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  1. I thought it was 'Powered Armor' :ph34r:
  2. Ludozee

    The Dutch

    Why thank you Anything in particular you talking about here Hades?
  3. Ludozee

    The Dutch

    Yup, true. And if those babies can't stretch enough, we eat them.
  4. Fallout will always have a special place in my heart. Not a single game has offered me that same amount of pure gameplay and atmosphere as Fallout.
  5. Ludozee

    The Dutch

    Hmm, we *do* have our national snack, tho I find it hard to believe it has anything to do with it
  6. Ludozee

    The Dutch

    I'm Dutch, 1,87 and I don't even feel tall compared to some of my fellow countrymen. Pretty funny tho... I thought all Northern European people share the same Germanic ancestry, so why are we the tallest nation?
  7. Not funny as such, but for historical reasons:
  8. Yeah, its not just the Muslims who have extremist sentiments... In Holland, the SGP (A right wing christian party) actually doesn't allow women to become a member. Also, they have demonstrated at Madonna concerts since they don't like it that Madonna uses the cross symbol in her concert. Heck... they even filed a lawsuit against her for that concert. Luckily, most people just ignore them
  9. Fahrenheit 9/11. Yep, its that time of the year again...
  10. 1. What is your age? 23 2. What is your favorite color? Octarine (a fluorescent greenish-yellow purple) 3. List some interests. Terry Pratchett, books, movies, the internet, drinking a beer with my friends, 4. What kind of music do you like? From Bach to ghey 80ies music... 5. What genre of movies do you like? Cheesy comedies, slick-looking Sci-Fi, thrilling thrillers, action-packed actionmovies, dramatic drama's, you get the point... 6. What genre of video games do you like? RTS, (MMO)RPG, and a weak spot for Heroes of Might and Magic 7. What quality do you most admire in a person? Respect and helpfulness 8. What quality do you least admire in a person? Selfishness 9. Do you think of yourself as a negative or posative person? Absolutely positive, I'm a very optimistic (sometimes even a tad too naive) person
  11. Oh yes I do remember you, don't be sad Edit: btw, speaking of Rosbjerg, does he still hang around here? That was a great guy for a decent discussion :D
  12. Heh, pretty cool to see you guys still hanging out here Funny, I didn't expect to see so many familiar names here :D
  13. Zomg, must have been a ninja And thanks for the WB guys
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