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  1. AFAIK you can't. Also the damaged droid up there is supposed to be used for some sort of puzzle, but every time I try to do anything with him he just walks a few feet away and then explodes. I think a good deal of the game was taken out of that part of the planet.
  2. how did you get level 50??????? I killed EVERYTHING and did every quest and got level 28. Tho only other thing I could have done was have Kreia in group for the xp bonus but I truely doubt that would have given me 22 more levels. So was that a typo or just massive massive expansion on the truth? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There is a tomb in korriban where u can click on a dead jedi and it spawns a few enemies. You can just click on the jedi a bunch of times and then AOE with force lightning and collect thousands of XP a minute. It's very easy (and boring) way to gain levels. I think its posted as the l33t hack or whatever on every game faq website in the known universe
  3. Actually I could care less about what Reven is up to. The part of the game that annoys me to no end is that the history of the Exile and the plot surrounded him isn't really well written and seems to have several incredibly glaring loose ends. While I find KOTOR-2 to be a pretty enjoyable game, I'm not going to kid myself and claim that the writing is as good as the original game. There are a lot of plot holes and areas that seem to be important but never quite go anywhere and alot of things that are just pretty much never resolved or given any kind of closure at all. Don't get me wrong, the things that are in the game are for the most part pretty well done, but there is obviously alot of stuff that is missing and alot of things that were removed from the game (probably due to time constraints due to lucas arts forcing a christmas release). The game itself just doesn't seem nearly as complete as the original one, and thats the area in my estimation where it comes up short.
  4. If I were to hazard a guess then I'd say Zalbarr went back to Kashyyyk to rule his tribe and that Mission went with him. It's just a guess though. As for Jolee and Juhani, I have no idea. It would have been cool to have Jolee in your group pulling you one way while Kreia pulls you the other. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Jolee and Kreia -- what a pair they'd make! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think Jolee would frustrate Kreia until her head exploded.
  5. I would just go on to Sith Lord. The bonuses you get to your force powers are just crazy. Once you go back to Datooine towards the end of the game you get this power called 'Force Crush' and its just waaaaaaaaaaaaay over powered. You'll just have to see for yourself. Litereally nothing in the game was a challenge for me, I don't think I actually swung at anything with my lightsaber for the last half the game. Frankly I think by the time you get to the last part of the game, almost any class combinations you chose are so over powered that it doesn't really matter much. Everything just falls over dead when you look at it.
  6. I could see Juhani pushing up daisys... but Jolee Bindo? No way! The reason why there is no Mission/Zalbaar/Jolee/Juhani in the second game is probably because depending on the ending you got in KOTOR-1 they are either dead or alive. Although I think after your initial conversation with Atton about Reven if you chose Lightside you could possibly infer that they all lived... I dunno, some cameos would have been nice. I bet when the inevitable KOTOR-3 comes out there are going to be some of these guys either mentioned or as playable characters. They damn well better bring Bastilla back ... or they aren't getting any of my money
  7. Mira is definately cuter but Bao-Dur is far more of a badass. Before either one of them becomes a Jedi he is a total monster with his unarmed fighting due to all the special damage bonuses he gets with his special arm. Once they both become jedi its kind of a toss, but Bao-Dur can be much better because he becomes a Jedi Guardian and Mira is a Jedi Sentinel. Eventually he has more feats, more HP and probably more skills than she does (although this depends on how many tech specialist levels he managed to get before he became a jedi). His armor restrictions however are kind of a pain, but I haven't found that it matters too much since he can use master energy resistance even when wearing heavy armor. Plus its a snap for him to whip up shields at the workbench. Oh and how can you forget his remote? Bao-Dur and HK-47 make quite a team, especially if you get HK-47 some weapons with a high critical threat range (and add keen modifiers, I think I ended up giving him a rifle that did 50 pts of damage and had a threat range of 15 to 20!), his assasination feats do massive damage on critical hits and if you've advanced enough Remote will heal him if he takes damage. I mean, I like Mira but her wrist rockets are just not quite that cool. She would win the beauty contest hands down however
  8. Well, I completely agree. The entire end part of the game is incredibly anti-climatic. You can pretty easily beat the last "end game" part that includes the Telos/Ravager sequences and the Malachor V sequences with one lightsaber tied behind your back. For my "dark side" play through I tried to make what I would think would be a *weak* character, all 8's in STR, CON, DEX and jedi consular/sith lord character classes. By the time I got to the second planet I was sodomizing hordes of enemies by just clicking on force lightning. By the time I got force crush at the end of the game, it was a freaking joke. Also that power seems bugged because 2 casts of it will bring down any NPC in the game no matter what. Maybe it's supposed to be that way, but I defeated Sion at the end of the game by just hitting force crush and watching him flop around like an epileptic monkey until he gave up. All in all I thought the final sequence for KOTOR-1 was pretty much superior to the final sequence to KOTOR-2, both in terms of challenge as well as being more, how do I put this... gripping? enthralling? I felt like the assault on the star forge was much more hectic (especially with the waves of enemies coming at you) than the entire end sequence on Malachor V was. I know I'm not the only one who played through the end of the game and went, "Uh.... wtf??"
