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  1. you know something, there is a topic at the botom that says 'kotor 2 patch released' it has a subnote that says 'issues, suggestions and feedback' why dont you use that one!
  2. ouch! 10 points to the 6 Foot Invisible Rabbit! i think he realises that we been through all this before, so noone start!!!
  3. this happened to me pre patch all the time, now its ot problem
  4. lol, thats the funniest thing i ever seen, cant say i had that problem since i patched, but i'd prob love it if i did have it
  5. dont foget the deciple, and im not sure about hanharr
  6. you know, with the dev replies im beginning to think it was a good idea makin this, but from the way one of them was written i think we pissed them off a bit. but i do agree with people that we should be kept in the loop about things like why its held up, and a vague idea when it will be out i think it was a bit harsh sayin that they are in dire need of a p.r.o, they do the best they can with what they have, and im sure that they have one, but i dont think that the forum is a priority at the moment if we could have someone tell us the latest on it once a week maybe then that mig
  7. unexpected as in they havent a clue what they are doing, and they certainly dont value their customers, i think people have the right idea when they sau they're trading in their copies, my local gamestation is takin about
  8. Hi all, We know that everyone has been waiting for some word on when and how we would address some of the issues with the PC version of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. As of Tuesday we have a "patch candidate" in QA for verification. It will take several days to test and verify all the fixes, and to make sure that the patch plays nice with all system configs etc. We hope to release the patch very shortly - check back here for any updates. We're not providing a date for fear that we find another issue that needs to be addressed, and the patch would need to be p
  9. i think Xaeryth will be a bit fracked if the patch is released now dont you think? i say they remove the soon, we've waited too long, and tempers are only going to fray if we dont get something soon, even if its just a dev sayin whats happenin
  10. does anyone else have problems reading posts by Joncrow? but from the jist of it im staring to get pretty fracked off with la and obsidian, soon normally means a week or two, not a month, and certainly not 10 pull the finger out and get it released
  11. h you. But the suggested edit to the swkotor2.ini file seems to have helped...what a buggy, but excellent game! I've come across a lot of irate psots, so those of you who've no problems, if you haven't finished the game, just get ready for the bugs! er... what edit?
  12. im in, like i said in another post, i cant play for more than 30 minutes without it crashing
  13. this game caused me pain in that it cant play for 30 minutes without crashing or whatever, its givin me a headache, i admit that im slightly impatient about the patch but im prepared to wait for it if it does fix everything, and if it doesnt then i will kick up a stink
  14. People calm down! i've been watching this forum for a while now and i am sick of all the new threads opened up about this damn patch! there may be many problems with Kotor 2: TSL, but there is one MAJOR problem, Lucasarts, like we have been told they have the patch now and are 'testing' it to make sure that it comes to scratch, personally i think that should have been done before the game was released because i have had enough of it, i cant play for more than 30 minutes without some bug getting in the way of gameplay, therefore i have removed it from my system untill we get a patch,
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