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  1. I am starting to get used the spiders. I am killing Orb Weavers with my newfound parry skills, but the wolf spiders still terrify the life outta me. Despite this, I have stories to share regarding the resident wolf spiders. I now use the abandoned ant hill when traveling to the oak lab but during first visit we were given a little surprise. My friend and I were leaving the lab via the ant tunnel but I was lagging behind him a little ways. As he going out the exit I heard him scream that the spider was chasing him. I decided to leg it and get onto high ground before the wolf came back but as I rounded a very dark corner, (torch had died) I saw the silhouette of a massive spider slowly but very surely moving towards me. I was not expecting to see him in the tunnel with me. I didn't know he could even get into the tunnel. I then realized the spider hadn't actually seen him and was tracking his movements starting in the cave. I turned around screaming and ran as fast as I could back to the parkour jump and made it in a record two attempts. After we had calmed down he kept watch on the tunnel entrance while I started creeping back out towards him. No spider this time and I made it out of the ant hill without seeing the spider again. I have not seen him in the tunnel since and I am very glad for that.
  2. I saw a clip of somebody killing a wolf spider in face-to-face combat. He parried every single attack and only counter struck when the spider had no chance of hitting back. It was a very drawn out battle but he did not take a single hit.
  3. lol, I could be wearing power armor and still be terrified of them. I would just be able to hit back while screaming instead of running away and screaming.
  4. This is the basics of hot crafting. In this example we are going to build a storage basket. We still need woven fiber. Instead of switching to the materials tab we can make it here using Hot Crafting. First we look at the symbol (1) on the woven fiber. Then we look at the legend (2) and it will explain what the symbol means. In this case the symbol shows that we have the things we need to Hot Craft a woven fiber and we can press the Hot Craft Ingredient button (3). It will only craft one batch at a time. (i.e.making a batch of woven fiber produces one and a batch of arrows produces ten.) It wants us to make three woven fiber. Let's say we only have enough materials to make one. As soon as I craft the first the symbol (1) will change to show that we are missing some ingredients. When I gather the needed materials the symbol (1) will again change to show that I can continue hot crafting the woven fiber. Let me know if anything needs clarifying. I am working on a more detailed explanation that will have it's own topic and any feedback will help make it better.
  5. @Bricksanity I would rather die to soldier ants than get caught by that wolf spider. That is going to be my new exit. I wonder if I could be my new entrance too, even if it's technically more dangerous.
  6. @LokiPi I think it's a great idea, some great ideas could get buried under posts as more people add things. It would also keep everything organised. Not to sound selfish, though it probably is, I would want my name credited on the things that I contributed. I am too used to people taking my ideas and ignoring me.
  7. I usually jump off the metal scrap on the ground onto the root to the left, but what makes it difficult is the uncontrollable and almost paralysing terror that accompanies me until I can't see or hear the wolf. Just the knowledge that he's sitting there waiting for me is enough to make me sit there for a few minutes in an attempt to build courage so I can bolt out the door. I have yet to get eaten but if when I do, i'll probably just close my eyes and whimper until I respawn. I definitely need to check out the ant exit.
  8. Some extra ideas Compass It is really easy to get turned around when looking for resources or avoiding larger bugs and having a compass would help you keep a general sense of direction. I find that looking for landmarks can be very time consuming and taking your eyes away from your surroundings to look at your map in order re-orientate yourself can be dangerous. Have a tiered threat warning Each time something simple such as a lawn mite aggros onto the player the threat warning appears and the war drums begin to play. This makes sense and is reasonable, but I always think something bigger such as a spider or beetle have snuck up on me. I immediately scramble for high ground until I can confirm that there are no spiders trying to eat my face and I can relax. I think the threat warning text should be colored based upon the threat of the bug. For example the text would be green for the lesser enemies like lawn mites, yellow for the bugs that could pose a threat such as ladybugs and ants, and red for the bugs that are truly a problem if not taken seriously such as spiders and beetles.
  9. It's not a crossplay issue because it happens to my friend and I, we are both on pc. I think it might be related to how the game remembers the people who join your game..... except it doesn't and makes them start fresh. It made my friend redo the tutorial each time. The only workaround I can think of is to periodically have the people who join you put their stuff into a chest and save. Then if they lose it all you can load the save with their stuff in the chest. You will lose some time depending on how often you save but you won't lose an entire day of progress like we did.
  10. I really like these ideas. If ants can farm aphids like cows why can't I. (Some species of ant actually farm aphids for the honeydew they produce and will take care of them like cattle.)
  11. If tarantulas were added I would die of a heart attack. Just the thought of seeing those things lumber through the grass and then just sprint towards me and eat my face is absolutely terrifying. I would die before it could attack me.
  12. I would even take a compass. The amount of times i've found myself going in circles is insane. I would be running from a spider just to round a rock or leaf and run into the big massive wolf spider I was running from to begin with.
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