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  1. Well , imo most people don't complain about they could not fight Eothas but that the watcher makes no difference. In the end Eothas is destroying the wheel and his explanation, why this is a good thing is quite vague. In fact he says it is possible, that all souls get stuck in den beyond and kith are dying out. Maybe kith work together to prevent this, but maybe not. yeah, you could make a suggestion to eothas, and he will honor it. But imo it just don't feel like a success.
  2. It is mostly childhood memory and the charm of the new. So yeah, its mostly nostalgia, even if you deny it. Nothing can beat the memory, as for most people the first kiss is unforgettable. Back then, there were no western rpg with that unique companions, party-banter and romances. But only a few companions had a complex personalty, Minsk, Mazzy and the Ranger hadn't much more personality than thesidekicks in poe2. Combat was only soso, fighters get only auto attack, and for me real time battles, wich can (and must) paused, wasn't the best solution. quests and story were quite good, even today, but quite standart fantasy stuff. i played BG recently again. And while it is still a good game, i wonder why i coulnd stop playing it in the past. I think backdays there were no games, that were in story, lore, game mechanics or companion notable better than BG2. today there is everytime a game, that is in on or another aspect better. Like poe2: factionsystem and romances are not bad by them self, but we know games, that are far better than poe2 in that aspect. We old BG2 Fans just want this first feeling ofan akmost perfect game back, but this is impossible. So we should not have these expectations. Then we could enjoy the moderb rpg's more. i love poe2 for its fesh setting and pirate feeling, the thrill of explore the islands and nice combat mechanics. By the way, iam 40 now ^^
  3. Hmm... i was thinking about Sashas Blade too... the action speed sounds good. On the other side a rapier with modal have an advantage von +25 acc, wich means a lot more crits...
  4. Hi! I like to play a devoted/skald and i am not sure, wich weapon i should choose. I want to play on veteran (i dont think i would crit often in potd) Dagger, rapiers and spear seemed the obvious choice, because their inherent acc bonus. I am not sure, if Rapier modal is worth the malus to recoverytime. Daggers defense modal looks nice, but how much hurts the damage penaltry? Spear modal have no big drawbacks, but i don't know, if i need the +1 enagement. A septer seem nice too, no acc bonud, but ranged and useful double damagetypes. Whar kind of weapon would you recommend and why?
  5. I think it's quite difficult to get an open world RPG and a good and dense mainstory. The Elderscrolls never got it well, but they had so much fantastic side and factionquest. Deadfire feels a bit like that. As i said before in anthother thread: sidequests and mainstory are fun in Deadfire (ok, sidequests were imo the better of the two) but they feel quite separated. Eothas makes 3 station and tell you the last two of it. I think the game would feel more constant and organic, if the story gave us more reason to do the side- and especially the factionquest. Like Eothas don't tell you where he go and you must more search him. Or there were more stones in the way to follow hin and only a faction could help. Or the good old "you need the seven crystals of power to open the gate to Ukaizo". Yeah you could go first the critical path until ashen maw, then doing some work for one faction, and going then to Ukaizo. That would be a way, that make storywise sense, but you would miss many sidequests and fun that way. I think deadfire is one of the better, maybe best, rpg's in the last years, but for true perfection for a BG like game, it lacks imo in clinging main- and sidequest together. I hope PoE3 will do this better. But overall tnx Obsidian for this game, it's only sad, that it's "only" near perfection.
  6. @Manveru123: Well, the players, who choose PotD may be the minority, but among them i think the majorit complain, that PotD was to easy. It seem's, that PotD was a catwalk for your arcane knight. And now it isn't. I can understand, that this frustrates you. Especially wheb it comes midgame and now you have the feeling, you can't beat the game anymore. I think there are some people, who have the problem. It would be nice from the devs, when you could change the difficultylevel. Maybe it is possible to programm it in that way, that you can't go back to PotD. Imo the balance changes are a good thing. I like various builds and like to try out. But i feel sometines punished from the gamemechanic, if i dont use certain items or abilities, because some were in comparsion to others quite weak. Ok, in my first playthrough it dosen't matter on veteran after some point, because even without any optimation i could win every fight without any trouble - except the fampyrs and their nasty dominion spells.