  9. I believe it happens no matter what. It's part of the story that really bugs me. The death of the masters serves no purpose to further the story, it just seems wierd. Also going back to the jedi enclave as a Dark Sider makes no sense. I killed everyone, I know there is no one there, why do we have the same cut scene, then PAN across an empty room just to get different dialogue from Kreia and the same conclusion. It's really quite retarded. o.o
  10. I really don't understand why he can't wear robes. There like, is no practical explanation for this. Maybe he can't get them over his head because they keep getting stuck on his horns? Does that mean he can only wear button up shirts and no pull overs? Does he ruin hoodies? No seriously... it makes no sense. Personally I wanted a black "robes" type similar to the dark master robes in KOTOR because they look alot like lukes black outfit from ROTJ. I don't really like the look with the long cape, infact I don't even think it was done well enough to justify adding it to the game. Anyway, Bao Dur becomes a Jedi Guardian I believe, so its not like he needs force powers anyway. I generally just give him a double bladed lightsaber and all the strength boosting equipment I can find and the heaviest armor available and let him just chow through stuff. Not like it matters when two casts of force lightning will kill everything on the screen, rofl
  11. The game is O.K. I don't hate it, but I don't love it in the same way I love the original KOTOR. Things about KOTOR that are better than KOTOR-2: 1) KOTOR was slightly more difficult because it wasn't quite as "monty haul" (if people are familiar with that term). 2) The characters were alot more developed in terms of backstory with the exception of T3-M4 who has a much bigger role in KOTOR-2. I actually prefer the KOTOR-2 T3-M4 to the original one, he's very much like your own personal R2D2 in the sequel and it was a great move. 3) The plot was well thought out and easy to follow. One thing I hate about KOTOR-2 is that much of the plot is obscured in dialogue trees that are either obscured, hard to find, or require specific amounts of influence to get. This was a bad idea, I don't feel like having to play through the game several times "influencing" different characters to discover the story of the game was a good choice. 4) Generally much better side quests in the original game. Infact, I can't think of a single 'side quest' in KOTOR-2 that amounted to more than 'fetch the widget' and then 'bring widget to guy'. The Mannan trial from the original game stands out in my mind as a side quest that was really cool and interesting, nothing in KOTOR-2 is on that same level. 5) Bastialla 6) I really miss not having a quest attached to each character like they were in KOTOR-1, it really made you feel like your companions in the game were more than just space taken up on the Ebon Hawk. Infact, the only thing I really like about KOTOR-2 over the original game is the improved workbench and lab stuff, I think thats really neat. Great idea. However, I really hate the random loot code, or atleast I hate how its implemented. I wouldn't mind if there was a mix of stuff you can find that makes sense and then some generally random loot - like if an object is in a Sith tomb, it should draw from Jedi related loot.... instead I find a mandalorian assault armor. Seriously... wtf? I'm not nearly as irrate as some people are, because overall I found the game pretty enjoyable. It is however fairly anti-climatic and overall not same quality of writing as the original KOTOR. I'm not positive that people can blame this solely on the game being "rushed", that I think is an excuse for the technical problems that plague the game. Frankly I just feel that the writers that work for Obsidian are just not quite as creative as the guys Bio-ware has working for them. KOTOR was definately an inspired bit of writing so maybe it would be hard to duplicate that to such a great degree... however it doesn't change the fact that many parts of KOTOR-2 are slapped together rather sloppily and much of the plot is unclear and seems undeveloped.
  12. the worst part of that statement is how true it is. especially if you have the force power 'destroy droid'. two zaps and a lightsaber stroke later, the thing was a smoldering pile of metal. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I just had everyone in the party throw an ion grenade. I can't remember if it lived through that or not, if it did it fell over the next round.
  13. how do i get inot the warehouse.... the driod wont let me..... do i have to do the juma juice thing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> T3-M4 will go in there automatically when you progress the plot on that planet far enough. You can't miss it.
  14. Yes. You can't complete dantooine without finding him so i wouldn't worry about it. Infact all the 'optional' characters are not really optional, they join no matter what. It's just if you get Handmaiden/Disciple (gender related) or Mira/Hanharr (alignment related).
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