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    Music - Trance, Games - RPGs, Hobbies - development of game engine and making music. Hope this is enough for you :)
  1. Hahahaha Achilles, didnt you read this topic at all?! I POSTED MANY TIMES WHAT I'VE DONE and Im not whining I repeat special for you and other guys that didnt get it: I trained Atton I trained Handmaiden I trained Mira I DIDNT TALK TO VISAS ***AT ALL*** I TALKED ***ONLY*** TO HANDMAIDEN! And Im sure its not "user bug" with her as you say. For example in dialog with her there is "I want to talk about Atris" text. If I try to talk about Atris JUST RIGHT AFTER HM got on my ship then she talks about her. And here is a bug: When I *GAIN* (GAIN!) Influence with HM she dont want to talk about Atris at all and the game states: not enough influence. So tell me - is this a user bug?
  2. NOTHING WORKS!!! This game got lots of bugs! See what happens when BioWare give away their engine into hands of some lamers...
  3. Made jedis out all of them. But STILL I DIDNT GET THAT ENDING!!! Oh this game got so many bugs, Im getting sick of
  4. Offtopic continues... Back to ontopic. Again. It seems you didnt understand. I spent all the time with Handmaiden, didnt talk to Visas, Mira etc etc. Took HM on every quest etc etc And nothing works in the end
  5. Ok guys, thanx for so much off-topic... But let's get back to on-topic: Even if I DIDNT talk to Visas during all game and talk to Handmaiden all the time and talk in a GOOD way NOTHING works in the end. Will try the thing with Mira
  6. Yeah you released patch, but it fixed bugs I never had. The problem is the game got big storyline bugs 1. YOU CANT MAKE A JEDI OUT OF MIRA (i'll show you how to be a jedi - just dont act like tourist bla bla bla and then its goodbye - goodbye) and thats why 2. YOU CANT HAVE ONE OF THE ENDINGS (according to dialog.tlk there is another ending where you make 4 jedi's out of your team, they come to old witch on malachor and she calls them children w/ lightsabers...) 3. BUGS IN HANDMAIDENS INFLUENCE a) Why I can talk about Atris just after HM arrive on my ship and cant talk later if I didnt talk before?! b) I literally walked on knees before HM :D but in the end there's no LOVE ending with her but I know it exists there!!! Fix that, Best regardz, Sunchaser
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