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  1. Indeed :D. Well, we shall see what ideas they'll come up with with KOTOR 3 - if there willb e a KOROR 3, of course. Hmm. I come tot hink of Bloodlines; one of the characters there I found to my liking was Maxmillian Strauss, the Tremere Primogen/Regent. In the vampire world, few would trust a Tremere considering their dark history, but Maxmillian has the kind of character and behaviour that makes him trustable despite his clan's dark history and his own, carefully hidden motives. Such a character in a KOTOR 3 could be great indeed :D. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Very true but does La
  2. To clearify? Do redemed Sith lords and apprentices count? If so you can redeme Yuthura? So does she count?
  3. Yeah, what's really annoying me is that just before it comes out worldwide, I go to America! That's really annoying! Plus I couldn't find the caves on Dantioone! help anyone?
  4. Someone's going to thr pinkside joke any moment now... Oh and it' light because it's more challenging than using your force powers or just being nasty, most of the challenges in KOTOR 1 were hard as the lightside.
  5. Hopefully it will still be on course for feburary! Please let it be feburary!
  6. Mutions are accidental, all evolvation is planned, it's just an adaptation to the environment e.g red blood cells Story: Big bacteria tries to engulf little bacteria by phagocytosis and surround it but can't digest, the little cell provided a source of aerobic respiration and see that's how mitochondria in our cells. P.S why couldn't GL think of the force being the energy inside use, than make up an organelle that couldn't actually work!
  7. It's not about who's the main baddy, it's who's seen the most, MSG I think will be hidden alot where as you see Sion multiple times! Plus you can't stand against all the shades of Black!!!!!
  8. You can always watch movies with subtitles. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It loses the feel of the movie, though! That's why dubbing is prefered over subtitles. Espically bad anime dubbing, that's the worst!
  9. This might be the build up to that with it going from early sith history to the more recent events, they'll only need to add a few more things: *The mandalorian war *The Jedi Civil war *Back/new stories or events of note. P.S Is there any back stories so far on Sion?
  10. I just hoping that there won't be an anti-climax like Jedi academy, kill big boss, stupid looking force got of ragnos disappears Katean and luke arrive to late (random talk about the dangers of the dark side to the idiot apprentice... The end! But This the KOTOR series and Obsidan, so that won't happen... I hope!
  11. Wow, That does sound cool! It make the plot more unpredictable and fun! Thanks
  12. Dude Just go to KOTOR2.com and look at the video on the planet Telos :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Weather effects would be cool, mod for PC version where you can program your own weather could work.
  13. There won't be to many spoilers, I don't think it will hurt to much!
  14. That is overkill, true but overkill. you can prove ignorance by just stepping out the door... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's like there being a magical apperance of a pipeline in Afganistan, the states wanted oil because they were worried about there gas guzzlin' hmmers would run out of fuel, so they depose the regemy that they had been there under the guize of 'liberty' and give themselves free trade on the side, cutting themselves a major slice of oil pie and probably riping of the Iraqi's at the same time!
  15. *Restraining self* The era of ignorance is NOT over. Do you realize how many times in history a population believed that previous societies were ignorant, and the current society had solved ignorance? That was the rationale behind colonialism. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, it has always been like that hasn't it? We always think we are better than our ancestor, and then we go and do something as stupid or most of the cases, "stupider" <-- not a word i know, but you get what i'm getting at. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, very true! Just so Ghost of Anakin do
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