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  1. I'll admit guys, when this game first came out, i didnt expect you to be able to do it. But then again, i also didnt forsee you spending well over a year on the project. Seriously, top-form stuff, i hope it all works out wonderfully for you guys!
  2. Woah, slow it down and type properly, i think you want people to post and vote, but i could be mistaken
  3. That books made an error in their depiction of Miraluka's anyway... they have skin over their eye sockets, not blistered bloody gapes >.>
  4. Per example, Revan was a Deralian in his re-programmed life
  5. BattleWookiee... when did he become a mod btw? 0.o
  6. In the novelisations it is said that Vader was not powerful enough to defeat Sidious in his state, that is why he wanted Luke to join the Dark Side... then together they could rule the galaxy as father & son. At least thats how its told
  7. He was born on Naboo, & at some stage was trained by the Dark Lord Plaguis... Other than being trained by him, he also learnt alot of Sith Holocrons. More than that there isn't any history =/
  8. But in comparison many more units of HalfLife2 were sold than KotOR on both PC & X-Box combined so lets not go comparing apples & oranges
  9. Hahaha... Regardless i was just watching the film again on my PC examing the fight sequence between Sidious & Mace Windu. When Sidious is on the floor beginning for his life, whilst Mace is talking & Anakin is argueing then Sidous grins for a split second & shifts his eyes to dart back between the two. This to me is conclusive that Sidious had no fear at all & therefore must of orchestrated such a situation.
  10. I think although he had many great lines, my favourite thing that he does is gasp "Yeah" when Obi Wan kills 2 Super Battle Droids whilst Anakin is fighting Dooku
  11. Mini-Gun for the win? 60 rounds per second
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