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  1. mmmm KOTOR 2 getting closer to my doorstep *drools*
  2. Really i though that was Sith Lords were all about On a more serious note Sith Lords specialise in aspects of the force that makes others do what they want, they are clever as well. When playing Revan i felt too much of thugish bullyboy and the only times the dark side felt right was on Kassyyk where you "persuade" that guy to kill the shop owner, on manaan where you force choke the sith in the republic embassy and on the star forge systems planet where you once again "persuade" Zaalbar to kill Mission Vao.
  3. -6? Rebel Alliance formed Galactic Civil War begins 0 The Battle of Yavin +3 The Battle of Hoth +4 The Battle of Endor Death of Palpatine and Darth Vader Galactic Civil War ends +10 The resurrected Emperor leads the Empire Luke Skywalker turns to the dark side +11 Death of Exar Kun U have to be kidding mate, Exar Kun was around with the first of the Sith Lords including Marka Ragnos. He died years before even the Galactic Republic. Palpatine gets resurrected!?! i dont remember that ever happening. And for that matter Luke Sky'Walker never goes over to the darkside EVER. That is the difference between him and his father, he was the one that could resist temptation. Other than them above and a few more dates u got it spot on. Jad'en
  4. You are confusing Sith, The Galactic Empire, and Dark Jedi Gizka... Anakin was a Dark Jedi as he was a lord in the Galactic Empire (Not a sith empire) Count Dooku/Lord Tyranus = Dark Jedi (Apprentice to Darth Sideous) Revan = I loved my Revan and im sure everyone also loved their own character...either good sith or good jedi. <_< Ajunta Pall = Pure 100% freshly squeezed Sith Juice. Btw for all those who dont know Darth is a title for a Dark Jedi and Sith Lord or other titles are for the sith...do not confuse the two. The best Sith ever was indeed Exar Kun though, "Thanks to you Exar Kun the Sith will never die" quote Marka Ragnos
  5. You say Darth Mauls name in such contempt... He matched both a master jedi and a knight who was ready for the master trials. His performance with a saber was exact in every movement and you say his name like he was a push over... His downfall wasnt because a lack in his skill... He died because he was so arrogant he allowed obi wan to stay alive for his amusement and was caught offguard.
  6. Couldnt stand the light side jedi robes. They were nothing like what jedi normally wore and were practically hideous lol. They didnt make you feel like a proper jedi at all :ph34r: Dark jedi robes were good purely because black is just a great colour and matches pretty much anything. Even when i was a lightside jedi i still wore the darkside robes because they were the only things that remotly looked similar to that of which a jedi may wear
  7. You may not be able to see her but she is too valuable to continuity to leave out. The message in the droid is very popular in the SW legacy, T3 will have all the info of the old characters and maybe a video but it will be more like just a couple of dialogue options tleling you what happened to them all. Whatever happens she wont be a main character! :D
  8. My fault for being ambiguous. I didnt think that lightsabers should have different animations from ordinary swords...i just figured that a master jedi should have slightly more skill with a weapon like a sword or saber than a ordinary guy. <_< Yeah your right...i got a great pc and stuff just never bothered turning up the graphics. :D Dont get me wrong either i think kotor was a fantastic game and i will never stop playing it (until kotor 2 ) im just trying to bring up points which obsidian could use to further the games condition.
  9. Am i the only one that had a problem with all the melee animations in kotor :ph34r: It seemed to me that my level 1 scout used the exact same combat moves with a heavy short metal sword as when he was Revan lvl 20 Sith Lord using a weightless lightsaber. <_< Another point; what we were delivered by bioware as lightsabers was completely disappointing. We had a nice little stick which when activated shot out a straight and cube like beam of energy! From what i have seen of the movies lightsabers blurr when are moved too fast and also are fountains of energy; They look very powerful and almost alive with energy. We didnt get any of this in the original kotor Please Obsidian dont fall into Bioware's ditch and rectify these problems. It may be little things but will make play much more enjoyable. Have i misse anything?
  10. Fantastic pun :D This early in the development of all the levels and character models, then it is safe to say that mira wasnt finished. This is an alpha model which programmers use to test gameplay before adding all the textures and RAM zapping qualities that gamers all know and love..... Either that or she is the single ugliest digital person ever created B)
  11. Lightside= definatly a jedi guardian if there are new lightsaber stances as the guardian are more combat oriented and will get bonuses and probably a special stance. add that to the new jedi robes that you can see in the demo and the look is complete...will more than likely use a single saber as it is more traditional but duel weild and staff are great...colour either green or probably the mantle of the force colour. (Definatly play the lightside 50 times over first) Darkside= not sure about dark pretige classes but i do know that Sith Lord is for those who currupt rather than kill...so its definatly the way i want:) The cool dark robes and a saber staff in blood red. <_< (who needs a darkside player anyway, if it is anything like the original kotor the it will be mere thug work...kill this....stab him....mug the old lady
  12. I dont care what the stats on consoles are :ph34r: All i know is a PC is much better than any console because of variables that u cannot conrtol: such as upgrades Mods And screen and graphic quality <_< Back to the thread though cos this has gotten out of hand. Darth Nihilus is his name and what is wrong with that. The only character in the entire star wars legacy that hasnt changed their name for their title is infact Darth Revan/Malak. All the other Sith lord names have hidden meanings such as Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, Darth Tyranus.... the list goes on. Considering the Darkside is evil Nihilism suits the setting very well. <_< Atris is the name of the white haired woman and is not bastila.... anyone who had an option to die in the original kotor will not make a cameo unless u tell the new system about it; for example if it asks what happened to revan u can either say something like he and bastila left to be happy forever :ph34r: or he left his empire to be left to his self hatred of killing bastila... So ladies and gentalmen....get flaming on this post
  13. OMG its like i have died and gone to heaven..............Hey whos the guy with the white robes and long beard!?! New stances sound fanastic...just so im not fooling myself that does mean how u hold the lightsaber and such, right? RIGHT!?! Instead of making a new topic u might as well put what stances u would most like to see in SW:KOTOR2 such as the absoloutly badass stance that DARTH Revan adopted on his flag ship and Malaks rather feeble 1 handed stance in the final scene *snigger*
  14. Heres how i see it... DS Revan is ruling his sith empire with bastila at his side... she gets killed by some sith trying to gain revans favour since the sithare above love (revan is not). He is destroyed by grief and is living the rest of his existance, wallowing in his self hate that he couldnt save her, vowing to return and exact his revange on the sith that killed his love. LS Revan was the hero of the republic, and saviour of the galaxy from the tyrany of Lord malak. Although he knew he did the right thing, he had a deep running friendship with malak which couldnt be broken from before his mind was wiped to whoever you named your character. He has seen the casualties of war and the constant fight between the lightside and darkside thus leaves republic space to live in a similar way that jolie was along with bastila who was distraught still from her battle with the dark side. Those are just my two cents but i really look forward to what people think of them (looking for a career in starwars development B) ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jad'en Sky'Stalker (Only person on SWG that is true to the ideals of the lightside....or that is how it feels after i defeat darkside after darkside follower)
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