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  1. I'll admit guys, when this game first came out, i didnt expect you to be able to do it. But then again, i also didnt forsee you spending well over a year on the project. Seriously, top-form stuff, i hope it all works out wonderfully for you guys!
  2. Woah, slow it down and type properly, i think you want people to post and vote, but i could be mistaken
  3. That books made an error in their depiction of Miraluka's anyway... they have skin over their eye sockets, not blistered bloody gapes >.>
  4. Per example, Revan was a Deralian in his re-programmed life
  5. BattleWookiee... when did he become a mod btw? 0.o
  6. In the novelisations it is said that Vader was not powerful enough to defeat Sidious in his state, that is why he wanted Luke to join the Dark Side... then together they could rule the galaxy as father & son. At least thats how its told
  7. He was born on Naboo, & at some stage was trained by the Dark Lord Plaguis... Other than being trained by him, he also learnt alot of Sith Holocrons. More than that there isn't any history =/
  8. But in comparison many more units of HalfLife2 were sold than KotOR on both PC & X-Box combined so lets not go comparing apples & oranges
  9. Hahaha... Regardless i was just watching the film again on my PC examing the fight sequence between Sidious & Mace Windu. When Sidious is on the floor beginning for his life, whilst Mace is talking & Anakin is argueing then Sidous grins for a split second & shifts his eyes to dart back between the two. This to me is conclusive that Sidious had no fear at all & therefore must of orchestrated such a situation.
  10. I think although he had many great lines, my favourite thing that he does is gasp "Yeah" when Obi Wan kills 2 Super Battle Droids whilst Anakin is fighting Dooku
  11. Mini-Gun for the win? 60 rounds per second
  12. Cant remember the exact quote but just musing it went something like: Carth: Well we have to tell them. Do you want me too? RGH: Erm... no thanks Carth. I think i would rather tell them myself. Besides by the time you'd of finished they would think me to be some kind of cross between Josef Stalin & the AntiChrist
  13. I do not know if this has been stated but things can easily travel at the speed of light in space... even man made objects... without crumbling. It is the acceleration which would destroy the object... If there was some way to slowly accelerate to 3x10( (think solar sail technology) then its completely plausible
  14. Theres no need for that i think. What i think is going to happen, as the Exiles power was tied to Malachor V, then when he destroy's it (or the remote/G0T0), then he loses his connection to the force again, he is still deafened. That would tie off the exiles story and leave Revan open again. But i am also sceptical that my own idea will happen as that would mean the events of the last game were practically pointless?
  15. Don't missunderstand, the last thing I'm doing is complaining its too easy, I personally thought it was ok, but he asked how people thought it was easy, so I told him. :cool: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then ignore my post. I admit that there is no time in the game if you play it right that you should die. But this is an CRPG, your generally not meant to die
  16. It always amuses me that people that complain its too easy are always the ones that spam force lightning... you invested in the skill knowing how powerful it was, you deal with it :D
  17. Hahaha all im gonna do is this: *Flame*
  18. You would really be suprised how much them feat's help, i suggest using Power Attack as that has no negating (to hit) effects. Perhaps swap to a single but stronger blade till your skill level can accurately reflect your skill in duel weilding?
  19. Yes yes it is, you should try it 2 / too In all fairness the PC is generally late twenties earlier thirties so i wouldnt expect too much rot... And you cant compare a 30 year old to a 130 year old (im assuming this was palpatines age due to the fact he is around 150-160 in the original trilogy)... im sure half them wrinkles were meant to be there anyway =P
  20. Hahaha, but seriously just no... Let me explain: "1.KOTOR3 will probably be realesed later this year, maybe as a Xbox 360 launch game." - The project ahs been scrapped, and they cannot make a game like K3 in half a year, its not possible. It also wont be a launch game for the X-Box 360, garunteed; theres no point discussing that as even a possiblity... no really... "2.Rumour has it there will a PS2 or PS3 version of the game." - Rumours are good; "apparently" there will be a PS2 version of K1 and K2 but thats just speculation and im sceptical of that. Thus theres not really anything to go by... "3. An anonymous LucasArts executive has reportedly said the game will NOT star Revan or Exile, but a new main PC. But he might be lying, like when Shiguru Myamato (creator of Mario and Zelda) said the new Zelda will star a cartoon Link." - Anonymous sources are not the best for information, i could stage myself as a LucasArts employee if i really felt the desire, you could too! :D But as an opinion (oh we all love these things), K3 will revolve around a new character, but follow the destiny of Revan and the Exile... Fin :ph34r:
  21. Haha and there was me thinking it was important.... Joking, i personally think your right, a much better game engine would be required but if we could get facial expressions similar to that of HL2 then i would be more than happy... *knows its immpossible* *is disappointed by that*
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