  7. I think you overestimated the possibilities of the gamemechanik. If you control only one char like in Streetfighter, witcher II, soulcalibur etc., then you can make great nonmagic special attacks, here its quite difficult. Some special attacks made it in PoE without magiceffects. For me, its not a big matter. I played DnD and Pathfinder pen and paper a lot and there it's similar and i like it. And i think the majority of the player like the unearthy specialattacks.
  8. Hmm, there was a ring with one or two extra spells for priests, but i do not use it. If u use a full party, i can't understand the complains about the priest. My wael priest did a good job. He was not the monsterslayer (except against vessels, i love that level 8 anti vessel spell), but thats not his job. He can weaken foes, heals and protects the party against affliction, and have some nice offensive spells. Even a good summon on later levels. I think especially for hard fights a priest is useful. I think for pure casters like the wizard and priest the loss of powerlevels and high trier spells is heavy.
  9. For more groupsupport and defenses i would go with a goldpact paladin. Fits well with the codex and i like the golden amor. For more offense a fighter or monk could word well. For better resourcemanagement the monk fits well, because fights lasts longer.
  10. Overall i like Deadfire muchs. On my first playthrough there were no game-breaking bugs and veteran was quite easy, but with patch 1.1 most of this issus should be solved. For me the sidequests and factions are the real winner. I enjoy them much. But i think i would feel more realistic, if you have to choose a faction far earlier. Its strange, that you could all faction quests except the last and nobody cares until the end. Tyranny made here a better job. The main story is interesting, but only short and average presented. I don't understand, why Eothas thinks his goals would be make the lives of kith better. In consequence the whole plant could die out, if gods and kith don't find a solution. My biggest dislike is, that the mainstory feels quite separared from the rest of the game. PoE1 did here a better job. But the new setting, better gamemechanics, many ways to solve quests, all the bit and little stories behind the quests and a little humor make a great game with some little flaws.
  11. Wow, a topic without "boohoo". From me a big tnx too, Obsidian! I enjoy deadfire much and i am optimistic, that you will solve the last problems about bugs and balance. I am looking forward the next patches and dlc/addons.
  12. Well a priest works quite well. Even without using sev. You have supress afflictions, Int Inspirations, Symbol of Wael and some spells against vessels. Normal Fampyrs can be killed with the level 8 Priestspell.
  13. Their caste system is on par with slavery if not worse. No, that's no fair. No Huana owns another and all castes are part of the tribe. The Huana tell you several times, that this systeme works well. The exception is Neketaka. There are to many people, less ressources and no personal bond between the members of the castes. In the slums the people tell you, that in the past in the small tribe systems the higher castes care about the lesser. Sure, the caste system is from our modern democratic point of view a bad system. But for the Huana it's works well for centuries and even the lesser castes could feel to be part of the society. It seems this system gets worse, as the white man.. ah well, the VTR and DRC came to the Deadfire.
  14. Maybe not more for deadfire, but for PoE3: some more feedback from the companions about quests would be nice. Like in Shadowrun: Hongkong, in the base you could ask the companions about about their opinion about the last run. At least for the mainquests this would be great for deadfire, and maybe comments about the way you solve the quest. Or that companions change their mind on factions. You can ask Aloth about his opinion about each faction. It woulb be nice, if his answers differs as we learn about the dark secrets of each faction.
  15. Use stealth, lure some away in a trap, use small corners, so you don't get surrounded, use bombs, drugs an potions. Maybe a custom adventurerer. The only fight i wasent able to win on the first island was against the looters. I come back with higher level and better equipment. And Tekehu and his icespells.
