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  1. I thought the energy resistance from overlays and underlays overlap and don't complement each other? Can somebody confirm that they do complement each other? I can confirm that the dex bonuses flexible underlay for heavy armor and armorply overlay DO NOT stack. Whatever is higher wins.
  2. Well I managed to get Hk-47 after Nar Shaadaa with a full LS mastery consular/Jedi master. Losing that +6 bonus to wisdom at times hurts but so far not so bad. Just wondering what are the bonuses your character gets with HK?? Still have a few quests in Nar Shaada to complete that would give LS points plus some dialogue with T3 and Kreia that gives LS points. So far I gained influence these times with HK: -First conversation, stating not regretting the actions in the war. -Killing the Telosian in the apartments -Killing the Sullustan droid merchant in Dantooine -Using "Die mercenary scum" line in Dantooine -Answering that the next time stops the PC when ending the conversation dies. His background is now all LS but he still enjoys bloodshed LOL. How many more influece gains does one need to unlock the conversation for the stat bonuses "How he kills Jedi.." conversation. He answered the question about his previous master (no names but his Carth voice delivery was indeed hilarious). He also answered about the Mandalorian wars and his creation. Any idea how many more influence gains are needed? Probably need to kill the Mandalorian stuck in the ridge and use Force Persuade on that soldier in Onderon for two more influence gains. All other characters have turned Jedi and given whatever bonuses were available. Except G0T0 which I am not pursuing fully. As a sidetrack, going into conversation with G0T0 about activities to stabilize the republic and asking for credits to do so gains influence with him. Telling him to give money to the affected worlds but none for the PC LOSES influence with him. However, the DS hit asking for credits is a LOT (heck it was a larger hit to LS mastery than murdering the Telosian and the first conversation with HK!!). I guess I will pursue G0T0's background with a DS character instead.
  3. It seems that xp is rewarded only on doors opened, droids repaired and mines harvested by the PC?? I don't seem to see any xp showing in Feedback section whenever I have an NPC do the activities.
  4. Pretty random. The best one I managed to get was the Zeison Sha warrior armor and that was only after I used the Korriban Hsiss exploit to get to 40. Gerevick dropped it after being encountered in the Enclave sublevel. Not really as much fun to go around with this character afterwards since there were so many powers and feats that it didn't need (wanted to get Valor, battle meditation, armor line of powers up in anticipation of Force enlightenment). Still interesting to see laigreks doing up to 70 and higher damage when they hit LOL. On the other hand, my other character (guess I am a chronic restarter, haven't even finished Dxun and Onderon yet) managed to get a Jal Shey Advisor (not Mentor) armor on Goto's yacht.
  5. You can also get a Zeison Sha Warrior armor. Nice one too. And you can put an overlay on them as well. As pointed out, for a high dex character, robes are better. I usually forego dex though to go for strength. For a male PC that has gone thru the whole dialogue with handmaiden, robes would be advisable as they get to use their wis bonus to defense. Doesn't work with the Jal Shey and Zeison Sha armor. Not all robes will take underlays though. I think only the Jedi master, Dark Jedi master robes etc. Norris robes, Matukai apprentice robes, Jedi and padawan robes would not let me upgrade them.
  6. You keep the feats and they keep on coming. Don't expect to level much past 28 without milking every possible xp.
  7. In the Peragus dormitories, when you review the mine administrator's log where they are being gassed. Some of the characters fall down choking and some just act like they were being Force choked but would stay standing after a few seconds. Now shut off the gas vents before entering the dormitory and playing that hololog, the scene where they are being gassed shows a clear room with no gas coming in LOL. Also ALL the characters fell down dead. I was scratching my head at this one.
  8. It is nice that energy shields and mandalorian meelee shields are recharchable now. Assuming good repair skill and a character with decent security skill. energy shield breaks down into one component (even with 0 repair skill) and only TAKES one component to make with 1 security skill. Mandalorian meelee shields can be broken down into 3 components (assuming repair skill of 20) and crafted with a security skill of 5. In this fight, definitely go with the Mandalorian meelee shields (as you can only put up one or the other i.e. energy shield can't be up same time as meelee shield). You may also want to outfit your non-Jedi characters in armor with the ballistic shielding and underlays that give bonus against physical attacks.
  9. I like the concept of influence. Just that having DS aligned characters still staying goodie two shoes in their reactions to evil events can really ruin the experience LOL (still have yet to do so). Guess I am too much of a goodie two shoes myself.
  10. Only if you have a male PC and have enough influence with Handmaiden to train you. Why do I feel like the female PCs get gimped a lot LOL.
