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  1. I like Dorak because he told us the recent history.
  2. Purple if playing Light Side and Red if Playing Dark Side.
  3. just to note zaalbar can live if you go dark side if you use force pursade on him.
  4. I have both Xbox and PC but I will buy and play it on Xbox this December. I never play videogames on PC.
  5. Amazon is not a reliable source when it comes to release dates. When I order Resident Evil Zero from them they had the release date a week late.
  6. What Species is this? You find them on Taris mostly in the Black Vulkar gang.
  7. I just want to make sure that I am correct on the planets we will be visiting in KOTOR 2. So correct me if I'm wrong or if I'm missing any but we will be visiting: Peragus,Telos,Dantooine,Dxun,Korriban. So that means just two more planets that are currently unknown.
  8. I'm looking to learn more about the Mandalorian history,culture and tech. Does anyone know a website or any books that i can find on this. I know this is not KOTOR II but ever since I heard Canderous talk I've been interested to learn more.
  9. you think they would have at least guarded HK more closely.
  10. If a KOTOR CGI movie was made I loved to see the it set during the Madalore Wars.
  11. I going have a balance in KOTOR. Since i tend on have LS Ending for KOTOR then TSL I will be DS.
  12. I play as a Scout- Sentiel b/c of the HK repairs and to turn Yuthura. Is it possible to do it with other classes?
  13. I think that you won't met Revan but I bet if you do it will be CGI.
  14. I have played as a Sentiel every time except my first time I was a Guardian then.
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