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  1. are swoop reaces more freqent? i havent been able to read this all but they wouldnt lie about a game would that
  2. i no its feb but when does KOTOR2 come out for brits, sorry to ask but ive been away for a while and cant find any info. thankz in advance
  3. hey every1, if you use Photoshop please show me some of your work. :D
  4. does anyone no when itd coming out for us brits, im going mad here. if you know plz post.
  5. I heard its coming out December but Febuary! wtf!
  6. well thats all it needs to kick ur PCS butt
  7. , and i kno wot im getting , KOTOR2 on Xbox www000!! MERRY CHRISTMAS
  8. same, light is alot cooler but u have to be a nice tidy mofo that would never hurt anyone.
  9. Its probably been done. If you had to pick a side would it be the Light Side Or Dark Side VOTE!
  10. no ,earlier on, The one that still looks like a bad woman throught out the whole game, betrayed her master. THAT ONE
  11. In KOTOR the bad jedi who you turn good ( i forget her name, NOT BASTILA) If you actually kill her what happens? Ive never done it.
  12. Nice , at the character seletion screen U get to pic what type of JEDI you want to be, sounds cool.
  13. What would be the outcome if you had one short , one normal
  14. I was hearing in a gamespy interview about is Revan mentioned in this new game the reply was something along the lines "sorry but ive been told to not tell you this. Hmmmm, very strange. If he is added it will be good to hear from him, like hows he been.
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