  11. Doesn't have to be the Ebon Hawk. Got my Sentinel to Weaponmaster at Goto's yacht and got Jedi master for my consular at Nar Shaada docks.
  12. the datapad is among the Mercenary corpses in the room where you meet the disciple. That triggers Vrook showing up in the caves.
  13. I had an easier time boosting my companions to mastery with a Jedi Master prestige class. Well can't say the same for the DS aligned NPCs LOL but the LS aligned were pushed all the way up. They had +3 stat stated above their portraits BUT IT IS NOT REFLECTED ON the stat sheet. I think people stated that it is reflected in the rolls though. Sigh.
  14. guardians get no advantage on BAB progression. All classes progress at same rate in this game. Sentinels are only one feat behind Guardian before the PC is eligible for the prestige class. Force jump depends on the distance of the enemies and you have to wait until you get your lightsaber. Lightsaber specialization is open to all classes once you choose a Prestige class (tip, don't bother getting weapon focus lightsaber, it is an automatically granted feat upon obtaining prestige class). What Guardians do get: free medium armor proficiency, and extra 2 vitality points per level (even going with a consular build of 14 to 18 constitution for the implants, I haven't encountered a point where the vitality points went dangerously low). All of this for less force points per level and less skill points per level. Any Jedi class can choose any of the Prestige classes anyway.
  15. I always like getting my part from Visas and Vogga's treasure after doing Telos since with the others, you can quick save and reload to get a lightsaber you WANT as a reward from the scavenger on Dantooine and Lootra from Nar Shaada. Also managed to luck out and get a silver crystal with a viridian double bladed saber from the scavenger on Dantooine.
  16. ALL THE PRESTIGE CLASSES can get LIGHTSABER SPECIALIZATION!!! Heck, my Consular turned Jedi Master had that option since they get Weapn focus lightsaber automatically when he went Prestige class. TIP: DON'T WASTE A FEAT GETTING WEAPON FOCUS: LIGHTSABER for any of the starting Jedi classes. Wasted FEAT!!
  17. It doesn't increase the critical range. It increases the damage done by a critical hit. So if a weapon say does *2 damage on a critical hit, *3 damage will be applied. With the high levels you get, even a consular can afford to develop more than one attack tree.
  18. Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing it either. However, the critical damage mutliplier is in so a critical hit during a power attack is pretty devastating.
  19. Are you sure you don't have it backwards? Str still determines to hit with sabers unless you take finesse. By just the name finesse implies dexterity. I didn't really miss dexterity for my characters so far. I focused on damage resistance (toughness, master force barrier, master energy resistance plus some shields). I very rarely had them use a ranged weapon. Of course that doesn't mean you can't make a blaster jedi (Mira is a good candidate).
  20. Not sure but you may be able to back track there with Atton and have him blow it open for you.
  21. I thought Nar Shaada was just right. Pretty easy to get a lightsaber assembled and you can pick up 2 NPCs there plus activate another on the Ebon Hawk.
  22. Yeah, she got the Precise Shot for free while Scout. I turned her over to Jedi after Scout level 13 (to get the latest Targetting or Precise shot feat). If I am not mistaken she had Precise Shot 3 by the time I switched her over (in addition to the Targetting feats).
  23. Too bad Mira is gypped for her stats. Still she is pretty powerful. Decided to make her a blaster jedi. She was definitely the one to send into the Korriban shyrack caves with all its narrow tunnels. I just left the PC and the other character by the entrance. Let Mira cast Master Speed and Used Master Rapid shot with two upgraded Watchman Blasters on the creatures inside. Very few of the tukatas and shyracks reached her position before they were mowed down.
  24. thats really annoying for me because he always gives me red. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Step 1) Save game. Step 2) Talk to Jorran. Step 3) Be dissapointed at the crystal he gives. Reload while cursing the random loot generator. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Are you sure this works? I seem to remember that the randomizer only happens ONCE -- at the very first time you load into the area. Meaning that, you have to go to a saved game that's before you entered the area. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well the items in CONTAINERS in an area is set upon entering. HOWEVER, QUEST REWARDS AND SHOPS are not set until you talk to the NPC involved. For example, if you already have a lightsaber, you can keep trying to get a specific lightsaber from Lootra as a reward. I kept reloading for the reward until I got a double bladed lightsaber from him. As well, the diseased person at the Refugee quad gives a random crystal. I kept reloading until I got a crystal that gave +1 attack and +2 wisdom. The mother of Adanna is also another good one to try. I got an Eralam crystal off her.
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