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  1. They are coming out with a Battlefront 2 I think.
  2. In Electronic Gaming Monthly, Afterthoughts for KOTOR 2. CA says he liked The Empire Strikes Back. But in the Article it said he would never do an ending with like it.
  3. 1. Yes 2. $50 w/out Kotor2, $30 if you trade the original Kotor2 in. 3. Fix bugs and add the HK-50 droid factory quest.
  4. That is the end of the sidequest. I didn't like it either.
  5. Before you go in to the military base make sure you have lots of mines Once you get to the hanger go to where the big door is, this is where the tank droid comes out. Place 5 mines in a half circle around the door. I used average sonic mines. The place another mine right in front of the door. When you activate the reactor, the tank droid comes out and walks right into the mines. After I did that, The droid had literaly no health left. Hope this helps.
  6. When I get a quest, in the quest journal a box appears, but no words show up. Is the disk scratched or something like that?
  7. This is my second time through the game, and when I get a quest, the box pops up, but no words come up in the quest journal. What is wrong with it?
  8. How about a co-op and single player KotOR?
  9. I got Zaalbar and never used him in my party...He was useless.
  10. Yea, they probably haven't updated that site, no Xbox Live
  11. No matter KotOR 3 is coming out on Xbox 2, so they would need a new engine I think, correct me if I am wrong.
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