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  1. I am not sure that implant can ever be made. I just bought that from Oondar at Nar Shaada (the old quick save before talking to merchant trick until what you want pops up).
  2. It would be also faster if you attain LS or DS meter to about a quarter from mastery. Just be prepared for a fight :D I got mind made on Nar Shadaa without doing too many of the quests and without earning DS points.
  3. Well they not only made the AB progression of the Jedi all the same, it seems they made ALL the classes have the same progression. I mean I noticed Atton and Bao Dur progressed 1 AB per level. I don't get how they implemented the classes this time really. I was used to the features in KOTOR1. But for example, Mira as a scout only has light armor (no medium armor) and starts with critical strike (no flurry at all). Atton starts with medium armor proficiency. I also think playing on difficult is in the end easier as it seems the loot drops tend to be slightly better.
  4. I am not finding it as difficult a game as the first one so far. I set the gameplay to difficult and so far so good. Only died twice and nearing the end of the first location. I think the encounters with the rakghouls and Black Vulkars from KOTOR1 was much more difficult. Energy resistance is again proving a very useful power . I wish I chose Class skill: demolitions instead of repair. Could have used the extra xp from all the mines laying about LOL. Have had about two crashes but not anything that required a reboot. Only the game crashed and not the system.
  5. It supposedly makes force powers of opposite alignment slightly less expensive on force points. Not sure how exactly it works out as I just got my copy and just finishing up Peragus. I do notice in the Feedback window that IT DOES increase party members' chance to hit. I noticed that a character Attack Roll has an item stating Player Charisma Bonus.
  6. Have it. Just haven't installed it yet. Picked up approximately 3:45 pm Eastern time today.
  7. this is one of the reasons im tempted to actually pick it up right away. originally i had planned to see the reaction on here first and see what kind of bugs most people had before deciding to buy it. but the sale ends on the 10th and, as you said, $10 is $10. so my only options are a)buy it now in time for the sale or b)wait until it reaches the bargain bin, because i definitely dont want to pay full price for a game that ive already played on the xbox. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Futureshop has it in now. Have you picked your copy up yet Neverwinter? Just picked up mine but will probably be taking a crack at it later tonight .
  8. EBGames store here in North York, Ontario, Canada just got it in and selling for 49.99 Cdn. I would imagine the other branches got theirs in as well. Still waiting for the Futureshop store to stock it though since they have it on sale for 39.99 Cdn until Thursday (you can pre-order online from them). Not surprising they have the same deal as Best Buy since Best Buy owns Futureshop. Would have preferred to have a working copy to play with now but 10 dollars is 10 dollars :D . Just have to be patient.
  9. This actually works? From what i've read, a bug (?) within the game always uses the repair skill of the PC for the create item calculation, regardless of who is actually using the workbench. I mean, without that bug, it would render the Sentinel almost useless, besides maybe at the beginning on Peragus. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm, I could have sworn the problem was with the item BREAKDOWN part using the PCs repair skill and seems to affect only certain workbenches instead of all. Item CREATION used whichever character was using the workbench as was proper. At least, that was my understanding from reading the posts on the Tech Support forum.
  10. Flurry's description is outdated. There are no penalties at Master level if the Gamebanshee KOTOR2 site shots of the feat description is correct. The description for flurry used is from KOTOR1. They also did not state the change to Charisma in helping to cast the opposing alignment powers.
  11. Cool, thanks for identifying the proper triggers. No wonder it is not every level up. Still sounds ridiculously long to get all the training in considering unarmed specialist levels up approximately every 4 Jedi levels.
  12. How drastically does changing him to Jedi impact his skill point progression? I heard he had 7 skill points per level with his current class. Does this negatively impact the ease of creating some of the higher level upgrade items?
  13. With the reports that Force Armor line of powers being bugged (i.e. no defense bonus), I guess we can drop those out of the consideration LOL.
  14. Well it didn't seem like a one sided review at least. The reviewer and his wife generally pointed out the same things that i see being posted here by the current owners of the game. The ending, the technical glitches, and lack of real puzzles. In the reviewer's defense, he did point out the parts he enjoyed and DID NOT harp about the graphics LOL. Certainly, the review was not enough to discourage me from wanting to get the PC version when it comes out.
  15. Does it have to be a quick save just before the "killing stroke"? Or is it okay after the death and the item is randomly generated only when the party character actually opens up the "corpse"? Same with containers??
  16. I have been forming the impression from the posts that Nar Shadaa and Dantooine after Telos would be best since the NPCs that you would most like to have influence over are at those locations. With regards to Nar Shadaa, is there anyway to get there with PC slightly lightside to get one particular character then become dark side afterward. Is there an option to corrupt that NPC if you successfully recruit the character with a slightly LS character that chooses to go DS?
  17. I heard nah he can't. However, he isn't the only Mandalorian that could be in your party or so I heard.
  18. Hmm, what level would your PC typically be before HK47 can even become a useful party member? Guess T3M4 is getting the most mileage this time around. Has anyone who have the game used G0T0 much? Is it a good droid NPC?
  19. I think you got it right. I heard he only joins a female PC anyway while Handmaiden won't.
  20. Ben Huo?? Oh, you mean Bao Dur? Well, he can help you assemble your lightsaber. So that is the sooner you get parts the sooner you can use one with him in your party. Also, I read you can convince him to become a Jedi Guardian (although seems like a waste of his skills based class). How is his companion droid by the way? Is it useful?
  21. I think the magic number to start holding levels this time around is level 15 if you haven't gotten your prestige class yet. Just an opinion from reading the various posts
  22. 16 con for level 3 implants?? I would have hoped that 14 con would have been enough. Say level 1 implants start at con 12 then level 2 at 13 etc. Is it properly documented in the manual or the implant item description exactly what constitution are needed? Is that +3 con bonus for light side sentinels or for all light siders? In the PC of KOTOR1, that was the way it worked. Other classes got different bonuses depending on dark or light side mastery. Separate finesse feats for lightsaber and meelee? Yuck, guess only Guardian characters with best feat progression can afford to invest in both. Maybe Sentinel. Not sure about Consulars.
  23. Same here. Very eager to see the whole story unfold.
  24. Nice enthusiasm fellow. But do try to use punctuations next time, please .
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