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  1. If you took some research... We use only 10% of our brain, imagine if we were using like 75% or even 100% of it. Perhaps we're never gonna know if yes, with 100% you can do some weird thing as lifting a little object....
  2. Try to go on the spoiler forum there an entire post about influence with all the perso. Here's the link: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=26579 I suggest you copy all this in a word document...that's what I've done.
  3. What'S this net point? I got this like 3 time qhen I gain one LS and one DS point at a time does it's just do anything? Sorry if it may be a stupid question but this keep bugging me. Thanks!
  4. I was fully light side and I got the bastilla holocron on korriban........
  5. Someone talks about visas demasking darth nihilus... I finished the game, she demasked him but I didn't see anything...Is there a way that a can see his face? It may seem odd to you but I was thinking that darth nihilus may have been bastila, I start thinking that when I saw the holocron on korriban but changed my mind when Kreia said to me that he's a man. And you say that darth nihilus have the same voice as malak but for me he never talk, he seems to be talking with telepathy or something like that because i've never heard his voice... Is this a bug?
  6. I went on gamefaqs but only found the way top gain influence with T3-M4... were can I find the rest? thanks
  7. If not, what had you hoped be in KOTOR II and what displeased you?
  8. I read this before: ''attract your fellow party members with Dark Side Corruption, pushing light side brethren away but feeding off those who embrace your ideals.'' Is this mean that I can convert my party membersonly by doing this power? Wich prestige class may offer the best advantage.. sith marauder or sith lord? thanks
  9. were can I find the viridian one? Thanks
  10. I would like to see in kotor 3 more of the jedi life's. Routine quest and maybe planet that are not obligate to have main quest. Be a normal jedi have your master past the test to be a master have routine quest have a training, see more of a jedi's life. Maybe downloadable content, sidequest. Like in fable maybe at the jedi enclave there is palce that you can take quest that need to be dealt with and you can download new one...
  11. Is there a way to see all the topic i've posted in or create because i post in many and sometimes lost some so I wanted to have a resume off all them and see iif there is replys like if I were looking on the forum page.
  12. I've chose jedi weapon master and somwere I read that you gain enlightement and I had it even if I was a weapon master.... what about crush? Can someone say wich power goes with wich classes... thanks! And I know it may not be the same subject but I wanted to know if you can convert and made jedi all your party member in one game??? Ity's seem impossible to me because you cannot have everybody with you and be cool with every body without loose influence with another.... help please... thanks
  13. Yes she's looking the same thing as in kotor...
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