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  1. I find that the prices are pretty reasonable. I like Best Buy for usually having a sale the first week a computer game comes out. Instead of 49.99 it's 39.99. And sometimes lower. Also bargain bin is a great way to find cheap games. So if a game is too much and it is on PC then just wait a couple of months and it should drop down in price.
  2. What did you guys think of the Trailer for Episode 3?
  3. Right now it has been Project 86 and Blindside recently.
  4. Super Mario Bros. Metroid The Legend of Zelda Excitebike Kung Fu Pro Wrestling Double Dragon Mega Man Are the first 8 I could think of. I'll have to sit down one day and come up with a real full list.
  5. I looked for the Atris, Nihilus picture because I thought I had it, but I don't have it anymore. I do have the just plain Nihilus one. I've always liked this picture and am pretending it stands for Battlefield 2.
  6. For my desktop I pick a wallpaper of the game I am most looking forward to. It used to be KOTOR 2, and now I'm going with Battlefield 2.
  7. It's a toss up for Warhammer 40000 and Rome: Total war. Which one should I get?
  8. That's uncanny <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah but do we see that in games now?
  9. This is the MTV generation dude. We like *Bullet points like this *And quick attention grabbers Like This -------------------------------------------- If it looks like it takes too long to read we don't read it. But hey, maybe it's time to start reading for substance and forget the flashiness.
  10. I enjoyed the containers now saying "empty".
  11. True. I was truly getting annoyed getting level after level on Peragus. I got to the point where I just left the L on my character and went about my business. I think 1 aspect of leveling is this. You start out the game. Enemies are weak. You can take them out no problem. Then you start getting introduced to new enemies. They start getting to be a real challenge. Then that level up comes and now you are able to keep up with your new enemies a little better.
  12. I love the birds in the beginning. Also the background singers "picnic of love!" in the background is great.
  13. What is the purpose of "Leveling Up" in RPG's?
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