  16. Hmm... maybe belancing? Because people don't feel forced to use certain classes, abilitys or items (btw.feel punished if not using them)? I thinks most nerfs are good, because abilitys and items should enable different playstyles, wich work more or less equal good. But if you have 2-3 over powerd abilitys and items, then you have must-haves and only very few effective playstyles. Especially on veteran and PotD that is sad, because you have to be very effective.
  17. A complete civilisation was needed to create 11 gods. So no, i never expected to became a god. Thats forgotten realms stuff, where a single mortal can ascend to a god.
  18. Hmm.. never thought about, that a god could have more than one kind of godlike. It could be. But i don't think, that several gods share a special kind of godlike, if you think about, why the gods created them.
  19. Hmm.... it seems, that all of the 11 engwithans created godlike as a backupplan. Buuut... to wich god/ness belong the moongodlike? I thought it could be Ondra, because her connection to the moon, but Tekehu shows, that her godlike are fishy ones. The avian godlike belongs to Hylea (tnx Aeon for pointing my mistake) The fire to Magran, death to Berath (or/and Rymrgard and Gaun, as they stand for different aspecs of Death, tnx Heijoshin) nature to Galawan. But the moongodlike? Could there be 12 gods? But at the wheel there were only 11alcovens... Maybe the moongod was a protype and get destroyed as Indra smashed Abydins body?
  20. Well, i can't remember, the game tell's you, that the pact with Ngati and watershaping were made before the engwithans became gods. Even if the Huana tell so, it could be false. Maybe the Huana pray to Ngati before the engwithans and so the engwithans get the inspiration for Ondra?
  21. Well i think Osidian make a great job! I feel similar. Especially among the factionquest it's sometime hard to decide. I like it grey and realitic. It's politics. So you can't stay forever the good guy, because it would harm your people if u play fair and the others do not. I understand that for some gamers this to close to RL (aren't we playing, to free reality - well at least this may be one reason ^^), but i like it. The moral dilemma. I. e. the pirates: i like Furrante and his way of honorable thiefes more as Alys and her "hey we are pirates and could do whatever we want to". But Furrante gives u a task i can't do. And Tyranny: i don't think u can compare the games. In Tyranny you know from the beginning, that you are minion of the tyrannic Overlord. But even you follow the rebels (what may be the "good" way in tyranny) u must do some hard decisions, wich are not the shiny hero like. And the game design differ much. Tyranny focus mainlay on its mainquest, with little and short sidequests, Deadfire is the opposite. I like both games, but i think Tyranny wins for me, because i like the focus on mainstory. And the motivation for replay is much higher, i make 5 playthroughs ^^
  22. To craft spells would be a nice Feature, but i don't think, it will be made. But maybe a bonus spell per PL exclusively for the specialists? The Drawbacks are imo far greater than the benefits of a specialist wizard. Maybe the devs could get some inspirations from the pen and paper pathfinder game, how to make interesting wizard subclasses.
  23. Well don't forget, that inspirations cancel the equivalent affliction btw makes you immune against that affliction. So the litany priestspells are good counterspells now. Set the AI to Ally have affliction x to cast litany y. Sure the 1 level surpress affliction spell is still great, but you have only 2 per combat and must share it with the useful restauration spell. So imho litany are quite useful, especially againt paralysis and mindcontrol spells.
  24. Well honestly the poll miss "none of them" Can't understand the hype about Ydwin and Rekke. I think Fassina could be funny in her way to became an archmage and kicking her former master in the ass. A little extra scene in the Nemrok (or dhat name the imp had) quest would be nice. And Konstantin: how he could end in brothel? That could be an interesting story.
  25. Well, in the prolog in PoE1 the caravan leader tells you, that Adra once was growing (today it isn't) and that the vains reach to the heart of the world. It could be superstition, but who knows? Luminous Adra is only find in deadfire near the wheel. Could it be, that once all adra was luminous? In Port Male i found an ancient stone from the engwithans. Its tell about his people and the Huana were friends und they are working to make the incarnation more reliable. Still, much speculation. Created the gods not onlythe wheel but the inbetween too?
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