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  1. this started for me after the patch. my npc's would go max ds points from max ls points after my main gained a level or ls points and it only reset after i zoned to a new area or reload the game. pre patch this was not an issue.
  2. pre patch i had the game for a week and played all the way through without an issue. im playing on a rather nice laptop. after the patch i have the following two annoying as all get out bugs: 1) everytime i gain a level or receive any LS points, all party members except me get dropped to the max darkside points and stay that way until i zone to a new area or reload the game. extremely annoying. 2) my avatar has gone invisible, being just eyeballs, teeth, visor and weapons!! number 2 is funny and all...but cmon!!!
  3. the 'new republic' was founded after return of the jedi. it was always the old republic up until palpatine dissolved the senate in episode IV. shame on you for not knowing your star wars! i would love to see a knights of the new republic that takes place after the jedi academy is founded on yavin. would LOVE to see corran horn make a cameo.
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