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  1. The one white guy face looks like a Vulcan with a mullet. I like the white guy with the big scar on the one side of his face. They should have a head that's a guy with lots of zits and moles on his face, that would be retarded! Or maybe a fat guy with glasses that looks like Milton from Office Space. Darth Milton! Hilarious! Do you have my stapler?....
  2. The plain simple fact of the matter is.... Darth Nihilus is great design. He makes great cover art for the game. A lot of Star Wars bad-asses always wear crazy masks. A lot of people associate "bad guys" with "cool masks". You sure as hell don't want the centerpiece of a game cover to be some lame ass good guy. And you sure as hell aren't going to put Kriea front and center. That would look incredibly lame. Who's gonna take some little old lady "bad guy" seriously. Plus, the fact that would be a HUGE spoiler (obviously). There's some material in Star Wars they will never make into a book/movie/ or game. Failed titles include: The Amazing Adventures of C3PO The Glamourous Life of The Gammoreans Fixing Random Junk with the Jawas, and everyone's favorite... The Heroic And Mighty Ithorians
  3. Does a Consular/Jedi Master class receive more XP than the other classes? The reason I ask, is because if you did "very little sidequests", how did you progress to level 32? I did just about everything I could and got to 30. But I was a Guardian/Weapons Master. What do you consider "very little sidequests"? Did you have a bunch of unfinished quests at the end of the game? If so, how many?
  4. I definitely agree with you on Visas. She has a nearly even blend of force abilities and is fairly damaging with a lightsaber. But, my favorite Jedi would have to go to the Handmaiden. In terms of fighting ability she was nearly the level of my Guardian/Weapons Master. Plus I invested nearly all of her feats into dual weapon/2 weapon fighting feats. With the right items I made her into a powerhouse of a character. But, it's all in how you like to play the game. I rely heavily on fighting/melee abilities rather than force powers. I use force powers as a nice compliment to my fighting skills. My favorite party is Kreia and Handmaiden. I use Kreia solely as a force power user, to stun all the enemies (Force Wave, Insanity, Stasis Field), while myself and Handmaiden chop them to bits.
  5. Without glitch exploits I was able to get up to level 30 (15 Jedi Guardian/15 Weapons Master). -I cracked at least 80% of all locked doors and lockers. -Hacked every computer I could to the fullest extent. -Difused just about every mine. -Had Kreia with me in nearly every instance (I hear she gives XP bonuses when in the party, plus I had an extremely high amount of influence over her.) -And killed nearly everyone I possibly could. I would imagine 31 would be the absolute highest level someone could reach without glitch exploits. I was about 1,200 away from another level up at the end of the game.
  6. Ok, I may have really screwed this up, but I need some opinions here... I just finished the game, and my alignment is almost full light side. But, I allied myself with General Vaklu, thinking it would be wise to support the stronger military leader. Plus Queens are idiots, and I hate royalty. I figured it would be wise to listen to Mandalore. Or not... Well, I had to storm the palace, and had to fight Kevarr. There was nothing I could do about this. There was nothing in the converations with him that I could side with him. So, I had to fight and kill him. Which I didn't really want to do. Then visiting the rebuilt Jedi Enclave, I had to fight BOTH Vrook and the moustache guy (can't remember his name offhand). Here again, there was nothing in the conversation to avoid killing them. Then Kreia got all pissed off, and said I failed her. I fought Atris, and spared her. So, in the end I had to fight Nihluis, then Sion, then Kreia. Does any of this sound normal, or did I do this all-ass-backwards, as a light side character, getting forced into dark side plot twists?????
  7. Without exploiting any unlimited XP glitches i was able to get up to: 15 Jedi Guardian 15 Jedi Weapons Master At the very end I was approx. 1200 short of another level up. I cracked every safe and door posssible, disarmed every single mine I could, and killed absolutley everyone that would give me XP. I would even run into battle to disarm mines before random idiots could step on them and waste them. I am an XP whore!!
  8. When leveling up HK-47, I noticed he had a very unique feat called "Droid Interface". Here is what the feat does: "This feat gives the droid the ability to speak with other droids who don't speak a sentient language." Both GO-TO and T3M4 do not get this feat. The icon picture of this feat looks like a catoon talking bubble with X's and 0's in it. Did anyone ever use this "feat"? If so, how is it used? Does it come up in conversations? I can't recall any important droid conversations anywhere throughout the game. Any info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!
  9. well, at least you earned a little extra XP. (Unlike those worthless Swoop Races) Thanks for the info!
  10. I know the itmes in the game are random, but did you get anything of any particular value?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The copartment is one of the few things in the game that isn't randomly generatedyou get a heavy blaster pistol, a life support pack, 400 credits, a mandalorian power shield, and a few stimulants. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, ok, thank you for the info.
  11. When in the undergrpound base at Telos, after talking with Atris, you can spar with the Handmaiden sisters before you leave. Each round with them gets increasingly more and more difficult. And the very last round, you can spar with all 5 of them at once. I wasn't able to beat all 5 at once, even with my guardian character, that focuses almost solely on everything fighting related. (I put all my points into Dex, Str, and Con, and all my equipped items focus on those areas.) Also, this obviously has to be done before you leave the secret base, because you cannot return when you're stronger. Has anyone been able to beat all 5 of them at once? And if you did, do you get anything special, or get some interesting dialog?
  12. I know the itmes in the game are random, but did you get anything of any particular value??
  13. According to IGN.com's site they make this claim in their cheats section for KOTOR 2: "Unlockable: Secret Compartment on Ebon Hawk: Ask the "Original owner" of the Ebon Hawk (Nar Shaadda) for proof of ownership of the Ebon Hawk and he will rattle off Ebon Hawk facts including the location of 2 secret compartments. They can
  14. Here's how retarded the random item generator can be: I kill some random shmuck Onderon guard when I was storming the palace, and I searched his remains, and I found a Freedon Nadd's Blaster Pistol! Why would some random Onderon looser have this specialized blaster pistol, that "supposedly" only an ancient Sith Lord had. Plus, that blaster is restricted to dark side Sith Lords, Assassins, and Marauders. Crazy... I also love the fact that the sick man in the Nar Shaddaa Refugee Quad gave me a lightsaber crystal for treating him. If you were that poor and sick, wouldn't you pawn that thing and use the money to buy food and medicine???
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