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  1. Mira pump up her constitution to 16. Outfit her with the advanced combat implant and the multispectral target assessor and mandalorian disintegrators/zabrak heavy blasters/micro pulse blasters. Rapid shot with Master speed. If you wait for a few more levels of scout for free Precise shot and Targetting feats, it is gravy. However level 13 is not bad to switch. Nice thing about the implant and the assessor is that they pump her AB to ridiculous levels compared to just raising her dexterity (which items can give anyway). Also the fact that the attack bonuses transfer over to meelee weapons
  2. For consulars, dual wielding is still good especially if you get enough stat enhancing crystals (w00t) For weapon masters, doublebladed saber is better for the higher damage potential. Can easily top 200 with the right enhancements, master power attack and shien form. So critical range is less than single saber but the fact that damage for main hand applies 1.5 strength modifier instead of 1 strength modifier (for regular lightsaber) more than makes up for it.
  3. Well those baubles might as well see some use LOL :D
  4. Well in Malachor V, stasis field was very useful against the Storm beasts and the enemy Siths but that was with a 30 wisdom and 18 charisma level 43 weaponmaster (not having the circlet of saresh and other boosting items does make a difference). So I wouldn't say that these powers are useless.
  5. You can successfully get the Exchange thugs (at the entrace to the Refugee sector) to attack your party by sending one of your NPCs ahead to trigger the conversation. I had a non-levelled Handmaiden in front and the party failed to Intimidate them. This despite having a 14 persuade (with items) for the PC. Doing it this way DOES NOT get a DS point. And paves the way for Lootra's wife to go thru safely.
  6. The only thing nice about higher levels is that the loot gets better. If the loot wasn't so darned elusive then maybe exploiting the xp loopholes would not be so enticing. I really think the random loot generator needs an overhaul. You are better off with the recovering mines for xp trick so you can control the levels you want. Otherwise, when in Korriban, as the xp exploit is one time only, the player usually feels the need to level up the character as high as possible. I missed the spawning monsters in Tattooine from Kotor1 . I didn't feel the force powers were any less effective thou
  7. I know you can lose influence with HK during the first conversation. I can also verify that in the PC version, helping out the Sullustan droid merchant in Dantooine also loses influence (supposedly it gains influence in Xbox). Don't know of any other opportunity. Maybe in the Onderon cantina, if you command HK not to kill innocents will lose influence the same as Visas. Much easier to gain influence with him thru some DS acts and making up the LS points thru other opportunities (these are readily available anyway if this is not your first play thru).
  8. Are the extra dialogue options that appear when you lose influence the same as when you gain? Will it allow a DS character to fully repair T3 by being mean all the time to get that +1 wisdom boost and experience rewards?
  9. Well the Guardian way of disarming poison mines is pretty good if one casts Knight Valor before going over them . That was the best way to go through the Korriban gas floors and the ones on Malachor.
  10. I think the 16 intelligence is only needed to open up a conversation option to find out how T3 ended up with the Exile and a chance for a holo cameo of a KOTOR1 NPC. Force Valor can also open up that option if the PC has an intelligence of 14 to begin with.
  11. You don't keep the loot if you finish the prologue (i.e. fix the hyperdrive). Just go to the ****pit and SKIP the prologue when you have the stuff you want. I usually just take the opportunity to get some parts, spikes and an average mine. Huh, didn't realize they censor the proper term for the piloting area (guess it could mean an obscenity if improperly used LOL).
  12. Yeah you can temporarily lower the difficulty setting to use the Deadly Sonic mines (stupid really, might as well do the prologue and skip it before fixing the hyperdrive just to get some average mines from the roof of the Ebon Hawk).
  13. She did use Plague and one other which was saved against. Master speed and master power attack with the anti Jedi lightsaber form made quick work of her.
  14. Yeah funny bit that. And my LSF Sentinel/Weaponmaster never bothered to get any influence with. So influence does not factor into Pacifist package installation. Still bonus of wisdom and awareness seems kind of useless to HK. All the PC gets out of it is a bunch of xp.
  15. I used to feel this way as well, until I started investing in it and discovered it can also destroy some mines. Since I don't use mines in the game, I didn't care about not being able to retrieve them, and being able to set them off all at once from a safe distance is invaluable at times. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There goes quite a bit of experience points. You would be amazed how much xp they reward characters for recovering mines as well as the amount of components you can obtain from them.
  16. I would say Destroy Droid. Sure there are a lot of droids at times. But Force Storm is devastating and cheap to use for a high cha and wis LS character.
  17. Wrong, T3 gives +1 wisdom bonus IF you have enough influence and the proper skills. At the same time, you get the wisdom bonus, T3 gains the moving meditation technique with the exile which recharges force points for the exile instantly and heals T3 instantly as well (after battles).
  18. Force Valor gets 14 intelligence to 16 for dialogue purposes.
  19. I guess you need to complete the whole Dantooine mission.
  20. Yeah, I used Force Body and Force Drain at first to conserve force points. Found Force Body superflous though once you get to level 32 onwards as there are just too much force points. Still not as much fun though as I wound up with a character with too many force powers I don't seem to use much and feats that are not needed. Should have stopped at 30. But the loot drops at level 40 have been pretty good (GNS strength enhancer, Tech specialist belt, circlet of Saresh, Jal Shey mentor belt, Zeison Sha warrior armor) even with enemies that have ridiculously high saves and defense (can't be
  21. Yeah I am interested in knowing too. To see whether murdering innocents is something my LS Jedi master ought to be doing to further influence with HK LOL.
  22. Yeah, except there are no cash problems and I am more interested in the stat bonuses you can get from HK :D . If all you get from goto is some xp, cash and backstory then it can wait until a DS character runs through and ought to offset the LS influence actions with the other NPCs LOL.
  23. Yeah considering my PC only had 10 or 8 dexterity, the Zeison Sha armors are the best since the build focused on strength. Also overlay choices tend to be either ballistic shielding or energy shielding (usually ballistic since energy shields and energy resistance are usually enough). For a meelee build, they are better since you can have strength underlay as well (which robes don't accept). Of course a male PC with a high wisdom would be better off with robes since these armors don't allow wisdom bonus to AC. But for low dex meelee female builds, then the Zeison Sha Warrior armor is the
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