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  1. When you open up the chest and change the icon for that chest there sould be a little window where you can place an item from the chest in the little window and the chest icon would then be the same as the item icon in the little window. For example if you put plant fiber in the little window, when you looked at the chest from a distance the chest icon would be plant fiber.
  2. There should be a rope bridge so you can connect your bases/ towers. Could be made from rope and weed stems
  3. Have the ability to change the UI for when using mouse and keyboard as the UI is designed for controller. It should be on both PC and Xbox as you can use both m&c and controller on both.
  4. On version 0.3 the game now crashes when trying to us the construction radial on xbox ( up on the D pad on xbox)
  5. The broken part is the tip of the blade so would work, like everything there made in China and broke really easily.
  6. Also know as pruning shears, but only if you like being wrong
  7. Its on the coming soon section of the road map. https://grounded.obsidian.net/feature-board
  8. There could be an old pair of broken secateurs in the yard that you can use to make a big sword using one of the blades. Would be higher tier of course, maybe 4 or 5.
  9. Ah my bad , well hopefully if the moderators looking at this then they can move it for me . Cant say ive had it with any other game. Also if the moderators do see this then can you pass the problem to whoever it regards as its a big bragging feature that Microsoft have on the console. And going off the new console videos its a feature they want to carry on.
  10. More on this, could have the apples so they regenerate all health. They would also grow on the tree maybe one a day or two, this would stop then being op. Also could maybe have only one seed in the apple core that when harvested the core disappeared for good so you only get one sed/ tree per game world, this would also help with being op.
  11. When you load the game up on xbox one with the quick launch feature (dont quit the game, just turn xbox off when in main menu and turn back on at a later time) it freezes and there is no controller input. Ive tested with both my controllers and try it every time i load the game to see if its just a one off and every single time it freezes out the controller input. You then have to press the xbox button and quit the game in the menu and reload to get it working.
  12. I like the idea of mint, i think any hurbs would work really as you just harveste the leaf/ plant in your garden anyway. Also you can use dandelions as there in the game and people use then for drinks and herbel stuff. Think the size of the fruit/ ved wouldn't be a problem as when you actually grow them they all start really small anyway and im sure with the advanced tect thats in the game the size wouldn't be an issue like mentioned before. Another idea would be instead of growing 4 items you could grow one larger item like a mini apple tree, can get the seed from a discarded apple core, then can have mini apples!. This could be used with other fruits.
  13. Have a veg patch. Can use the mushroom grower thats in the game, you would use it like a chest/ armour stand by opening it and adding a mushroom / seed that you find around the world. Then after a set time it grows the item that can be harvested. Could put berrys parts in it and grow little enable berries. This would also work with other enable plants/ flowers that added to the game
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