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  1. I'm not sure it doesn't have any negative effects but I could be wrong. What I noticed is that Visas chose the dark side when confronting Nihilus. Had she been pure light side, I would imagine she wouldn't have done this.
  2. Like I wrote in mmy thoughts on the exile, I think the "bonds" issue was a misinterpretation by people who had little understanding of the bonds in the first place. It's clear to me that the exile and Kreia had a bond, as Revan and Bastilla did. It's likely that the Exile too had a bond with Visas and possibly Bao Dur. But Mira? The Disciple/Handmaiden? Atton? Canderous? I think there's confusion between charisma & the simple ability of being a leader which the exile clearly has, and this "bonding" problem the Exile purportedly has. And Malachor V could not have turned Malak & Revan to the Dark side. They went back to Dantooine and opened the first Starmap. Up until that point, the possibility existed that they would/could return. I think to believe this means that the Jedi Council were right, and that the exile was indeed a wound in the force who needed to be cut off or destroyed or whatever. I just have a hard time agreeing with that. I agree with the other poster who pointed out the dark side deeds of the Jedi Council members. 1 of the big issues between Jedi & Sith is whether to serve the Force, or to use it as a tool. The exile, in turning off/away from the force, appears to validate the Sith ideal of using the force as a tool instead of allowing it to dominate your destiny. Perhaps this, among other events, was the greatest flaw within the Jedi teachings that allowed, enabled or caused so many Jedi to fall.
  3. For the most part I've not thought so but Revan's walk on Dantooine looks more feminine to me than I'd expect. I think according to the EU, the exile has an actual name that I caught briefly on theforce.net the other day ... I wish I could remember the name/post, but it suggested the exile was clearly male. The male/female debate is primarily how the storyline is affected by gameplay and Obsidian/Bioware have done a decent job (though it gets confusing) of keeping the story fairly gender neutral to allow for a female exile or Revan. That's something in dispute I think. It appears something on Malachor V referred to the ruins in Dantooine or to the Star Forge itself... this hasn't been made clear by the games. I think it's unclear about the origins of Scion/Traya and Nihilus & whether or not they were fighting with the Republic at Malachor V. What happened was after Malachor V, Revan and Malak, along with (some?) of the Republic fleet and all of the Jedi who followed and fought at Malachor V went into the unknown regions. They "vanished" for ~5 years. During this time, Revan was rumored to have appeared at Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, and Korriban but those rumors were never substantiated (and of course, they were true- Revan went to see the Star maps on each world). I don't recall Dantooine being 1 of the rumored systems but that would make sense. It does appear that some sort of bond exists between Visas and the Exile. But perhaps its due to them having a common experience- she survived, somehow, the destruction at Katarr and Nihilus did not consume her for whatever reason. The exile survived Malachor V and turned away from the force. There's got to be some significance in this.
  4. I've got a slightly different idea about the exile, vs. what has been discussed here and in other threads I think. But it hinges upon 1 assumption- For those of you who were able to train the others as Jedi, how high of a level with them did you get? Did you manage to start them earlier on (say you were level 20 or earlier, so by the end of the game they're level 10 or so?)? The most important fact I need to bolster my hypothesis... . has anyone "force chained" with the other Jedi in your party? It is clear that the exile has a bond with Kreia but unless we see that force chain with the other Jedi, the "bond" that they share with the exile strikes me as being significantly different from the bond between student/teacher or even the bonds being discussed through the force that the council feared. (And even if the Exile did force chain with the newer Jedi, why would that bond be this "abnormal" one instead of a bond formed between student and master?) And IMO this means that the issue with the exile, the "wound" is something different. I don't think it's about his bonding & "feeding" off of other people's force powers. It was about his turning off those connections to the Force. His destiny was to follow Revan and Malak like the other Jedi. He turned away from that path. He demonstrated that you can cut yourself off in the force, refusing to have it dominate your destiny. The Jedi Council sees this act as a wound (and as a threat to their teachings and belief system, which is already flawed in some way) and decides to punish you, lest you lead others down this dangerous path. The exile is charismatic, like Revan was. But this charisma that draws people to follow either the Exile or Revan isn't force driven IMO or remotely like Nihilus' feeding. Many non-force sensitive people chose Darth Revan (Saul Karath and the other ex-Republic military) when Revan returned to conquer the Republic, just as those non-force sensitive people willingly followed the Exile's order to charge into the mine field at Malachor V for "force bonds" to be a factor. One other thing. Malachor V corrupted Malak and Revan but it did not turn them to the dark side. On Dantooine, we have this from the vision on Dantooine: Malak: "The dark side is strong in this place - I can feel its power. Is this wise? The Ancient Jedi sealed this Archway. If we pass beyond this door, we can never go back. The order will surely banish us. Are the secrets of the Star Forge so valuable? Can its power truly be worth the risk?" (oddly enough, Revan is wearing the Darth Revan robes supposedly created by the SF and a mask, and Revan appears to walk like a woman) If they had already "fallen" (or at least Malak) to the Dark Side, there would be no concern about being banished by the Council, or of "going back" or any risks. And it seems to me that this occurred before the Exile returned to the Council (only to be banished).
  5. I'm a bit confused Is Darth Traya Kreia or Atris? Or both?
  6. For the record I was using the JAY FNG character (jedi counselor) that's available if you have Action replay software. It's a hacked file that has abnormally high stats (99 strength/etc., woo hoo). I played as a LS character. What I found is when I went to extreme LS, the other 2 characters (I found this to be the case with T3, Visas, Atton, Mira, Handmaiden and Bao Dur; Kreia never switched and I didn't use the other characters enough to notice.... I don't remember if Mandalore ever changed) in my party would flip unexpectedly to extreme DS. Usually that would last until I completed a quest or went into a new area that required "saving". Conversely, they would also randomly change to LS characters as well; this was sporadic. I've suspected it's due to my attributes or something else "wrong" with this particular file/account but I wanted to know if anyone encountered the same issue without cheating. I'd not lost any influence with any characters either; I simply gained more and more.
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