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  1. I'm not sure it doesn't have any negative effects but I could be wrong. What I noticed is that Visas chose the dark side when confronting Nihilus. Had she been pure light side, I would imagine she wouldn't have done this.
  2. Like I wrote in mmy thoughts on the exile, I think the "bonds" issue was a misinterpretation by people who had little understanding of the bonds in the first place. It's clear to me that the exile and Kreia had a bond, as Revan and Bastilla did. It's likely that the Exile too had a bond with Visas and possibly Bao Dur. But Mira? The Disciple/Handmaiden? Atton? Canderous? I think there's confusion between charisma & the simple ability of being a leader which the exile clearly has, and this "bonding" problem the Exile purportedly has. And Malachor V could not have turned Malak &
  3. For the most part I've not thought so but Revan's walk on Dantooine looks more feminine to me than I'd expect. I think according to the EU, the exile has an actual name that I caught briefly on theforce.net the other day ... I wish I could remember the name/post, but it suggested the exile was clearly male. The male/female debate is primarily how the storyline is affected by gameplay and Obsidian/Bioware have done a decent job (though it gets confusing) of keeping the story fairly gender neutral to allow for a female exile or Revan. That's something in dispute I think. It a
  4. I've got a slightly different idea about the exile, vs. what has been discussed here and in other threads I think. But it hinges upon 1 assumption- For those of you who were able to train the others as Jedi, how high of a level with them did you get? Did you manage to start them earlier on (say you were level 20 or earlier, so by the end of the game they're level 10 or so?)? The most important fact I need to bolster my hypothesis... . has anyone "force chained" with the other Jedi in your party? It is clear that the exile has a bond with Kreia but unless we see that force chain with t
  5. I'm a bit confused Is Darth Traya Kreia or Atris? Or both?
  6. For the record I was using the JAY FNG character (jedi counselor) that's available if you have Action replay software. It's a hacked file that has abnormally high stats (99 strength/etc., woo hoo). I played as a LS character. What I found is when I went to extreme LS, the other 2 characters (I found this to be the case with T3, Visas, Atton, Mira, Handmaiden and Bao Dur; Kreia never switched and I didn't use the other characters enough to notice.... I don't remember if Mandalore ever changed) in my party would flip unexpectedly to extreme DS. Usually that would last until I completed a que
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