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  1. Indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness. (i agree with the pain part in general, the pleasure part is the one i disagree with)
  2. my adoptive father is a person who is in my eyes very stoical. this is a trait and way of life that i respect and deplore at the same time. basically in some circumstances i think it incredibly suitable and in others not at all suitable. surely if i was my adoptive fathers son i would have inhereted a certain degree of stoicism but i am not and wear my heart on my sleeve, or enough that if a friend offends me it really eats away at me and i feel the need to share etc. i have met a situation which i feel calls for stoicism (im trying to be more stoical in general) and have got my dad to tell
  3. nah the best is still from kotor1, the time old and legendary MOOKA SHAKA PAHKA damned twilek
  4. trying to some up a religion in one paragraph is sheer arrogance
  5. as opposed to the anime fans that pleasure themselves over cartoons....
  6. like positive and negative matter? (sophistry; chief tool of the politician)
  7. if you take a different set of statistics, say a survey of the worlds best physicists, you will find that the majority believe in god....
  8. the labour majority (if taken percentage wise) is the least comfortable one on record dude
  9. i have become totally alienated from this forum, i do miss it occasionally like tonight so i decided id come on and post a thread, alas it was to no avail. iv had some interesting times on this forum tho so its just me being pathetic and sentimental, and now im rambling
  10. my science teacher has an iq of 162, which is pretty formidable. he believes in god. although he did spend like 18 months researching the bible to see if it was bull**** or not, and he came to the conclusion that it was more likely to be true than bs so thats just one more clever person who believes in god. personally i dont.
  11. look, dont go see doctor goa whatever you do otherwise its off to the asylum for you :D (i also think that your not in your right mind but im vindictive and had to do some sort of i told you so)
  12. one strikingly obvious corporate group comes to mind " lets just see what happens anway, im just trying to make conversation dude
  13. im not a one for polls to be honest and i know this topic has been much discussed but i dont recall a poll sooooooo: personally i would rather wait that extra year and get a game that really is something special. obviously this isnt the case for all games but there are quite few which would have benefited from more development time, to the extent that they were out and out classics.......
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