me.
  17. that place is packed with lady bugs. have yet to kill one though. every time I've tried I seem to attract a spider or stink bugs to the fight and then I die.
  18. you can assign the D-pad buttongs in the settings menu. have to unassign the chat and other features there by default I like the dandelion seed idea to slow falling.
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