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  1. SS is a joke. Quotes from a supposed interview he says he conducted with Lucas: George Lucas:The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are major disappointments. I let the fans down by not directing those films myself. I really regret allowing Kersh and Richard to direct those films. George Lucas: Thanks for being such a fantastic fan. I
  2. Australian news reports now saying UNCONFIRMED 50 dead,hundreds injured. My condolences, sympathy and best wishes to all affected by this event, regardless of nationality or beliefs.
  3. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=27064 http://tubertarian.com/kotor2missingcontent.php
  4. I can't take credit for it. It was written by Helena L. a 21 year old British student. Here's a link to some of her other stories. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/592750/
  5. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1980542/1/
  6. I found this bit worth a chuckle Inside the Ebon HawkCANDEROUS walks up to the others, whistling nonchalantly. CANDEROUS: So, you find your Star Map yet? RGN: Not yet... but it won't be long now. Where's Sasha? CANDEROUS: I sold her to one of the local spice smugglers as a drug mule. (Seeing RGN's face) Just kidding. She ain't so bad, really... A blaster-wielding SASHA tears through the room, pursuing a couple of terrified gizka. SASHA (subtitled): Diediediediedie! CANDEROUS: (Smirks) Oh yeah, we dealt with your little gizka problem.
  7. Not a joke as such, but has anyone seen this parody of Kotor 1? I thought it very good http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1980542/1/
  8. The game does need another patch. It is not good enough. And, they most certainly do need our money. Our $50 (the thing that pays the OE employees) is needed. They haven't won this round. We owe them nothing on these boards. Nothing " :D
  9. It's working. The console just isn't visible on screen.
  10. I bought BG2 when it was first released but never got round to playing it :"> so having just found the box at the bottom of my wardrobe I've loaded it up and am now playing it for the first time. Apart from that R:TW, FO2, Silent Hunter III and Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon.
  11. If you go here it's the LA announcement on their forum. At the bottom of the page you will the the bit about movie and sound patch. http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?th...=38919&tstart=0
  12. The original post is actually a cut and paste of two posts from the LA forums
  13. Link? URL? You seem to be the only poster around here giving Obsidian/Lucas Arts the benefit of the doubt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> link - http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...pic=32918&st=15
  14. This is the requirements for the senior engine programmer Requirements:
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