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  1. No you search a body on Orderon and find an X-Box and KOtor 1
  2. Malakor 5 is like the beacon on Halo 2 it is communicating a super luminal speeds with the other rings or in this case with other 'True Sith' not gungans. Slaughtering Gungans on Battlefront is fun. Gungan: Mesa on de way. Blam Shotgun to the face! Dark Trooper: Yea on the way to where aliens go after they die!
  3. Huh... never got to hear that must have skipped it.
  4. I did play as a male and i used the face that looked like Adm. Piett when he was a 20 year old. and named him Piett. But i mostly play as Light side female, Samyaza. her face looks like a friend of mine. Its the attractive Brown haired on with some blond in it ,not the face on page 20 of the instruction manual,but the other one with the pony tale, if your curious.
  5. Necropoli= Greek for graves. The question aske which sith lord was not entombed on korriban and gave some choises. and.... now i m confused! Curse you Winn-Dixie!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dont even get me started. well here is a sample! I love Krath Armour and weapons. Buy Krath armour in one game. Play and other game and cant find Krath armor till the Ravager! Excuse me but why in Lucas Name would Krath armor be on the ravager. sure i know the Krath and Sith are allied but come on... Ranting and Raving over...for now...
  7. They gave you some choices and asked whick one of these is not intured on Korriban's Necropili.
  8. My lightsaber is a pretty cyan. and that has nothing to do with the topic.
  9. Well i have played as Revan as a male and as a female. But officialy for me Revan is a Man. and the Exile for me is a Female named Samyaza. PS what happened to all the good male portraits! i want my long haired face back i used for Revan!! Ranting and Raving over. For now...
  10. I like cats but not weird talking humanoid Queer alien cat...thing.
  11. I want to get the Krath on my side. Any ways Darth Nithuliss....Darth N for siplicity, sounded like he/her/it/she-he/what ever, was speaking Sith. About time, all the other sith were speaking English[ Basic for the super Star-Wars fanatics so you dont chew my head of]. As for what Darth N is i cant say. Seems like a Spectar or Waith of somesorts.
  12. I hate Juhani! I always kill her.
  13. what about Darth Bandon- or wait bandon= abandon. just a thought.
  14. Hey they ie Lucas said early on Fett was an Ex police officer and also early on in 1996 said Obi Wan and Owen Lars were half brothers. Plus early on they said someone else not Revan killed Mandalore and it was not even at Malakor 5. how do i know the 2 mandalors are the same easy they both were killed at the end ot the Mandalorian war. and i only know of one mandalorian war. Pluse whats up with Sith War-Kotor 1 now in kotor 2 being called the jedi 'civil' war? If your PC in Kotor 2 is a girl and you said Revan was a male do you think that the Kotor 2 pc and revan might have been lovers.
  15. Whats up with Darth Nithilis and Darth Sion plus why cant Revan keep his kath hounds under control. OH $#!%!!!!!! I use ing expressions from the game! Visas i realy sweet! I love the vision she has and her voice acting by kelly hu rocks!
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