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  1. Well LS female players could redeem Bastila on the Star Forge too you know. Just have to follow the right conversation path without the option for romance related dialogue.
  2. Nearly done with the game? Wow, you must have been playing a marathon session LOL. So Mira and the Wookie are mutually exclusive, which other party members are mutually exclusive? And can you only train one of the NPCs to become Jedi in a game or anyone of them could be converted?
  3. Guess it won't be so bad. Just need time to get around the new rules implemented. Will probably become a dex hount now though LOL.
  4. Hmm, I don't think it was implemented that way in KOTOR1. I don't know if I agree with that though. I mean yeah you maybe less accurate with your offhand but the strength is applied from the whole upper body with a successful blow. This makes strength less appealing now compared to dexterity especially with the weapon finesse feat (to allow the dexterity bonus to apply to meelee and lightsabers). Wonder if the finesse feat applies to certain classes of meelee weapons only. Like vibroblades but not vibroswords and axes?? The reason I went for strength before is because meelee weapons always used strength and the first game had only meelee weapons available to your PC. I think the penalty to hit was enough without lessening the bonus damage. P.S. I got that info from the excert of the Prima strategy guide you can download from kotor2.com
  5. That is neat. Just wonder what PC gender and alignment leaning will allow us to obtain that result? Visas Marr is already a Jedi sentinel so I think we can discount her as being the apprentice. I think Handmaiden or Disciple are the possible apprentices. Could be wrong though
  6. uhh setinals arent meant for scoundral's their meant for scouts! :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just going by the downloadable pdf with excerpt from the Prima strategy guide. The Sith Assasin and Jedi Watchman both get sneak attacks as level dependent feats. Jedi Watchman only get up to sneak attack 7 though while the Assasin can go up to sneak attack 10. Both these two prestige classes also get Force Camouflage (like Juhani in KOTOR1) so they can stealth without need of a stealth field generator. I know that in Kotor1 that stealth was not a class skill for the sentinel. Hope they are otherwise, if they become class skill of the prestige class, that means saving skill points again until the big decision :D .
  7. Hope Sentinels get stealth as a class skill . The fact that their corresponding prestige class (not that you have to pick them) have sneak attacks as level dependent feat sounds great.
  8. Well just checked out the Gameplay Footage 12 at Gamespot. G0T0 is a fully independent droid NPC (big round floating ball). Not sure if he evolves from Bao Dur's companion to a full fledged entity or a different droid altogether. It even has dialogue!! So who are the NPCs now? Kreia Visas Marr Mandalore Bao Dur Echani Handmaiden Disciple HK47 T3M4 G0T0 Atton Rand Mira the Wookie?? question now? As per the downloadable pdf file from the kotor2.com site that contains a portion of the Prima guide, they give the impression that Visas has to be in your party and the PC should have attained 15th level before being able to select a prestige class. Does this mean only Disciple and Handmaiden can't be in the same party together?? Still, we have 12 characters up there and we can only ever have a maximum of 10. so what gives? If Visas has to be in for prestige class to be an option, it would indicate players who don't take her get shafted. Unless they mean that Visas could leave your party after the PC selects a prestige class and you can go pick up the alternate party members??
  9. Hmm, just checked out footage 12. Looks like G0T0 is a separate NPC?? I thought it was just that small ball droid floating around Bao Dur. Looks like it is an NPC in itself and fully controllable. The party only had the PC, Mandalore and G0T0 it seems.
  10. For DS, Force Crush looks cool. Battle meditation sounds good to try too. From the old powers, looks like for LS, destroy droid line of powers will be most useful in the beginning. Throw saber will not be useful since the PC gets his/her saber only after several planets.
  11. Yes, I am getting it as soon as it is released. Gotta play it before married life catches up with me :D .
  12. I don't mind reading spoiler posts. I will do my best not to disseminate it though :D . Anyway February is not that far off. Only two additional months after the xbox release. I think I will try playing KOTOR again but this time trying out the different mods from Holowan labs and others that are posted at pcgamemods.com. I want to try using Bastila on Korriban, using any members on the Leviathan, some tougher enemies, the alternate female DS romance ending etc.
  13. I think it is a little too late to suggest anything at this point considering the devs already handed in the finished game to LA. Game is coming out in two weeks. I don't think they will change the character creation process in the PC version to be radically different from the xbox.
  14. Huh? I did say that as far as Stasis goes, Sentinels do have an advantage. It is just that very few enemies used Stasis. Most Dark jedi use Fear, drain life, choke (only thing that blocks it is force immunity/resistance as even a successful save does damage) and Plague in KOTOR1. I can remember the Sith governor in Taris using it a lot (which is why from the point I discovered I didn't really need the grenades on most other opponents, I used them exclusively there. Adhesive first then plasmas and frags) and one Dark jedi that spawned on the Star Forge. Drain Life, Choke/Kill and Plague are not powers that Sentinels are immune to. DS sentinels could get immunity to Plague upon achieving DS mastery. Otherwise, stuns and fear are easily negated with nerve resistance belt, special armor, stabilizer masks and implants. Of course, Bastila's immunity doesn't kick in during cut scenes LOL (remember the Leviathan). And she sure got Choked a fair bit during the course of the game. And why did you harp on about Mace Windu again ???
  15. Hope we can get further information and confirmation of their effectiveness in playtesting
  16. Well at least I hope they have decent headgear now. I mean I was kind of wondering why the Sith mask needed heavy armor proficiency. None of my Jedis in the party could wear it sometimes without investing a feat (unless you started with a soldier class). The headgear needs armor proficiency but DON'T count as armor when it comes to armor restricted force powers made no sense whatsoever to me. Also sentinel saves aren't the same progression as the scouts. Their save is the same as the Guardian (if the manual is correct) but Guardians arrive at their max save earlier 12/12/9 fort/ref/will.
  17. And hopefully not a script that would cause your character to use an inferior version of a feat/force power or queueing up Master Valor/Plague endlessly like in KOTOR1 .
  18. I hated using all Jedi party in the star forge, too much micro management to make sure no one runs off to get killed. The best time I had was with a Scoundrel7/Guardian with 30 strength (30 defense) with duelling and maxed critical strike supplemented by Jolee with Stasis Field (since immunity to mind effects doesn't stop it), Horror and Lightning and Mission (sneak attacks with Baragwin ion-x rifle from afar and grenades when needed) with 34 dexterity (very few Dark Jedi deflecting her attacks). Of course, I went in there loaded for bear with hyperstims and all the Verpine shields. I only had to manage my PC as frontliner to make sure she stayed with Master speed and stunning as many as she could and queue Jolee's force powers up a bit at the back. I liked Mission a lot and varied her in my run throughs with dual pistols, double bladed weapons (not the best setup), master duelling and flurry (best), and rifle (nearly equal to best).
  19. Actually vitality points are NOT the same for all Jedi classes. Guardians get 10/level + con bonuses (like Solders), Sentinels got 8 + bonuses and Consulars 6 + bonuses. And actually immunity to mind effects does not grant immunity to Stasis/Paralysis. Try it on the Sith female upon entering the Sith base in Manaan thru the Embassy doors. Insanity has no effect on her (due to her nerve resistance implant) but Stasis works just fine. As well the Dark Jedi Master in the Temple at the Unknown world was probably a Sentinel since he was Immune to Paralysis when Jolee cast Stasis field (checked feedback window) and Horror.
  20. Seems the PC classes might be getting some armor feats for free (if we are to believe some of the screenshots)? Is this because he/she is supposedly a veteran of the Mandalorian wars? Seems kind of wierd to me that the Jedis don't have any armor proficiency whatsoever (which really limited their headgear choices in KOTOR). I mean u need an armor proficiency to wear a gas mask (AND YET the game engine does not count them as armor when it comes to armor restricted force powers??? Even the Sith mask which required heavy armor proficiency. What gives?). We also saw the PC jumping around with something that looked like the Republic Mod armor in some shots. On the other hand the unarmed feat seems kind of intriguing. Since the recent screenshots showed a Guardian PC Vernita Green (Kill Bill I guess), those feats are free with the Guardians I would suspect. Wonder what the other classes get. I suppose the Jedi NPCs won't be getting the same benefits?
  21. Plague works wonders (even a LS guardian will feel it a useful power). Force breach is best to get rid of his batteries and his Force Immunity. He becomes weak as a kitten if you let Plague work on him for a bit. Just remember to outfit an immunity to mind effects or be a sentinel when going against him to prevent stun.
  22. Will probably opt for DS male guardian then Sith Marauder just to check out Visas Marr (w00t) . Either that or a concurrent game with a LS male or female (haven't decided yet) consular turn to Jedi master.
  23. Yeah I only took Dominate mind my FIRST play through. I never took them afterwards. heck even Persuade I only target up to 10 ranks at most.
  24. Yeah, even gaffi sticks. Sand people must encounter Jedi a lot LOL. Hope the customization of the lightsaber in this game (crystals and other components) gives some nice combinations.
  25. Does learning the forms require feat slots or as intimated by kone, your Jedi class will automatically grant you access to certain forms? Does this also mean Guardians could learn the Force forms of Consulars if they invest a feat in it?
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